What are your go to prepackaged snacks?!?


What are your go to prepackaged snacks?!? Need some new ideas getting sick of the same KIND and granola type bars for in my purse.

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  1. Parm crisps are amazing.

  2. Snyder’s pretzels and Crunchmaster crackers

  3. I like Lara Bars because they’re gluten free and vegan.

  4. Beef jerky

  5. Are you wanting healthy or . .. bc I don’t eat health food .. I have snack bags made bc I have 2 kids to throw into my diaper bag .
    Pop corn
    Apple slices w. Caramel

  6. I always carry an apple in my purse.
    In my truck I keep Nuts, dried fruit, Cheetos, glutino chocolate pretzels, Snyder’s honey mustard pretzels

  7. Definitely don’t care healthy or not! I watch what I eat all other meals of the day my one snack isn’t gonna kill me lol!! And I was really looking for more no prep ones that I can buy and have in my desk or purse and not have to put it in there daily!

  8. String cheese, olive packs, baggie of sliced cucumber with single serve hummus or guacamole pack

  9. GoMacro bars

  10. Always have at least one of the following in my purse for emergency: Tanka Bar. Epic Bar. A baggie of nuts. Depending on what I’m doing /where I’m going, I might grab a piece fruit for a nibble. When flying on a plane, I usually pack a small container of gf crackers and one or two indivudual packages of a nut butter.

  11. Celery p butter…lettuce wraps…pro balls…popcorn…gf pretzels

  12. String cheese, small apple, mandarin orange (cuties), carrot sticks, sliced cucumbers, Cheetos, apple slices with peanut butter, Special K gf bars-this one is really good!

  13. Welch’s Strawberry Fruit Snacks, York Peppermint Patties, Tootsie Rolls, Enjoy Life Bars

  14. Trader Joe’s had a great bar, but of course discontinued it. I have a nut mix I use for snacking. Walnuts, macadamias and pistachios.

  15. Not a ‘snack’, but I also always carry water. Aids digestion, helps with fatigue, and when I am starving and need time to get to safe food, water will actually bridge that gap.

  16. I usually have an apple with me. I also make my own trail mix with cashews, almonds, pistachios and cut up dried mango with chili.

  17. Have you tried the kind “pressed” bars. They are awesome. Much better than the regular kind bars. Also love pretzels, rice cakes. I love the snickerdoodle cookies from Aldi. I also eat dates for a sweet treat.

  18. Nuts and goodness cereal bars, protein bars, fresh fruit

  19. That’s it bars . Ingredients apple+ another fruit. That’s it.

  20. Vans has a great selection!

  21. My son loves Snyder’s gluten free pretzels!

  22. These are super yummy, they’re a softy, chewy bar

  23. I have crazins, beef sticks, and foodmap trail mix.

  24. Lara Bars , pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, cashews, carrot sticks & hummus. These are my snacks for work.

  25. Costco has gluten free Korean bbq jerky…
    And these pistachios

  26. Where does everyone get nuts? The only place I can find is online.

  27. Fresh fruit and vegetables

  28. Snyder’s gf pretzels are delish

  29. Not prepackaged but I’ve been making large batches of trail mix for the week. Just throw some in a bag or container and go. It’s fun to switch up the ingredients each time. Nuts, seeds, dried fruit, chocolate chips, m&m’s, gf cereal, shredded coconut..

  30. Almonds
    Hard boiled eggs
    Isagenix bars
    Isagenix whey thins
    Pop chips
    Sweet potato slices
    Guac and tortilla chips
    Gf pretzels
    Cheese and meat wraps

  31. Safeway In tubs.

  32. Quest bars (SO many varieties), babybel cheese, carrot sticks w/ sunbutter,

  33. Vans pbj bars, applesauce cups, Annie’s GF granola bars, Simply white cheddar cheetos. If I could tolerate nuts and seeds Or popcorn, I’d add those lol

  34. Snacks can be tough… I always have an apple and pb. Lance peanut butter sandwich crackers – addicted. Pamela’s whatever bars oat & coconut. Lance regular cracker cheese & roni slices. You can make muddy buddy’s (w/ Chex cereal) delicious!! Oatmeal is great. Most gas stations have a hot water tap, can buy Bob’s Redmill oatmeal cups. I make pasta salad. That’s great. Add dressing every day to keep moist. Will last 4 days in frige.

  35. Love my Orgain bars!

  36. I bake cookies on the go! At school I eat prepackaged non gmo, gf green olives or I get a fresh container of black olives and jalape stuffed green olives from Krogers salad bar. I also like the prepackaged tunas to eat alongside it.

  37. Luna bars

  38. Sams dried fruit.

  39. Almonds, dried figs???

  40. Luna Bars (Much cheaper at the RC superstore of you have one than stores like Whole Foods or Natures Fare).

  41. I carry Arbonne snack sticks all the time. Also lots of apples and carrots!

  42. Halo oranges, kiwi, bananas. Prepackaged in their own skin

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