What can I add to the water? Epsom salts?


Daughter’s got a nasty infection on her foot resulting from a broken blister. At the worst, she couldn’t walk on the ball of her foot nor move her toes w out excruciating pain. Not sure if it’s bacteria she picked up while still in Kenya or since her return 5/16. Nurse Practitioner has her on an antibiotic and hot water foot soaks. What can I add to the water? Epsom salts? Anything else?

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  1. Castor oil, charcoal?

  2. A castor oil pack of some sort? Or something to soak in the water?

  3. Epsom salt and I'm suprised the doc did not tell her.

  4. Iodine, simple & effective. Just spread it on the area.

  5. Add a tablespoon Borax… brilliant antifungal and antibacterial

  6. Coconut oil… manuka honey

  7. What if it's a worm though…

  8. Don't really think it's a worm. Don't know for sure though. Thurs night when she was in worst pain, it looked like nothing except a broken blister, and it was dry. Yesterday, sat evening, upon soaking, we could see the infection being pulled out to the surface of the foot. All mottled yellow and green colors under the skin.

  9. Epsom salt, baking soda and borax with tea tree oil foot soak!

  10. Make sure to watch it…clean it do not over soak! You can tell if the edges turn white – means the skin is waterlogged and it won't be able to heal…learned this from experience when I was soaking my moms foot after she developed a sore from a burn blister that almost covered her heel. The sore never healed (bad circulation) so I started the soaks…I ended up getting a referral from her reg dr to an open wound dr and they had to cut that skin away…told me no more soaks…daily dressing changes with quick clean and gentamicin (sp?) and the difference is amazing…if you don't wanna get the gen you could use coconut oil w/eo like rosemary/lavender (antibacterial)… Just watch for the white skin around edges of sore…

  11. Okay I'll check it out, Tinna Crowley thanks. It's wierd, there is not an open sore. Just a layer of skin missing where the blister broke. That's what threw us off as far as not initially thinking infection. I was certain it was mechanical issue (sprained toe), etc.

  12. Since it's new – maybe borax water (just rinse – or if you soak not too long)…I would rinse then put the coconut oil and bandage…
    My moms originally happened awhile back…and just never healed…I wasn't aware it hadn't fully healed and when I saw it I started the epsom salt soaks to clean/detox it…maybe we just over did it. But was told that when the skin around a sore gets white in color it's water logged and can't heal correctly. Clean daily…you got this!

  13. Keizer salve?

  14. Silver ?

  15. I had that, soaking in warm salt water did the trick for me

  16. dilute hydrogen peroxide to spray on wound.

  17. Did they do a culture of the wound to make sure it isn't staph or MRSA.

  18. Colloidal silver, activated charcoal on the blister. The charcoal will draw out the infection and bind it.

  19. Breast milk!

  20. Watch Dr. Barbara ONeill's YouTube on Homemade Remedies/Poultices.

  21. Colloidal silver

  22. Get some MMS chlorine dioxide and use it It will eliminate it for sure

  23. Thank you all! Yesterday she was home (from her summer job where she stays in the Staff House). Soaked it w epsom salt, baking soda and borax. She can move her toes freely now, no pain, and the infection is gathering in one place. It's towards the base of her toes, so she is walking really well, which is an essential part of her summer job (Trail Guide at Wilderness Inquiry). I'm still not sure how the infection gets out of her body.

  24. Hmm.. I had a squirrel bite once and a nurse told me to keep my finger in a bowl of warm salted water for an hour. Yup! osmosis turned the wound inside out and it emptied its contents. Like when you go to the ocean and stay in the water too long.

  25. If concerned about internal infection MMS can be taken orally And colloidal silver also can be taken orally for infections Both work better than antibiotics

  26. Epsom salts creates a larger osmosis difference than regular salt pulls stuff out better. Just make a supersaturated solution

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