What could cause a stomach to be bloated?


Does anyone know what could cause a stomach to be bloated?! I know this group is all about magnesium and such but I have seen other posts asking for advise on things.. I was constipated and thought it was bloated because of that.. But it didn’t help the bloating, my stomach is really hard too. I’m alitte worried and think I may need to go see my doc!! Any advice is greatly appreciated
U also should add that my memory is going , I’m only 46 but I keep forgeting things , I lost a whole day once!! My husband came home to to Visit for the weekend I remember everything but sunday the day I took him to the airport!!! I have no memory of that at all!! And I should also add my doc just put me on a new med . for pain , flexeral I think its called…..

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  1. Oh and I don't eat processed food anymore I went organic 2 years ago.. I don't smoke or drink…

  2. My stomach has looked like that before..felt very uncomfortable..but then subsided..Docs thought I was having gallbladder problems so I just drank fluids ..Water with lemon,,and soups/broths…after 2 months it went away. The wanted to remove my gallbladder too. I am glad I did not do it. I did have an ultrasound abdominal as well and it showed I had gallbladder polyps…but I did not have it removed….Stubborn. I was able to eat very little before I felt miserably bloated and I had nausea too..=/ This was last April a year ago.

  3. Thanks Barbara J Haught it has crossed my mind a lot but I don't want to hear thats what it
    might be as I tend to panic!!

  4. Regan Brooks follow this post.. It my favorite fb group

  5. me too.. I did not want any surgery and am glad I did not. Im not saying thats what you have…just what I had when I was very uncomfortable..

  6. Many different things. Ovarian cancer, food intolerance and/or allergy, parasites, all kinds of gut issues/illnesses, some medications, poor digestion, etc. It would be a good thing to research so you could make a determination for your own body.

  7. Oh and my balance is off too this all started after my doc perscribled fexreril

  8. No sleeping pills"!

  9. And its NOT cancer I refuse to believe that!!!!

  10. Erin Archer have you tried doing coffee,enemas? This would help you. It could be parasites. Also i would get your ovaries looked at. I had a benign tumor that caused me pain. Dont jump to conclusions but just rule out things. Most people are loaded with waste in their colon. Do a cleanse,first.

  11. Erin Archer my tummy gets like that if I haven't had a BM in a couple of days and keep eating anyway, I get miserable, bloated, tummy hard as a rock, have to take a laxative, Miralax and drink fluids for a day or so and then back to normal with a flat tummy, sounds like you need to do something like that and then do fluids and give your bowels a rest. If it doesn't settle down see your doctor. I am not sure coffee enemas are a good idea either. Just try to get your colon cleaned out like for a colonoscopy prep and then eat bland for a day or so until your tummy settles down and see if it goes back to normal.

  12. BTW, Erin, did you know a side effect of Flexeril can be bloating, gassiness, and constipation.

  13. Please look into enemas. They help get rid of waste and heal the colon. I am speaking from experience. Healed my colon and leaky gut. There is a site called bottoms up that talks all about them

  14. If you can't give up bread completely then start with swapping white/wheat bread with an ancient grain bread such as spelt.And before anyone jumps in.. yes spelt still has gluten but many who are gluten intolerant can eat this bread and it does not cause bloating.I have experienced much less bloating and weight loss since eliminating wheat.Of course eliminating sugar will also help immensely.

  15. I could never take flexeril! Was prescribed it years ago after a car accident and that stuff makes you like a rag doll! I do not like that feeling at all. Oh and that wasn't even the full 10 mg dose!

  16. Wow Barbara J Haught I did not know that but thanks for informing me!
    I quit taking it monday should I still have bloating now I wonder.. I'm googling it right now

  17. I'm not sure how long it would stay in your system Erin. I just saw it listed as a possible side effect and when I took it, it affected me horribly but it messed with my mind.

  18. My mind too Barbara J Haught! I think they dish that stuff out way too easily!

  19. I had a patient yesterday that was close to my age 58 years old and she was on THREE different anti-depressants and two anti-anxieties everyday! They were not AS NEEDED they were regularly scheduled! Of course she was on the pathetic generic Syncrap so hence the reason why she needed so many psych drugs. Believe me, I see insanity going on every time I go to work at the acute care, hospital level!!!! So over it!

  20. That's all docs want to do now is pump you full of meds, with no concern about how they interact with each other, a doctor had my son-in-law on a sleeping pill, a anti-anxiety med, a antidepressant, another anti-anxiety med, all at the same time, he was depressed over his mom's death, but he was a zombie. I surprised he didn't OD. Anyhow, I am going to try to get off all the meds they have me on except my heart meds which I know I need. I think the others are doing more harm than good.

  21. My sister had a bloated stomach and was constipated. She went to the Dr. and found out that her blood pressure was up. He prescribed a diuretic drug and her stomach and bowels were back to normal in 3 days….Her problem was accumulation of water. Sometimes it's a very simple thing.

  22. Parsley, dandelion and cornsilk are simple diuretics. No drugs needed.

  23. Ask to be tested for everything

  24. Maybe gluten or yeast?

  25. What do you all think, ok to try a liver cleanse, for relief. I wonder what a colonics person would say – a good one, a really good one. I mean, I know if you do the HTMA and blood work asked for by the consultant you choose, you will know which way to go. Definitely DO that!!!! Seriously. If you can.

    When I read Diet for a New America, by John Robbins, years and years ago, and had no idea that there was healthy raised meat to be found, I went organic and produce based, and wow did my body clean out years of sludge that made me soooooo very tired. When we were on a road trip and 'someone' always had red licorice along—I slept the whole time and could hardly wake to walk and see stuff–mesmerizingly dead!…and later, too much something in a conventional home made waffles to-die-for brunch my mother would make, with ugh cool whip, berries, sugar syrup and pork sausages – knock-out black-out naps, could not move, but could hear what was going on, but could not for the life of me open my eyes, could not help with dishes (course others thought I was lazy)…..but juiced fruits and mild veggies, like celery and cucumbers—holy buckets, in hind sight , was I clearing out years of stuck stuff!!!! And my energy went through the roof. Not saying anyone should try that, but it sure only made me better at the time. I recall the shock in myself, when I would think to tell someone to go fetch something or do something out of habit, and change my mind and go do it myself because I could!

    Now, you have been organic, so not sure this would help at all.

  26. Himalayan salt water — sole?

  27. Can't go thru all these posts to see if anyone mentioned SIBO. Candida overgrowth can be a culprit also.

  28. Shar Bjerke, I need to eat like that. I have a Vitamix and I tell myself all the time, today I'm gonna make a green drink, I even go to Whole Foods and the Health Food store and buy all the organic veggies and still don't do it. This morning I'm working (at the hospital LOL) and I don't want to drink one of those drinks and then feel sick in my stomach at work (it has happened) so I will stick with gluten free oatmeal and maybe some bacon. Ugh . . .

  29. i have found that undigested food does it for me. I take HCL plus enzymes with each meal. Problem gone… I was one of those people that woke up with a flat stomach but looked pregnant by the evening…

  30. http://www.medschat.com/Discuss/What-Is-Flexeral-217863.htm Muscle relaxant. Funny no one asked about pregnancy.

  31. Forgetfullness could be B12 deficiency.

  32. Great news!!! My stomach went down!! Apparently I was full of po* * lol wow I'm all cleaned out now!!! Thanks so much for all your help ,it was greatly appreciated 😉

  33. Shar Bjerke I have some himalayan salt how do i make sole?

  34. Great news Erin, now just eat a very bland diet for a few days and give yourself an intestinal rest so you won't bloat up again.

  35. The average person has 30 pounds of waste in their colon. Thats why enemas and colonics are good for you!

  36. Wow I had no idea!!!

  37. I drank mom and wow it cleaned me right out"!

  38. I'm sure enemas are fine but doctors have always told me not to do them, to use laxatives so I think you did the right thing with the MOM. Glad you feel better today. 🙂

  39. I'm thinking I should do it once a month to make sure this doesn't happen again!!

  40. It wouldn't hurt to do a monthly cleanse, especially if you are feeling yucky and bloated.

  41. And try to eat more veggies and fruits and less grains and sugar

  42. Laxatives are adictive! Enemas help heal colon with the coffee.

  43. Laxatives aren't addictive unless you take them every day. Most doctors say coffee is dangerous for the colon. At least the ones I have talked with. The colon doesn't need healing from simple constipation.

  44. Coffee enemas are for Healing the colon not just for constipation. constipation is a symptom to a problem. Chronic constipation need to find out the root of the problem. this could be even related to thyroid problems. Taking a natural laxative once awhile is OK. but I had seen people who constantly take them this is not good. research colonics and coffee enemas. once you do the enemas and get rid of all the waste that build up you don't have to do them all the time.

  45. I have chronic constipation, just had a completely normal colonoscopy, EGD and lab work, it comes from meds and diet and sluggish intestines, not always a medical problem. Usually it is just from the way we eat, not enough fiber. Usually the diet is the root of the problem in most cases. It's best to let a doctor figure out the more serious cases and let he/she decide on enemas.

  46. Barbara, try coconut oil

  47. Mine is cured now with Natural Calm magnesium. No laxatives.

  48. Thats what cured my and my daughter from cronic constipation
    Natural calm

  49. I used mom not a lax

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