What can I eat, would be grateful for ideas please


I have been advised that I am celiac so told not to have gluten or carbs. My only problem is that I don’t like diary. What can I eat, would be grateful for ideas please

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  1. Why no carbs?

  2. Why not carbs?

  3. They have the same effect as eating gluten based food. So Dr advised to keep away.

  4. No, they don’t.

  5. I’ve heard that about corn but not carbs?

  6. You need a new Dr

  7. Never heard of this. Maybe this is my problem too. Thanks for sharing your story. Sending prayers

  8. Your Dr seems clueless

  9. Are you diabetic as well?

  10. Gluten != Carbs. There are plenty of other carbohydrates from rice and corn to fancy stuff like millet and quinoa. And that’s just grains, you have tubers like potato and sweet potato, all of which are alternatives.\nYou are in the right place though. There are lots of options and good stuff you can still eat, and lots of threads on here about them. While common in our culture, gluten is not the end of the world.

  11. How did this Dr diagnosis you? Did you have an endoscopy? Or is he going on “clinical presentation “

  12. My doctor also said that carbs are not our friends. To keep them low. To spend them on non starchy veggies. They create a reaction for some people when they change to sugar in your body. Probably not for everyone but I’m in the same boat.

  13. No I am not diabetic and I am waiting for tests which is why need to keep of carbs until the results are in.

  14. Carbs are in fruit and some vegetables and in all grains (most which do not contain gluten) and of course sugars. A carb free diet will cause mental health problems and organ damage because the body requires carb for cell production and brain functions (it just doesn’t require the amount of carbs we like to eat lol)

  15. Paleo way of eating ! Has low carbs and no dairy it worked wonders for me before

  16. Thanks Erin I was beginning to think I had misheard.

  17. What is paleo way of eating

  18. Julie Durban, how were you diagnosised? I’m genuinely interested

  19. http://www.bbcgoodfood.com/howto/gu
    Unsure if we are allowed to share links Google xxx

  20. Were you diagnosed with celiac disease by a blood test and an endoscopy? Carbs does not equal gluten. If you go gluten free you can still have carbs. Carbs are in many food and is used for energy and for your brain to function properly. So I would suggest 1. You eat a well rounded diet of plain meats, fruits, veggies, sweet potatoes, eggs 2. Stay away from gluten only, don’t worry about staying away from carbs at this point 3. Get a new doctor.

  21. You can have carbs. What Dr told you that?

  22. Laura Thompson I was diagnosed via having blood tests, I am waiting for the endoscopy which I have in two weeks. Thanks Abigail Brown for the ideas.

  23. Ok when I eat carbs i have the same effect as eating gluten. So the Dr as told me to stay away from them.

  24. I’m not sure if I follow your question? Dairy has to do with carbs?

  25. You can have carbs. Clean carbs. I eat Fruits, veggies, white rice and brown rice pasta

  26. Daisy Nard I don’t touch diary I.e. yogurts. Cheese etc

  27. Carbs have nothing to do with Celiac, aside from the fact that most foods with gluten are also high in carbs. Are you sure you’re not diabetic, or pre-diabetic, as well?

  28. Nothing showed in the results and i was tested.

  29. Vegetables and fruit are carbs, just fyi.

  30. Yeah I know but I have to eat something

  31. Who advised you of this?

  32. I like veg and fruits. I am not going to stop eating them.

  33. If you can’t have gluten and you don’t like dairy, there’s nothing left to eat.

    I’m joking of course.
    But I seem to get from your question that there’s something key here that you don’t understand. Could you explain what dairy has to do with carbs or why you think you can’t have carbs and what it has to do with dairy?

  34. I don’t like diary and Drs told me to stay away from carbs.

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