What are the cofactors for magnesium and potassium?


Probably already asked but what are the cofactors for magnesium and potassium. Two things that seems to be depleted all the time despite taking magnesium glycinate capsules and eating a banana daily. Also use mag oil. Much improved taking magnesium but still right side of face twitching and severe charlie horse with barely any body movement. So maybe another question is what is the ratio of magnesium to potassium, if this is important. BTW my calcium is always on the high end of normal despite not really eating a diet in calcium. No dairy for me since gallbladder removed. And thyroid has been completely removed. Wondering if issues with parathyroid. Just grasping at straws and trying to figure it out.Thank you for any help/support. No suggesting of test right now. Not financially feasible at this time. However, I am willing to purchase at least one item at a nutrition store for trial and error until I can have testing done.Just being realistic about what I can and cannot do both financially and emotionally given my overwhelming diagnosis and full time job trying to get healthy.

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  1. Fortunately, some of the things we do to increase our magnesium in this group are very economical. Magnesium has a tendency to push down sodium and potassium, so be sure to check out the adrenal cocktail instructions. It's recommended to take twice a day on an empty stomach.

  2. Ok Great Suggestion Lita. But so that I understand adrenal issues let me throw this at you. In the afternoon between 3-5 pm most days I can barely stay awake. And on those same days (most) I am wide awake between 3-5 am. What does this mean? And most of the time I am more alive at night. Dragging the first half of the day.

  3. Have you had parathyroid issues since having your thyroid removed? Parathyroid can cause calcium issues and it can be dangerous. I'd check to see what pricing is for parathyroid test or talk to your endocrinologist about it

  4. Dont know if I have had parathyroid issues but in the past three years my thyroid meds have gone from a steady 125 mg to a daily change ranging anywhere from 60-75 mg and now I feel I need 90 some days. The doctor has allowed me to take the dose I feel I need based on how I feel since I am very aware of my body. Lab test convinced him with seeing the fluctuations and then seeing how much more steady since doing it my way. Although still fluctuates my way just not as much. I do have IBS and stomach cancer so we know there are malabsorption issues. But otherwise we can't figure out why the major fluctuations. All I know is it seems strange that my calcium is always within range but on the high end of range considering I do NOT eat a diet high in calcium. Have been to the hospital before with symptoms and discovered low potassium and low magnesium. Which is how I learned to associate the repeated symptoms with these deficiencies and then I found this group and starting taking magnesium on a regular basis which cause some symptoms to be greatly reduced in regards to muscle spasm, heart palps, facial twitches, etc.Still some unexplained new symptoms and olds ones that I struggle to conquer

  5. my-magnesium.com

  6. MJ Hamp, will read thia article but before I get to it I want to share that my B6 levels have been high as in out of range and my b12 was low. Is it possible thatr my B6 was high because it was doing its job in trying to keep magnesium and potassium in my cells? OR why?

  7. MJ Hamp. Great Article. Think I have read it before but great to read it again. Love the CPT code for magnesium RBC and I am pretty sure my endocrinologist will order it if I ask. He encourages me at every visit to go to medical school claiming I know more than most docs. No way would I do western med school and no way do I have a handle on all this but I agree still smarter than most western docs. He pretty much gives me what I asked for and listens to me but it took a long time and a lot of labs to back up what I was saying. He gets it now. I am thankful to have him as my endocrinologist and to have the support of this group. Thank you.

  8. If your dragging the first half of the day that is adrenal issues

  9. Marisol, correct and thank you for confirming. I had already suspected adrenal issues and joined an adrenal fatigue recovery group here on fb after getting nowhere with my endocrinologist. It is nice to have confirmation while I still learn about it.

  10. Cocunut water has a great source of potassium many of us lyme w pots syndrome (adrenal fatigue ) drink it w pink Himalayan salt

  11. Takes nine bananas to give you the potassium you would need if you don't get it elsewhere. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/20/potassium-foods-banana_n_1898078.html

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