What are symptoms that are specific to hashimotos?


This whole hashimotos thing is new to me! I was dx with fibro almost 5 years ago. That in itself has delimitated me in ways I’d never imagined possible. At that time, I had a doctor who pretty much refused to treat my symptoms, and look into anything else that might be going on. I’ve suffered! Since then, I’ve found an internal medicine doctor who has taken an active and aggressive approach in my health. He was “sure” from my very first appointment that in addition to the fibro I had something else “at work”, and he’s been determined to find it. I had thought I had lupus but he was leaning towards lupus or sjorgens disease, possibly both. As time went on hashimotos came up in conversation but the thought was abandoned as he seemed out proof of lupus.
Here’s where I’m at currently:
My thyroid is showing on the low end, and I will discuss this next month with primary. I was sent to rh last month with the purpose being to rule out lupus. That doctor refused to test for lupus, as she was sure that wasn’t the issue. She was very unprofessional so I will talk to primary to see if there are other options for medical professionals I can work with. She did blood work for the sjorgens, which was negative. She did say if I had hashimotos there wasn’t a way to treat it with me because I am asthmatic. This is very confusing to me. How is that determination made? Isn’t that something rh would determine? And even more confusing to me was she said the “primary symptom” is dry mouth/diabetic thirst? She said for that just sip continuiously? And to “control” it to exercise & loose weight? I’m baffled! I CANT loose weight! That’s part of the problem! And I can’t really exercise either because of the amount of pain I am. If I “push” myself I often find I end up in beds for days as my “punishment” for my efforts. My small projects, that take “normal” people minutes to do takes me hours. Of course, the rh didn’t want to hear none of this. She also insisted (inspite of being a fibro “specialist”) that fibro isn’t really a disease, its more a series of symptoms and the only treatment is to treat the symptoms…. yet she was uninterested in hearing about my pain, headaches, ibs, bladder issues, or anything else?!?!
What are symptoms that are specific to hashimotos? Are their medications to help? How does everyone manage? When I see I primary again I plan to ask many questions and come with an arm load of ammunition on what I have learned…. help me out peeps!!!

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  1. Oh dear, that doctor clearly does not understand Hashimoto’s which causes hypothyroidism .Hypothyroidism can present with a number of symptoms and treatment is prescription hormone replacement. Having asthma certainly does not rule out treatment. The dry mouth thing would actually be a symptom of Sjögren’s Syndrome. Perhaps there was some misunderstanding there? Hashimoto’s can be diagnosed through the presence of elevated TPO and/or Tg antibodies in the bloodstream. Since not everyone with the disease presents with antibodies (some have the seronegative form) diagnosis can also be done by ultrasound or biopsy.

  2. I’m sorry you are dealing with these Drs. Try to find another Dr. Ask your Primary who they would see or would send a parent or child. I always get great referrals just by asking those questions. I second Christina!

  3. Also – many people find that their fibromyalgia symptoms lessen when their hypothyroidism is treated properly.

  4. Delimitated?

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