What are the cofactors?


Will magnesium help for anxiety and if so, what are the cofactors?

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  1. Yes it does. Magnesium's cofactor's are The Three B's…….Boron, B6. & Bicarbonate 🙂

  2. Yes it sure does

  3. co-factors and all kinds of magoodies here: http://www.my-magnesium.com

  4. How does one get the bicarbonate?

  5. Mg and cofactors and more here

  6. That psychology today article is awesome!!! Thank you Sierra Hayes!!!

  7. Seems to be calming ME down ALOT….simultaneously…..having more energy……Usually…i needed a nap.Amazing.

  8. There is a need for caution if you have low estrogen levels. Magnesium depletes estrogen so there's a possibility anxiety will increase.

  9. Isn't bicarbonate baking soda? I buy mine from the health food store, the aluminum – free one and add juice from half a lemon .YUM!

  10. Nancy Mojena Reindl – there has never been any aluminum in baking soda which is Sodium bicarbonate. You are confusing it with baking POWDER.

  11. Please look up part 2 also every cell in your body has a vitamin D receptor and most people are deficient causing any number of issues !!depression , autoimmune, fibromyalgia….and it goes on and on!!!please please don't get sicker check your D!

  12. SOOOOO confused….Is vitamin D supplementing good or bad? I read that you may need it and them read that it is bad for mag absorption and most of us are mag deficient…………how do we get D (if we need supplements) and still get the mag we need????

  13. Linda Lu Durk In – please read this page for the position on "D" by the owner of this group. It's pretty clear.

  14. Holly Lerche Mahler – ALL of those disorders are signs of Mg deficiency as has been pointed out to you many times before.

  15. The rule here in Magtopia it's not to discuss hormone d unless you've had the 4 d tests to show your needs. Mag actually helps your body raise d levels without d supps.

  16. Thanks MJ Hamp. I am actually putting together a list of tests for my doctor. I had actually read that page earlier in my quest to "figure it all out.." I ordered the HTMA the other dat and have a neurotransmitter test sitting here to do tomorrow (so it is mailed off as soon as done). This is all so confusing!!!!

  17. Linda Lu Durk In – The HTMA will be really revealing to you. I'm glad you've ordered it.

  18. Thanks MJ Hamp, I think so too. I am very selective about out of pocket tests (and the HTMA is out of pocket) but I feel strongly that it will be worth the investment.

  19. Linda Lu Durk In I'd love to see your test list! My VA doctor yes yes yes's me about any test. She approved a heavy metals one no questions asked. But I need to know what others to ask for and can't seem to find an exhaustive list.

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