What can one do about recurrent miscarriage?


I want to ask a very personal question that I am not sure where else to start looking for answers…what can one do about recurrent miscarriage?

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  1. There is a Hughes syndrome group on fb

  2. My husband was a B- and i am a A-. So the two netive blood types would have a rejection and a misscarrage for me (Doctor explained this) so he would give me a shot so i would not have it happen again

  3. I had a 'honeymoon baby' (after coming off birth control) and then went on to have 5 miscarriages – two ectopics – losing both tubes. During this time I visited a naturopath who advised me to have all my Mercury filling replaced with white fillings which I did. I altered my diet and went paleo. Eight years onward I tried IVF – first one didn't work. The clinic advised increased progesterone for first trimester if I became pregnant again – I then became pregnant with twins. Sadly I lost one baby very early on (my father was diagnosed with brain tumour and died 10 weeks later) but went on to have beautiful baby boy now aged 8. It was Mercury diet and progesterone for me. Best of luck Lauren Julia

  4. Do you have under active thyroid?

  5. See A fertility Specialist

  6. Have you had your genetics checked? The MTHFR gene mutations are notorious for causing recurrent miscarriages. Lots can be done to skirt this if you know what your looking for. Also I know of a lot of women who go AIP paleo, heal their gut and hormone issues and then have successful pregnancies.

  7. Autmn Spring

  8. i am Facebook friends with a chiropractor in wisconsin, she is the real deal, she has shown pics after pics of babies she helped the moms conceive when they were having troubles. She is an awesome person who i met while she was undergoing treatment at gerson clinic for cancer. I would definitely contact her. I believe she has had long distance success stories where she worked with the mom long distance. Let me know if you are interested in contacting her.

  9. Have full thyroid panel (FREE T3, FREE T4, RT3, TSH, Antibodies etc.) and also check symptoms of Polycycstic Ovarian Syndrome PCOS.

  10. Join Iodine group and research about deficiency which can be linked qith miscarriage

  11. I have not read down through the comments but I would look into mthfr gene mutations. Also food allergies and sensitivities. Gluten sorcifically

  12. have your hoocystiene levels checked; it's a simple blood test to reveal if your body is absorbing B12 properly; if not it's likely the MTHFR gene mutation. Try acupuncture and ask you MD for a functional medicine workup. Sad for you many losses. x3C3

  13. MTHFR Was the cause for our 10 miscarriages. Both hubby and I have it. Do NOT go on Folgard Rx as it is fake folic acid and will not help keep a pregnancy. Seekinghealth.com has the best pre-natal (MTHFR.net) along with L-methylfolate in his homocystex plus formula. Also, I lost babies on Lovenox but once I switched to nattokinase, I kept my babies. This thins the blood and prevents miscarriages. I also did progesterone suppositories the first 3 months. I have five living children now. Ask for MTHFR test by your RE. iNsurance covers it if you have had recurrent miscarriages.

  14. Yes! Taking charge of our healthcare!!!

  15. weak cervix?

  16. I think maca powder helped me.

  17. I tried everything everyone is saying, don't waste your time guessing, believe me, go to one of the two specialist I recommended if you want to do this, I wish to god I had known years ago and tens of thousands of dollars ago and still no baby, now no tubes, and now 45, again, you can get advice on pills but no pill is going to help you, first look into AIP then see one of those doctors, I truly wish you luck

  18. Read about red leaf raspberry tea infusions.

  19. A friend of mine had many miscarriages due to MTHFR. She then had to take blood thinner shots her whole pregnancy, but had a very uneventful pregnancy otherwise.

  20. Acupuncture. I have recommended it for many friends who now all have children.

  21. acupuncture helped me with infertility and I know others who its helped with miscarriages

  22. My doctor said acupuncture help her all 3 times

  23. MTHFR or low magnesium can be problematic. My daughter also had low progesterone so make sure that is checked.

  24. I am looking into MTHFR now. I have a lot of the symptoms mentioned in the info I'm reading. I'm trying to see about testing for it. I wouldn't be surprised if I have this.

  25. I still think I have a low functioning thyroid and maybe other sex hormones that are out of balance

  26. I have that too, i did Acupuncture, if you have immune issues, go to the best, they will test all this for you and they have an 80% pregnancy rate, even with women my age 44, yeah, they are that good, so they will tackle all the things you are hearing in this post

  27. Definitely acupuncture. I know we have someone in our area that focuses on fertility and hormones. She has wonderful success!

  28. yes I have know two women who had several miscarriages, then they found an acupunturist who specialized in women's health….. both have had two successful pregnancies

  29. Is there an issue supplementing lugols iodine with MTHFR gene ?

  30. Just FYI this group owner believes mineral imbalance underlies gene expression. Gene expression is dictated by enzymes and enzymes are controlled by our cells and cells are controlled by minerals.

  31. ^^^That's simplifying of course. Read more in the files about his stance on MTHFR and other genes that many focus on nowadays.

  32. Stress triggers genetic mutations to express. Minerals is just a part of the imbalances. Not ALL.

  33. Iodine deficiency causes miscarriage and infertility.

  34. MTHF mutation is caused by Mercury, it turns on the gene, I have a friend who did Cutlers chelation and the gene turned off and no longer has methylation issues

  35. MTHFR is a genetic mutation. It's not caused by Mercury. But it does cause you to not be able to detox where u retain the metals and cause poisoning

  36. No, Mercury causes the gene mostly in Europeans to turn on, it's the poisoning of us that does it and it can be turned off again, I've seen it done

  37. MJ Hampstead can I remove the capsule of magnesium and dissolve the powder in water and take it, is that okay to do

  38. I would check on thyroid issues. I was on the Hashimoto's 411 page and it was mentioned that it was a issue related to thyroid. I would ask about what tests to get and what the levels should be because a regular Dr doesn't know that information and the diagnosis can be difficult to make.

  39. Common with thyroid issues. Research, get optimal, check for MTHFR gene defect in mother to be also

  40. My niece had recurrent miscarriages and took progesterone to maintain. End result was twins with dual anencephaly which is very rare (dual). Obviously she isn't metabolizing her b vitamins. She needs very high folate which you think they would have done first. I'm suspect of mag def (obviously) and MTHFR. Its genetic, as well as environmental. I am grateful for you sharing this info incl acupuncture as an option. Any other suggestions? Duke Univ was going to study cords for genetic counseling but the OB disregarded the order for samples. Anyone with helpful info? I'm all ears. It was devastating and they hope to have more children, I am at a loss as to how someone can be so folate deficient and unable to metabolize. I've already told her to get away from processed foods. I wonder if its pesticide related, but I get lost at the genetic component. KISS

  41. Check thyroid

  42. Bioidentical progesterone.

  43. I would recommend the book Grain Brain!!!

  44. I was only able to have one baby and she is now almost 23. I had multiple miscarries and I have Hashimotos which at the time I had no idea AND I was living in Toxic mold..Dont know what cause all the miscarries..

  45. Long thread – not sure if I posted this yet – it's informative – a post on my blog – (disclaimer: some links to amazon to show you various things discussed in blog post) – has link to MTHFTHR info, etc, healthy pregnamcy- magnesium info! http://www.infantreflux.org/what-if-anything-can-i-do-to-try-and-prevent-having-another-gerdling/

  46. I have known several people with multiple miscarriages that used acupuncture by a practitioner specializing in women's health…. they all then carried babies successfully twice. 🙂

  47. After some research, I am looking into several things. One thing I find interesting is I have no gallbladder. Which would mean sluggish bile leading to potential issues with the liver and also hormonal imbalance, as I understand bile metabolizes hormones? Leading to possible estrogen dominance, which is an imbalance really, between progesterone and estrogen. So I could have estrogen dominance/low progesterone! Not to mention not digesting nutrients well. Its all connected. But I am following up with a functional doctor on Feb 3rd so we can figure it out

  48. My question is, can low progesterone be corrected after treatment? So if it is low progesterone I can balance it and not need to continue on with progesterone cream?

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