What are the best foods to go for now?


Hey y’all! Today my doctor called me with my blood work and told me I’m positive for celiac disease. My folks want me to get a second opinion, but it sure does explain a lot being positive!

That being said, did any of y’all get a second opinion?

And what are the best foods to go for now? My diet is heavily gluten-based (which explains why I have so many intestinal problems, tbh). For the next three months I’m going to try to go naturally gluten free without buying gluten free foods that are typically gluten based, if that makes sense. I’m going to try to avoid all breads, and go more for rice and such.

Any tips are much appreciated. My uncle is the only person in my family with a gluten issue, and he’s only allergic to wheat. So he can only help so much!

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  1. It’s awesome if you can start on a naturally gluten free diet. Trust me, it makes shopping easier, and it’s healthier. You may land on a paleo-like diet, but it’ll take some time to figure out what works for you. Good luck!

  2. Most people I don’t think it a second opinion because when you have the diagnosis everything seems the click. I would say focus on whole foods in real foods. It’s more about removing gluten as a whole, which is more than just wheat. You have to avoid cross-contamination you have to avoid barley you have to avoid a lot of things that you would not realize that you have to void. Gluten and its derivatives in things that celiac‘s have to avoid are in everything from candy to toothpaste to soups to things that you would not even think that it would be in there…
    You are going to have to read labels and you’re going to have a huge learning curve and you’re not going to get it right at first and that’s OK

  3. Low carb/ ketogenic is a good way of eating

  4. False positives are rare. No need for a second opinion. Start a Whole Foods based gluten free diet. Gluten can be in places you would have never thought of so if you’re buying processed foods, label reading is still a must.

  5. Let me also add, I got my diagnosis immediately after I finished a sandwich and some SunChips. Pretty much my favorite lunch. So sad right now.

  6. If your doctor is planning to do an endoscopy, don’t go gluten free until afterwards – it could mess up your diagnosis.

  7. If you are looking for simple home cooked nutritious meals, I post recipes and tips on my page. https://m.facebook.com/CookHealNourish/

  8. Second opinion came from confirmation by endoscopy and biopsy. After that, how can one deny it?

  9. You need to do endoscopy. Many reasons including insurance

  10. There is no need for any second opinion. \n\nThe endoscopy/biopsy can only test the first foot of the small bowel which is 20 feet long and villi lined all the way. IF you have damage in the first foot, then celiac is found. If the damage is in the 19 feet they can’t reach, you end up with no useful information at all. You do end up with a massive bill, anesthesia risks, and surgical risks. These are rare but people do die and suffer complications.

  11. I would wait until you have your endoscopy. That is your second opinion. You’ll need to be glutened for weeks to show accurate results.

  12. Yes go entirely gluten free. Go on Low Histamine Diet. Eat spoonfuls chia, flax sesame seeds [all gluten free] to aid digestive transit. Yes rice is a saviour. Admit other things ur allergic to – me, chocolate, ice cream, cheese, mustard. Good luck xx

  13. The endoscopy is the final confirmation after the blood test. Surprised your doctor didn’t recommend that?! You have to be eating gluten for the results to be accurate.

  14. Do not go gluten free yet. What doctor performed the blood work? I’m guessing your primary. You need to see a GI. What exactly was your blood test result on the ttg-IgA test and what was the normal range listed by the lab for that test?

    You should really have an endoscopy to confirm the results and to verify that there is nothing else going on. You’d be surprised how many people find something “extra” going on during the scope.ly have an endoscopy to confirm the results and to verify that there is nothing else going on. You’d be surprised how many people find something “extra” going on during the scope.

  15. What kind of tests did they do? I eventually sought out a doc who specialized in Celiac. Find a local Celiac support group and ask them for a recommendation in your area.

  16. If you sought out the blood test and it showed you have Celiacs, you have it. As for gluten, please understand that eating gluten is akin to eating poison. It destroys your villi, makes you more prone to cancer, and even if you don’t have symptoms, you are hurting yourself every time you eat gluten. Best wishes.

  17. Why a second opinion? Just means you would have to continue gluten that much longer to get the same test results! Start researching gf foods read all labels read about words that mean gluten in labels and just eat the foods that are naturally gf. Meat, potatoes, vegetables and fresh fruits. It’s actually not all that hard once you get used to the idea. You can do this!!! I wish you all the best!!!

  18. I wouldn’t wast the time waiting to make changes to be healthy!

  19. Okay y’all, so I didn’t even know an endoscopy was a thing for celiacs till joining this group. He didn’t mention it at all. All he said was that my blood was tested for 4 different (I forgot the word he used) things, and I have 3 of the 4. I asked him if he was telling me I’m positive for celiac disease and he said yes. He thought I had it before bloodwork, too. He wants me to go GF for 3 months and see if it improves my digestion issues, and I’m hoping it helps my skin as well.

  20. You can totally do this. Just eat foods that are closer to nature, and you won’t miss gluten. Veggies, fruit, beans, meats (if you do that), nuts, rice, nut butters, chocolate… these are naturally gluten-free and constitute a delicious and well-rounded diet.

  21. I have Celiac and a wheat allergy. Switch all food,plastic utensils,make up,lotion,shampoo to gf

  22. Blood test was negative for me but I insisted on an endoscopy and it was positive. That is all I needed.

  23. There’s no need for a second opinion…. you should get scoped next step

  24. Don’t go on a gluten-free diet until you’ve had your endoscopy. It will be harder on your system if you have to add gluten back in before the scope.

  25. I got diagnosed by the biopsy test back in the 70 S. No need for second opinion. It isn’t so bad. \nBetter than many other things out there. \nKeep it gluten free is all.\nWho needs gluten anyway?

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