What can I do for low stomach acid?


What can I do for low stomach acid? If I drink only mag water throughout the day, it gets worse, but I need to get the bicarbonate into me somehow. We make the mag concentrate liter recipe + 2 gals filtered water + a few Anderson’s mineral drops for the family each day. I use potassium chloride for the AC, so no bicarb there. Would only 1 glass a day be enough? I could do that at bedtime. Any other suggestions? Thanks for any insight! PS: I did do a search for low stomach acid, but it gave me only one post with no discussion on this.

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  1. You might want to use another form of oral magnesium during the day if you're prone to low acid. Bicarbonate lowers stomach acid, chloride increases it, and most other forms have no effect at all.

    You can also get bicarbonate by adding sodium bicarbonate (baking powder) to baths or foot soaks.

  2. Maybe try taking betaine hcl or digestive bitters with your protein meals.

  3. Use mag chloride?

  4. ACV and HCL.

  5. Try oxbile with every meal.

  6. You need to be careful with ox bile. It can be very irritating….you only need it if you have problems digesting fats .

  7. Lemon juice with warm water on empty stomach in the mornings. Or raw apple vinegar instead of lemon.

  8. Chloride makes hydro"chloric" acid. Dr. Thompson in his book The Calcium Lie recommends unprocessed sea salt for increasing stomach acid. The adrenal cocktail gives you a half teaspoon a day, so that's a start.

  9. I was prescribed Nexium and another proton pump inhibitor, took for about a month until I saw a scary article about possible side effect of dementia (!)..and immediately stopped. I then went to my local pharmacy and started taking a store brand probiotic. it was useful initially but i dug a bit deeper and came across Bragg's Raw Organic Unpasteurized…Apple Cider Vinegar which has been incredible for me. It's instantaneous relief. I'm now educating myself on fermented foods..kimchi, fermented sauerkraut, and other more natural probiotics. I hope this benefits you too.

  10. Have you tested your zinc level? B6 and zinc are needed for stomach acid production.

  11. I use plant enzymes to help.

  12. Do you drink while you eat?

  13. Bitters

  14. Stop drinking mag water a half hour before meals and wait an hour and half afterwards. You need acid to digest meals.

  15. A splash of good quality Apple Cider Vinegar in filtered water 30mins before each meal

  16. Since I've started taking these enzymes, my digestion is FLAWLESS. I tried a bunch of brands but Enzymedica is really the top notch.. http://amzn.to/2nkD2TT

  17. I also have this issue. I have a tablespoon of ACV in water about 15 minutes prior to meals (when I remember lol) . It's been amazing! Made a massive improvement to constipation too.

  18. Betain hcl with pepsin for low stomach acid.


    Medical Medium says 16 oz of celery juice first thing in the AM. Supposed to be a life changer ..

  19. Using Betain Hcl and pepsin helps, but it doesnt address the root of the problem.
    Salt, Iodine, B1 and Zinc are the main factors wich promote stomach acid

  20. Apple cider vinegar!

  21. Yes, it helps definitevely. But also is another crutch! It relieves , but it doesnt cure! Your stomach is not defficient in apple vinegar, but other factors.

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