What can i do to fight this virus?


I just came back from the dr and she is not sure if I have Strep or Mono. Because the strep swab was negative, she is leaning more to mono. What can i do to fight this virus?

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  1. Medical medium

  2. Anti virals. Colloidal silver, elderberry, garlic…etc.

  3. Lauricidin Monolaurine?

  4. Rest and more rest..natural antibiotics, what Sacha recommended

  5. Antivirals. Join the Epstien Barr Virus groups.

  6. Ugh! Had mono 2 years. I swear I could fall asleep mid sentence. It's been 2 years & I know I'm not right.

  7. Olive leaf and orgeno oil.

  8. A little confused…did she not test you for either to figure out which one you had?

  9. For those that had it, what were the symptoms? I looked them up but i dont have swollen lymph nodes, no cough, just fever, swollen tonsils, white spots, body ache and chills. But i had the same thing with strep 2 yrs ago.

  10. Oregano oil.

  11. Colloidal silver is antiviral, it can be garbled with for topical action and swallowed for systemic action

  12. I had mono back in 1965 and docs didn't know what it was. I took round after round of penicillin. Finally, he gave me large doses of vitamin A and checked my liver a few times. I never got my mojo back. Still have my tonsils. Take care of your adrenals and never become a workaholic, you will burn out.

  13. Oil of oregano with dropper squeezed to back of the throat. And alternate with Turmeric in honey paste.

  14. Olive leaf and l-lysine

  15. Check into Monolaurin

  16. I'd go in for another strep test. Sometimes at the onset the swab test is negative for strep but days layer it's positive.

  17. Btw, my functional medicine dr gave me penicillin because said she does not usually prescribe antibiorics, but shes not sure if it is strep. Culture comes back tuesday. Should i take.

  18. High dose vitamin c. Or the Bob beck protocol, buy the tools from sota in British Columbia

  19. Fyi, today is day 2.5, fever is gone, body aches are gone, theoat hurts like hell, hungry, and not too tired and sweating profusely lol. I hope its a good sign.

  20. Colliodal silver.

  21. Don't forget good ole chicken soup! With a tad of Celtic salt of course;)

  22. Ada, I am sorry to hear that you are suffering. Stop eating iron fortified foods and try the things on the "Options to Clear Iron," graphic that is in the group's photo album. Viruses feed off of excess iron. Work on raising your ceruloplasmin and implement the Magnesium Protocol with the Adrenal Cocktail. Dig in to Morley's stuff if you want to learn more. Let us know how you do.

  23. I had strep & mono a couple of years ago. I took olive leaf, organic coconut oil & used oregano essential oil salve on the bottom of my feet. The organic coconut oil helped me the most as far as pain & energy. I took a couple of tablespoons 2 to 4 times a day. It took me about 2 weeks to feel like myself again. Get lots of rest & drink plenty of water. Change out your toothbrush often too.

  24. Gargle with silver.

  25. Thanks Melissa Oestreich, do you have the adrenal one?

  26. Hold some coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes.

  27. Nothing lits of rest and dont push yourself

  28. Gargle with diluted Lugols iodine

  29. Our family came down with mono one by one in May. I take 600 mg 3 x day of monolaurin. My hubby takes coconut oil capsules 3 g 3 x day. I just saw my naturopath on this week and she said the best thing for anyone virus is immediately do 100,000 vit D, 50,000 vit A, and 10,000 mg of vit C spread out each day for 3 days.

  30. Family members have knocked strep with a combo of raw garlic, raw honey and cayenne.

  31. Morley would suggest checking iron levels

  32. I've had strep twice in the last two months. Not really sure what's going on but I will tell you the office quick strep swab came back negative every single time as did the mono. But after sending another swab off to the lab for growth it came back positive for strep. They also sent off the EBV lab (which is what causes mono) and it came back negative. The only positive was a 35 that showed I had been exposed but it showed I had NO antibodies to it.
    Only 5% don't create antibodies to it and the doctor I seen had never seen it and had no explanation. Not sure how I avoided that. Because my husband had it last year and both my sisters had it several years ago. One sister had to be hospitalized because she had a severe aggressive case that caused her to get Hepatitis and caused her organs to swell. I stayed with her in the hospital and helped take care of her. Not sure how I avoided getting it and not creating antibodies to it. But that is a discussion for another day. The point it don't always trust the quick swab test in the office it gives as many false negatives and it does positives.

  33. How much L-Lysine is recommended. I got this.

  34. I take 1000mg twice a day for my EBV

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