What causes an extremely sensitive sense of smell?


What causes an extremely sensitive sense of smell? We use to joke that he couldn’t smell anything and now everything makes him gag. He is also experiencing crazy meltdowns. He does have an issue with oxalates but not showing his typical symptoms.

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  1. Check out Mast Cell Disorders. That is the place I consistently see the toxin overload smell thing.

  2. Magnesium, b 6, bio available copper in particular I believe create healthy mast cells and a healthy histamine reaction……Morley has cited this in his books (Musings on Mag, there are three of them, check topic titles to get the exact one) and his YouTube videos as well.

  3. Is he pregnant?

  4. That is me, can't take an elevator, second hand smokers and synthetic fragrances, I carry a mask everywhere especially went I walk, gas fumes, dirt. Went to my annual physical and the assistant to the Dr who I just told about my sensitivities sprayed the exam room before trying to get me in there. I had to decline, went home with a pounding migraine, burning throat and eyes, sick for three weeks, well plus I had two vaccines. Heavy metal dump!

  5. I suffer from MCS- I used to smell everything! Nowadays, my sense of smell has degraded(or more normal..lol). When I used to get exposed to chemicals – extreme fatigue for days to a week.. Now it is only when I get exposed, then once I'm out of it – the symptoms abates within minutes.

  6. His issue is more just smells in general. Like chicken or flowers. He gags as he poops (sorry, tmi. He is 3yrs old if that makes it easier to read. Lol).

  7. I have known oxalates were an issue and starting to wonder if histamines are as well. I know he needs more mag.

  8. Zinc is the mineral of taste and smell, usually when children are finicky eaters that is one of the signs of a zinc deficiency, as zinc lines the entire gut and is needed to make stomach acid…

  9. I would like to know what causes this also. Some days I'm ok and other days it seems like my sense of smell is so heightened, and I gag on things I usually like the smell of. Although I have noticed days that smell is heightened I will eventually get a migraine.

  10. zinc is an amazing dynamic mineral in this mineral matrix and rises and falls daily as zinc responds to the stresses of life, especially how it mediates magnesium and K in the cell…

  11. Adrenal issues cause hyper sense of smell. And here's Morley's take on mast cells and Histamines:

    "This would be another key reference on Histamines & Histamine Intolerance:

    Please particular attention to Fig 1 which reveals that Histamine Intolerance is the GATEWAY to ALL Chronic Disease…

    What is ALSO relevant is:
    o Mg deficiency accelerates the production of Mast Cells. There ain't no "disorder…" It is a clinical sign of LOW Mg!
    o Ceruloplasmin is ESSENTIAL to regulate ALL Biogenic Amines, of which Histamines are one class (Vital Amines, aka, Vita-mins are in that SAME category…)
    o Histamines are whipped into a frenzy by Iron…
    o Histamine produce H2O2, which when it reacts with Iron — because the level of Catalase is SO LOW — enables the production of OH- (Hydroxyl Radical), among the MOST destructive chemicals of the body…

    A votre sante!"

    And another…

    "o Migraines are triggered by Histamine response…
    o Histamines are regulated by Cp (Ceruloplasmin)…
    o Histamines, made by Mast Cells, increase with Mg Def…
    o Cp is dysregulated by XS, Unbound Iron…
    o CoQ10, which has relationships w/ Copper & Mg, seems to play a key role in helping to alleviate Migraines…
    o Allopecia is a clinical sign of Iron-induced Oxidative Stress…

    Magnesium is the mineral of Motion…
    Iron is the mineral of Stagnation…
    (Calcium is the mineral of Cement… )

    Manage the minerals… manage the Migraines.

    Looking forward to our forthcoming exchange!

    A votre sante!"

  12. Could be multiple chemical sensitivity linked to poor phase 2 liver detoxification?

  13. Jamie Burciaga, props to you again for having your Morley quotes so organized by topic….unlike me.

  14. I have MCS & am learning so much.

  15. I had a change in taste and smell, very sensitive to smells and most were not pleasant, when i got a pancreatic virus with high diabetes numbers (now resolved). Mood swings are another symptom.

  16. Liver congestion

  17. Yes, zinc/copper ratio would be the first check…Zinc is so involved in sense of taste and smell.

  18. One sign of Lyme disease.

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