“What can I actually eat” questions almost daily!


I was thinking maybe we could do like, a daily food journal thing?

I’m thinking it will not only help to give everyone some ideas for some “new” GF stuff to eat, but will also help newcomers (like me) to keep from asking the “What can I actually eat” questions almost daily! lol

So, today for breakfast – nothing
Lunch – hardboiled egg, banana, one slice of Boar’s Head turkey

Dinner – not sure yet. Will update this post after dinner.

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  1. Breakfast – nothing \nLunch – mixed nuts and an avocado\nSnack – gluten free protein bar

  2. Ashley, I am not celiac, but I cook for and eat with my husband. Here was his day: breakfast- chocolate Ensure, banana. Lunch- chefs salad (from macalister’s… we know the owners and they treat him right) and I’m currently cooking jambalaya w/chicken and sausage served with cream corn on the side for dinner. I made gluten free brownies for his snack later (add a little bit of sweetened condensed milk and 2 eggs instead of one and they are extra gooey.). I have a pot roast w/ potatoes, carrots, and onions laid out to put in the crock pot for tomorrow. (I but gluten free brown gravy mix to go in it.). Hope this helps!!

  3. Today I made a buffalo chicken quesadilla.

    I put buffalo sauce on two corn tortilla, some pre cooked chicken strips from Aldi, and cheese.

    I friend it in coconut oil on the stove for 3-4 minutes on each side.
    It was delicious! Would have been better if I had ranch and lettuce

  4. Breakfast – nothing. But I often eat eggs and cheese or Cheerios.

    Lunch -chicken salad. Chicken in the can from Sam’s club. Helmans/best mayonnaise. Onion power

    Dinner- chicken sausage with asiago and spinach from Sam’s club and spinach.

  5. Breakfast- coffee
    Lunch- garlic and herb pasta
    Dinner- honey garlic chicken over rice

  6. Are corn tortillas gf?

  7. Breakfast: smoothie with avocado broccoli blueberries banana and pea protein powder. Lunch: baked sweet potato, raw almonds carrot/orange juice. Dinner: GF pasta with sautéed “beyond meat” crumbles, onion and mushrooms in Vodka sauce.

  8. GF cornflakes with milk, Smoked lardons and mushroom omelette, banana Sandwich on GF bread, homemade GF biscuits.

  9. Breakfast: lean ground turkey, vans gluten free waffles
    Snack: chicken breast , apple
    Lunch: chicken breast brussel sprouts and o’doughs gluten free bagel
    Snack: ground turkey, 2 rice cakes 2tbsp almond butter
    Dinner: repeat of lunch but with sweet potatoes instead of the bagel.
    Dessert: atric zero chocolate ice cream

  10. I’m on the Paleo Diet so no grains, dairy, gluten included here …
    Breakfast: pumpkin
    pancakes w fruit
    Lunch: shredded chicken with cucumbers, avocados, tomatoes
    Dinner: homemade pizza w cauliflower crust

  11. Breakfast and lunch. Dark chocolate ensure. Dinner. Piece of grilled chicken with some gf BBQ sauce on a gf udis roll.

  12. Breakfast- water & watermelon
    Lunch – watermelon & a cheese quesadilla with salsa
    Dinner – gf pizza with a salad
    Dessert will be a Klondike bar & strawberries

  13. Breakfast- snickers\nLunch- leftover pork chop and rice\nDinner- not sure

  14. Breakfast – vanilla yogurt with granola \nLunch – bbq ribs\nSnack – hot buffalo pretzels \nDinner – hard taco

  15. Breakfast: potato grated and pan fried with leftover pulled pork and an egg. \n\nLunch: leftover chicken thigh and a few GF/DF oreos. \n\nDinner: some GF pizza with a bottle of Shiraz 🍷

  16. Breakfast- apple \nLunch- salami & cream cheese roll ups.\nNo dinner yet

  17. Breakfast: vegan protein coffee\nLunch: 2 egg omelet with spinach, bok Choy, onions and df cheese. \nDinner: rice noodles, sauteed mushrooms, broccoli and snow peas. Grilled lemon pepper fish. \nDessert : Wow Key Lime white chocolate cookies (gf)

  18. B: fruit salad and yogurt L: gf pizza, snack: apples and gf crackers D:??? Maybe some tacos

  19. B: GF DF vegan protein shake\nL: chicken, rice, and veggies

  20. Breakfast- chocolate (soy)milk\nLunch- natural peanut butter, banana and honey\nDinner- Udis lasagna and corn on the cob (bc its cheap af rn)

  21. I like the devolution of health through our days. We all start off with like watermelon and parfaits and shit and end with pizza lol! Except that one guy who had a snickers for breakfast

  22. Breakfast was inspired by a GF post I saw – frozen banana split with Fage Greek yogurt, Trader Joe’s coconut GF granola and honey. Really tasty!

  23. Breakfast- scrambled egg
    lunch- grilled cheese
    Dinner- burrito with gluten free tortilla.. was good!

  24. I love Udi’s!!!!

  25. gf cornflakes, rice puffs or rice porridge with lactose free (lf) milk; leftovers or gf toast with lf cheese or banana, salad; lots of Asian dishes, pastrless quiche or just Aussie meat and veges

  26. I start every day with 24 oz of water with fresh lemon slices, then cup of coffee, cinnamon chex today (dry), peach. Lunch was a rice bowl with beans, cucumber, salad dressing (made at home of random things). Dinner GF hot dog with kinnikinnik brand bun, ruffles chips, watermelon and glass of red wine.

  27. Love this idea!
    Breakfast: probiotic drink and juiced (apples, beets, strawberries, carrots and oranges), gf udis bagel with strawberry cream cheese.
    Lunch: it’s my birthday weekend so I had chocolate chip mint ices cream ?)
    Dinner: Gluten free pizza (because again birthday)
    And dessert: gluten free fun-fetti cake.

  28. I am on autoimmune protocol and vegan… so no gluten, coffee, sugar, oils (besides coconut), no nuts, no potatoes, nightshades, legumes, soya, no animal products… allergic to pineapples…

    Today was kombucha, probiotic, a green smoothie (papaya, avocado, lime, carots, tumeric) in the morning… lunch: lasagna made with sweet potatoes “pasta replacement”, cauliflower, mushrooms, rocket leaves, coconut flakes, coconut milk and nooch (nutritional yeast). Diner was a carrots and squash soup with ginger and tumeric…

  29. Smores – Marshmallows, chocolate with gf graham crackers. just watch it, I have 3 nieces that range from 4-9 that will eat up all my gf graham crackers because they like them better than regular ones.

  30. Breakfast – Banana
    Lunch – savoury rice stir-fry with bacon, corn, Peas and onion.
    Dinner – will be chicken with roasted butternut &beets

  31. Breakfast nothing Lunch ham salad and walls vienetta for dessert

  32. Yesterday:
    Breakfast – peanut butter and banana, coffee
    Snack – Larabar
    Lunch – chicken, quinoa, mixed veggies
    2nd Lunch – chicken, quinoa, sauerkraut
    Snack – nuts
    Dinner – rice, tuna, sauerkraut, steamed spinach
    *I top most of my meals off with a little olive oil or avocado oil for some healthy fats

  33. This is a great idea, thank you! I am 2 days into this for my 14 y.o. son. Breakfast: Snyder’s GF pretzel sticks n President cheese spread (he doesn’t eat a conventional breakfast, obviously). I was trying to mimic the Snyders pretzel cheese sandwiches he’s been eating for breakfast.

  34. Good idea!

  35. Breakfast gf chocolate protein shake
    Lunch nothing
    Snack pumpkin seeds
    Dinner filet mignon, mashed potatoes, spinach,
    Dessert gf cake

  36. Breakfast yougurt and berries
    Lunch tuna/ mayo on gf crackers and a mini cucumber
    Dinner: chicken potatoes and squash

    Snack nacho chips with nacho dip all gf

    Bottle of wine

  37. Cant cope without brekkers so gfmuesli with raspberries
    Lunch gf ham sandwich +salad
    Meal tonight gf pasta with bacon mushrooms courgette red pepper +rhubarb crumble with gf oat topping!!!!

  38. Breakfast: Starbucks GF breakfast sandwich
    Lunch: Freschettas cheese pizza and a few baked lays
    Dinner: more pizza and a bottle of wine ? all we do apparently is eat pizza and drink wine

  39. I love this idea! When i joined (being newly diagnosed and constantly being glutened) I was hoping to see more of what people ate. Will be writing your ideas down!!!

  40. Can’t beat a lovely roast dinner just with Stuffing and yorshire pudding missing

  41. This was yesterday and a Friday so dinner was more than usual.

    Breakfast: scrambled egg and one slice of Schars toast. Coffee with non dairy cream

    Lunch: castle wood ham sandwich with lettuce,tomato also on Schars with a few kettle brand potato chips

    1st Snack: banana ?
    2nd Snack: grapes ?

    Dinner: filet mignon, small baked potato, steamed broccoli

    Dessert: snack pack of Enjoy Life regular size dark chocolate morsels

    Lots of water!

  42. Breakfast-Gluten Free Chex Cereal-when they finally came out with it, it made me feel more like a “normal” person.

  43. Breakfast today — Udi blueberry muffin, banana, coffee.

  44. I’m so nosy even before celiac I loved seeing what people eat…. so varied

  45. Tea: Cheese Salad and then a raspberry light yogurt. Brandy and coke later 😉

  46. Breakfast today – tea & udi bagel with peanut butter. Lunch was watermelon & gf cheese crackers. Tonight is Mexican from my favorite place & strawberry margaritas

  47. Breakfast- Activia cherry yogurt and a nectarine\nLunch- Home made salad of lettuce, chick peas, corn, salsa and lime. \nDinner- who knows 😂

  48. I made some grilled chicken for my son. Marinated with olive oil garlic lemon pepper basil and parsley. Made rice. Mixed it with corn. Chopped grilled chicken and added in fresh salsa. Mixed it together like a chipotle rice bowl. Topped with grated cheddar cheese and sour cream

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