What can cause high levels of testosterone in women


Does anyone what can cause high levels of testosterone in women if it’s not pcos ?

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  1. are you taking any hormones…like DHEA?

  2. Testosterone can convert to estrogen and make it too high, I've never heard of it the other way around…

  3. Becky how does one find out if it pcos

  4. My husband uses t cream but my levels are insane

  5. Karen no I'm not taking that

  6. Could insulin or high testosterone make your heart skip .?

  7. II'll bet it is your husbands cream. I have seen that in my practice.

  8. More fiber will help balance it

  9. I think other people have had problems with their levels being raised from their husband's cream. I don't remember what the suggestions were for preventing the issue.

  10. Karen how could it be 655 in saliva from his cream ? Sorry desperate feeling really bad

  11. PCOS is usually DX'd via abdominal ultrasound

  12. So I should ask for one to rule that out

  13. Saliva is your unbound testosterone. Mine is off the chart! Yours Is scary high!

  14. I'm being tested for cyclical cushings.

  15. I know..it doesn't seem possible but the female body sucks up testosterone and stores it in the fat cells.

  16. Off the charts testosterone(or any hormone for that matter) is more than likely exogenous(external) exposure.

  17. Yes rule out PCOS

  18. From where? I don't have a husband. However I do have a partial empty sella.

  19. Hypothyroid

  20. If ur husband uses the cream and then touchs the sink to wash his hands you can be exposed and get high readings. This happened to someone I know.

  21. PCOS needs to be diagnosed by labs, not ultrasound. Not everyone gets cysts. I don't.

  22. You have to consider that women need much less than men, so the seemingly small amount you are getting from his cream can be way more than your body can handle.

  23. But what about me? I don't have a husband. I shared my saliva results. ^^^

  24. I would test by blood to be sure, I've heard saliva can be inaccurate.
    But with the high DHEAS as well it looks like PCOS. If it was Cushing's or congenital adrenal hyperplasia your cortisol would be off the charts.

  25. Party mine was 1200

  26. Plastics, foodstuffs with pesticides, every day exposure mimic estrogen, cause the body to produce more testosterone in turn, any adrenal, autoimmune, contributes to imbalance and creates vicious cycle….
    Definitely looking like pcos, I went misdiagnosed for many years, maybe docs are missing it, or looking in the wrong places?

  27. This is another reason why i don't use creams and use the injections. I don't want to expose my fiancé to the test.

  28. So let me get this straight, if we have testosterone stored in our fat should be try to lose the excess weight….and possibly take Saw Palmetto?

  29. I know a good number of women with this issue.

  30. Just saying, Soy consumption magnifies estrogen with its mimicking ability, see this informative link on hormones http://yourhormonebalance.com/hormone-balance-basics/know-your-hormones/

  31. Stacie Archibald how did you get yours down

  32. Leanne, actually yes. I use spearmint (I dry leaves, make tea, cinnamon, saw palmetto for pcos, dandelion tea, lemon water and salt water (sole) aids in detox, adding zinc 50mg with my last mag at night has helped with pcos related acne. I've also read licorice can help, but there's a lot of warning about using licorice long term, so I stick to what works for me!

  33. And yes, omg Peter, yes. I am aip (autoimmune protocol) diet but even before that, eliminating gluten, soy, dairy, sugar, made huge difference. I've been "accidentally soy-ed" since, no fun.

  34. That is a really high dose of zinc and is probably bringing down your copper. Have you had a copper panel done?

  35. It was actually the lowest o could find locally, I have been considering that since reading up here, but I feel good and I get plenty of mag. Additionally I am doing iodine protocol which calls for this when dealing with detox related acne. Since I have both pcos related acne and bromine detox acne I have been holding steady but will likely search for lower dose when this bottle runs out.

  36. My ND had me on 60 mg at night and I felt like my 30 was plenty. She said I was really high in copper and needed to get some out. Also overmethylator. But that was last year (fall?). I am back to 30 now…..and wont have any new info til my 23andme and organic acids tests come back.

  37. Ps- I've only been taking zinc for one less than a month.

  38. I felt very fatigued for some reason when I upped to 60 mg of zinc. Anyone know why? Nothing else changed in my regime.

  39. Leanne Mahler, zinc will lower copper. Low copper will cause fatigue

  40. Usually with high copper there is also a bio available copper deficiency.

  41. Geez….I wonder if my gal even knew what she was doing with me. =(

  42. I am not working with her any more…..I didnt agree with some supps she chose. Glad to be here with all of you and learning more each day so i can understand my stuff better.

  43. So then how does this get lowered if mine is from contact and how long will it taken

  44. I have low copper and I'm always fatigued and my hair is prematurely graying

  45. Those of you with PCOS should come join PCOS Natural Remedies, it's always nice to get people with experience with alternative treatments.

  46. I just hopped on there Becky Evans and had a question right off the bat.

  47. Thank you Becky!

  48. Patty Moran-Hayes, if I were you I would maybe try Saw Palmetto or spearmint tea to try to bring your levels down. Make sure you're getting enough mag, bicarbonate and especially boron and B6. They're all necessary for healthy hormone balance.
    Then find ways to reduce exposure to your husband's cream. Washing clothes separately etc. I know this has been discussed here before, maybe try to search.

  49. Please make sure your husband is washing his hands before he touches you after he applies the T cream! Women need miniscule amounts of T compared to men. There is a huge list of warnings in the insert for the T. Please read them to protect yourself, and others. For instance…..if he were to apply the cream, and then be around / touching a pregnant woman with unwashed hands? Really bad things can happen if I remember reading correctly. My husband had the cream For a long time…he does shots now, which are not preferable, but cost a lot less without health insurance.

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