What can I do to help with the pain and bloating?


I am having a rough couple of days. I have been extremely stressed for the last couple of days, I am having to lay off employees at my work. Last night I started to get very uncomfortable, and today i am extremely bloated to the point of looking pregnant. I can barely bend over and eating is out of the question. What can I do to help with the pain and bloating? never had this happen before.

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  1. Maybe make an appointment with your gynecologist/MD to rule out possible causes like ovarian cysts. Hope you feel better!

  2. How has your diet been? You can try Gas-X and peppermint tea for bloat.

  3. I have found that cutting out gluten has reduced my bloating – it took me a long time to try it but feel so much better now.

  4. I do not eat gluten, corn, or caffeine

  5. Fennel or caraway seeds, in peppermint tea if you’d like.

  6. Can I ask why you skip out on corn? Rachel Lunsford

  7. Peppermint tea is very cheap at Walmart. I bring it to work too. I actually have to buy more.

  8. You better get your thyroid checked runs in the family

  9. Peppermint pills

  10. Stress is a big trigger for my system getting out of whack. Ive felt like crap for a year….my brother died, my mother died, my ex husband died, work challenges, and a bad break up all in 12 months. I found the only thing that helps is a lot of rest, taking walks outside and gentle yoga.

  11. Oh and prune juice, ginger and cinnamon help my tummy.

  12. Rachel, \n\nI would suggest adding some heavy probiotics to your routine for the next week or so! Probiotics are extremely helpful in reducing inflammation and providing energy. Sometimes even though we eat well our diets are not diverse enough to maintain the Flora in our gut. I find that probiotics help especially when I’m feeling bloated! Best of luck to you

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