What causes restless leg syndrome?


What causes restless leg syndrome? Can this be a magnesium problem? Thanks!!

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  1. Yes it could be a magnesium deficiency. I had Restless Leg Syndrome and allergic reactions to drinks before I started using magnesium Lotion daily.

  2. I have this and was told it can be caused by low iron stores. I've never been willing to take iron supplements so I'm unsure if this has helped. I treat mine by taking a low dose anit-seizure medication and on my last sleep study I didn't have any episodes. However, I will say that my problem is a little more specific as I seldom have the daytime symptoms. Mine is called PLMS–periodic limb movements during sleep and my brain wakes up startling my body into movement. I would think that magnesium will help. It could be that is what has helped me as much as anything because it was about the time I was diagnosed back in 1999, that I also started taking mg. Hope it helps you, too!!

  3. Magnesium and it's cofactors boron and B6 definitely dissipate the symptoms if restless legs… Caffeine sets symptoms off in me along with bone joint and muscle pain

  4. Thank you 🙂 this is a new symptom for me so just trying to check out why? I will take this all in consideration. My legs feel weird and slightly weak ? Weird!!

  5. Teresa, I'd give mag a try! I'm having pins and needles off and on all day in my feet, upping my mag and adding spray.

  6. Yes I will I just started and have to be better with all the other information like cofactors !:)

  7. Bicarbonate is the third cofactor Hun

  8. All my cramps& spams have gone away as long ad I take a 1 hour soak 3x aweek w/ Epsom, borax, bakingbsoda & I add other goodies too- mint, lavender, Ginger

  9. Teresa Anne Reilly, I also think doing the magnesium baths would be really helpful for this. The recipe varies from place to place, but it's basically one cup of epsom salt, 1/2 cup baking soda and 1 tsp up to 1 tablespoon borax. Soak in this for anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour. Supposedly soaking one hour helps with higher absorption. It's extremely relaxing so be sure you are careful getting out of the bath as it can make one light headed. I use this as a foot bath more often as I have an ileostomy and taking baths is more difficult for me. I use a dish tub size with 1/2 – one cup epsom salts, 1/4 to l/2 cup baking soda and 1 tsp borax. I soak until my feet are very wrinkly and then cover my feet in heavy lotion and put on socks. Very relaxing and a good way to get magnesium if you have stomach issues. I have to be very careful not to take too much by mouth or it makes me dehydrated. If you look in the files on this site, there are MANY suggestions for ways to use mag topically and to rub on your legs. Mag lotion, magahol, mag with alovera, mag oil, etc. I haven't made them all, but the ones I've used have been very good! Just a little more info. All the best!

  10. Just the other day, I was listening to a professional conference presentation wherein it was said that restless leg syndrome is one of the many possible symptoms of EMF toxicity.

  11. What is EMF?

  12. Electromagnetic frequencies are emitted from cell phones, computers and televisions. WiFi gadgets, routers and even the towers are strong emitters of these frequencies. I've been learning about the dangers and am only now learning how to protect oneself and prevent exposure/damage.

  13. Noticed severe restless legs with my diabetic, sleep apnea husband, eased little bit with CPAP machine. Not sure about correlation

  14. I had rls years before having a cell phone…i dont believe it has anything to do with that sorry just my opinion. My doctor told me years ago it was due to my enemia…i've noticed when ever it gets real bad i get my iron checked and its always low.

  15. I suffer from RLS, but it definitely helps to up my magnesium. Sometimes I even have it in my arms!

  16. I get rls in my arms too Patricia Wheeler, it is awful. Going to try all the recommendations here, thank you everyone xx

  17. My husband has terrible RLS. I think all the above answers touch on things that can affect RLS but I can tell you that no one knows the cause. The things that cause it to manifest can be different or multi factorial depending on the person. Some people respond to increasing mag levels but others do not. Or perhaps it is because the ones who don't respond are not able to get the mag they supplement absorbed and into their cells. Others respond to getting iron ferritin up if it is low up but how you accomplish that is controversial. One thing that is known for sure is there is a connection with low dopamine in the brain. So regardless of how it happens because it may have a different root cause in different people I think it is ultimately a brain and neurotransmitter issue. But raising dopamine levels is not easy or straightforward. My husband hasn't had one yet but our next strategy is for him to do an HTMA because I think that may give a lot of info about what his root issue is.

  18. Low dopamine is interesting 🙂 what is that? What causes that? Interesting thank you:) I realize that it's a hard thing to figure out!!!:) lol

  19. I was told it was low dopamine too. Does anyone know why borax is banned in the UK?

  20. I used to be plagued with restless leg synd. I have not had it since the first week on the protocol. Gone forever I hope. No double it is a nutritional deficiency in my mind.

  21. My husband recently started supplementing NADH. Also known as coenzyme B3. It actually has shown more benefit than any supplement he has ever used. It is dopaminergic meaning it can increase dopamine in the brain. He started with a low dose of 5 mg but increased to 10 which seems to be beneficial. Not a cure just improvement. Now does that mean I think he has a deficiency of NADH? Not necessarily. What I think it does is stimulate the production of dopamine for him. Why he is low in dopamine I do not know and I think the cause can vary from person to person and also may have a genetic basis as well.

  22. And I take an Oz of tonic water at night for mine.

  23. Big Question. Short answer: genes, low iron, association with Parkinson's, inflammation. ****Go take this survey: http://www.medicine.ox.ac.uk/bandolier/booth/RLS/RLSratingscale.pdf

  24. It's also common in pregnancy. I've had it in both my pregnancies – disappears after.

  25. I had severe rls until I started eating more potassium rich foods. Most people don't get the recommended 4700mg of potassium each day.

  26. My father got RLS after going on a particular medication. I forget what it was, but RLS was a known side effect. Someone up above said it can be caused by EMFs. Something to consider is that both medications and EMFs can deplete magnesium.

  27. it can also be a potassium deficiency.

  28. I had a doctor tell me there is research being done on anemia being a cause for restless leg syndrome. My son's iron levels were extremely low, we tried the prescribed supplements to no avail. After throwing those in the trash, I started giving him Epsom salt baths 5 nights a week, he started sleeping much better, and six months later, his blood tests showed his iron levels were way up! No supplements or diet change as he is a picky eater (he's a meat lover). So, I'm convinced the root cause was a magnesium deficiency.

  29. Low iron can cause RLS

  30. It might, my late husbands kicking and leg shuffling was reduced but not stopped

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