What BC did you love the most?


OK so can I ask this

What BC did you love the most.
I need. Positive feed back

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  1. Anyone else feel like the group has just got so much cleaner? I swear sometimes moderating this group is like cleaning a dirty bath. Hard and time-consuming, great when it's done, but you're always haunted by the knowledge that it's going to scum up again in no time.

  2. Well this quickly spiralled even more out of control than before.

    I miss a lot when I'm working.

  3. It's a completely valid point to say that individual experiences of birth control are not a reliable way of finding the best thing for you, because everyone reacts differently to medication. Take Roz and I, for example. We are sisters, blood related, and yet I am completely intolerant to the pill that she takes! That's blood relatives that share completely different effects!

  4. I don't k ow why you are being so negative Jordan Ayers I wouldn't have said anything but it sad you have to talk that way. I will say this about the birth control is if you get pregnant on birth control such as an IUD or oral its usually not the birth control with the IUD it has moved and with the pill you aren't taking it right that's why the percentage with iud are so low and I do agree everyone is different you want know what works for you unless you try it those horror stories are for the birds the women in this group are nice people and just trying to help so do t get mad if you dont agree if you do t want all kinds of opinions don't ask 🙂

  5. Jesus Christ. Overreaction much. I cannot believe how some adult women are so defective that they cannot discuss something in a calm and mature manner.

  6. I went from being annoyed that our point is totally being missed to me just laughing at this tool.

  7. How is that a relevant example? It's a bottle. This is something synthetic that your putting in your body. I see everyone else here being calm but you. Telling us to 'shut the hell up' clearly proves you're not very 'chill'. Why do we need to boot you? Is that what you want? You have the option to remove yourself, you know.

  8. Just drop its goddam. Please boot me. Fuck this group. Hahah

  9. Good fucking bye. I thought this would be a nice group, but seriously. You are all fucking opinionated bitches. Lol.

  10. How am I being negative? You women are so wrong it's not even funny. And yes a bottle is a relevant example. I'm so glad I'm not friends with you people. Jesus. My whole point is to chill out. If the lady wants what she wants, quit correcting everyone. Jeeeeeeezzz. You all are like a box of wet cats. Just shut the hell up! Gaaaaawwwddd.

  11. I just want to know something. Why would you base your decision of birth control and put something in your body, because a stranger or strangers on the internet say it's good? I've seen FAR too many good reviews about depo, and we all know how terrible it is. When it comes to this sort of thing, it will vary from person to person. So a personal experience will mean basically nothing to another person, as their body can and probably will react differently.

  12. Jordan Ayers in regards to your comment, you can leave if you really want to. The last thing we want here is negativity.

  13. I agree with Jenny. That's a completely irrelevant example. In any case, I answered her question and explained why she wouldn't gain much – if anything – from personal experiences. I don't understand why you are getting so defensive when I gave her a personal experience in the first place. It isn't like I launched into an attack and didn't address her question. She got what she asked for, and an explanation why it isn't reliable. If she then decides to look at personal experiences then she's got one, and if she decides to take personal experiences with a huge pinch of salt (more like a truckload of salt) then even better.

  14. Medications and baby bottles are apples and oranges. Everyone's body chemistry is different. A leaky bottle is a manufacturing flaw. Very different.

    Again, it's about putting an unnecessary amount of trust in one persons experiences vs. being a bit more objective and realizing that just because one woman got a blood clot using the patch doesn't mean you will. And blood clot warning ARE on bc pamphlets, so you should always make yourself aware of any possible interaction.

  15. So lemme ask you guys this: I read the information and pamphlets on dr brown bottles. They sound amazing. In fact, they sound like the best bottles you could possibly ever get to feed your baby with according to their proven official site, comparison charts, studies, and scientific articles. However, when I used them, I hated them. They leak, they are hard to clean, they have too many small parts, and my kid still gets a butt ton of gas from using them.

    So.. I got playtex bottles because my friend told me she really liked them personally. She too, wasn't fond of the dr brown bottles, but did recommend the playtex ones based on her personal experience.. So I got them. And based on my own usage of both bottles, I would take the playtex ones any day!

    So yes, both personal opinion AND pamphlets are important. Sorry, but it's true.. That's why you have this group. It's a support group. It's a discussion group. Otherwise, there would be no members. Each member has something to bring to the table unless they are being destructive.. Right?

  16. You will get everything you need to know about a birth control before you begin use from the pamphlet, official sites, comparison charts, studies, scientific articles, etc. You don't actually need to look at personal experiences at all. It is biased, it is not representative, and most of the things people claim will not have been confirmed by a doctor. If you want to look at people's experiences once you have started birth control, to understand a particular side effect you believe has manifested, that's fine and I encourage it.

  17. The 'will to fight over something minor' is simply the desire to make sure that people are getting the best quality information possible. Misinformation is not appropriate in a group about something as important as birth control. There was some confusion because people tried to interpret something very literal, and for some reason continued to attack despite being told that their interpretations were very wrong. Conspiracy theorists tend to behave like that, unfortunately.

  18. Did I accuse you of controlling them? I'm just wondering if it's worth being so heated over. I'm not even really talking about you specifically. Just this whole thread was like a bomb going off in a place where everyone was like "run for your lives! It's mothra and Godzilla fighting over our city!!" And all these people are screaming and running around avoiding destruction. Lol.

  19. I don't control the responses or posts. As I said, opinions will be stated on this forum. It's the Internet. Lots get lost in the context of a worded response over the web.

  20. Every post and reply on this threat is so defensive and at the same time filled with sentences like "you..".. Whatever. Almost like you guys are blaming or putting pressure on the person who posted just before you.

  21. How's that? Better? You ladies seem so touchy. It's like walking on egg shells. If I missed the point, then why is everyone arguing in the first place? The original post was asking for personal stories. If the girl only wants personal stories, then why is she so wrong? I mean, maybe you disagree with her, but so what?

  22. Why are you posting your responses in 3 different lines? Tad combative yourself.

    Anyways… You sort of missed the point about what the original issue was. everyone's entitled to their opinion. I'd never say otherwise. Birth control issues are debatable. That's why you will often see varied opinions.

  23. Take it easy killer. It was just a joke. Not even directed towards you. Actually, you guys are so freaking opinionated and willing to fight over something minor, it's making me question whether I wanna be here or not.. Like, wow. It's like everyone has be right and there's no room for misunderstandings or someone else's thoughts or opinions besides your own.

  24. Reading blogs in tandem while researching reliable and neutral sources is good. Reading only anti-paragard/anti-ortho Evra/anti-Sprintec blogs and websites that clearly have an agenda is not. Being paranoid about big Pharma is not. Ignoring statistics because you think they are all lies, is not.

    And I'm not hormonal, btw. That's the oldest insult against opinionated women. My hormones are fine. I just know how to conduct research.

  25. I read a blog one time while trying to make my choice that had a huge number of women displeased with mirena, so I was fearful to
    Go with it. But as I continued to learn about all the methods and read the horror stories and good stories, I decided that mirena was going to be better that copper causing an inflamed response in order to inhibit sperm. It seemed the bloodshed was more with copper Iud than that of mirena. And honestly, that is how I made my final choice was by listening to what works and does work from other women.

  26. I think everyone was feeling the hormonal effects of bc on this thread… Hahaha (jk). I just want to point out really quick, that I did flip flop back and forth on different birth control methods before making my choice to have mirena. It literally took me years to choose a solution. I went based off of the scientific consensus displayed by pamphlets, companies, charts, doctor recommendations, etc.. AND personal experiences both on this group and other blogs, mommy groups, and phone apps like "babycenter

  27. On a side note, it's a shame that so many people think that age is synonymous with wisdom. Some of the wisest people I know are younger than me, and some of the most foolish people I know are elderly. Although not the same thing, knowledge and wisdom very much go hand-in-hand, and it actually tends to be the younger generations who are more knowledgeable because of exposure to the most recent scientific advances while in school

  28. 667 now though. Someone just applied. Maybe things will be smooth from now on.

  29. I was literally about to say that! AVE SATANAS.

  30. Maybe the group is going a little nuts lately since we've got 666 members haha

  31. This sums up how I felt during this entire thread.

  32. I wonder if people read the rules before/when they join this group anymore.
    I still check up on them occasionally…

  33. Roz based on her snarky attitude I would say that's a smart choice

  34. Ehell wow I've never seen someone so hateful I bet she's protested outside the FDA, CDC, and her courthouse…… That's so much hate-passion

  35. And I've learned things I didn't know and my Dr didn't tell me

  36. Yes, you got a warning. Would you rather me just straight out permanently ban you, instead of informing you that you are breaking a rule? Some people don't know that they are breaking rules, and it is unfair to not let them know. That is why the admin here give warnings.

  37. I VALUE EVERYONE'S OPINION that's why I asked for it ….I don't know why anyone thinks this is the only research I'm doing . It's not . It's part of the research . I just wanted real life experiences to add in the mix

  38. You cant really use reviews as a sole factor in deciding on birth control because it effects everyone so very different!!!! Thats what you have a Dr or OBGYN ask them if you dont value anyone else's opinion

  39. I got a warning. Is it like a yellow light from kindergarten? Please, let me do you a favor and leave myself before I get a red light! I appreciate groups with admins that have been through life and have experience to offer, not stats. Good luck to you.

  40. And thank you for the link

  41. Jenny Ellen Cascio I've been told the FDA is also researching paraguard be a use of the claims against it ….my SIL almost died from a uterine puncture which is way th o common …

  42. They have also been right countless more times than they have been wrong. Haven't read this whole thing, but if you choose a birth control solely on reviews, you are likely to take something that is used by a small, tiny, percentage of women. It may sound good when you read mainly good reviews, but give the same birth control to 2 million women and just watch the negative reviews and horror stories flock in.
    Now, that is hypothetical because all birth control that has been around longer than 15 years has been researched extensively, so this doesn't work in the real world. It's just a matter of fact that people are more likely to write a bad review than a good one.

  43. 'Positive feedback' doesn't necessarily mean emotional support. When I read 'positive feedback' I understand 'good reviews'.
    People do not tend to write good reviews. I have written hundreds of bad reviews for things I have bought, but I have never in my life written a good review unless the person/company went above and beyond what was required. You'll find that most people are the same. Have you ever considered writing a good review for paracetamol?

  44. And that's why my post went to
    "OK so I need positive feedback . What's been the best BC you've had experience with ?"
    And I agree with bad reviews but there's something to be said when you mention a certain form of BC and not one , not one person has a positive thing to say about in , in multiple forms of research. Right ? I don't think you should have to go crazy looking for good reviews . If it's t g at hard to find Any good reviews that's worth considering? Don't you think? And I did not mean to make any one think I was or was partaking in bullying any one ? I was offended ? I thought I had the right to express that with out being called a bully .

  45. Thank you ladies for your support. It is really appreciated.
    Melissa, you are commenting on a post that is open to ALL members in this forum. You cannot decide who does and doesn't respond to you. That is absurd.

  46. I don't remember asking either of you. No one is against pharm companies and I never said that. I simply said to look at everything to make an informed decision and not just believe pharm companies because they said so. They have been wrong countless times before. It is ignorant to think anyone should look at one source and just believe it and telling women to do that is wrong. Being admin on a fb page doesn't make you right.

  47. Patricia Miller, the post was about opinions on birth control, not on miscarriage. Like I have already said, I'm a to-the-point person. I addressed the post in an appropriate manner. Had the post been about needing support for the miscarriages you suffered, I would of course respond in an appropriate manner. Well, I would HAVE. When this thread has dried up, you will no longer be hearing from me.

  48. Lara basically summed it up. There's a difference between having a healthy sense of skepticism towards the power of big Pharma and being obsessed with bringing down the whole pharmaceutical industry thru superfluous lawsuits and fear mongering.

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