What could cause me to be cold all the time?


What could cause me to be cold all the time? Unless it is 80 I’m cold. Also, rarely sweat unless doing something really strenuous. I’m very thin so thought maybe that could be part of it? And what could be the cause of a period twice in a month?

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  1. I know if I eat yeast I can't stay warm even summer time. I don't know if that helps any, but this is what I figured out for myself.

  2. Have you had your thyroid checked?

  3. Thyroid?

  4. there's a list of bloodwork in the files section.

  5. Yes, thyroid issues can contribute to feeling cold (not the period issue).

  6. Adrenal fatigue

  7. I have had a thyroid check and all types of blood work done

  8. Metabolism or circulation.

  9. Hormones, adrenals thyroid – gut health

  10. Gut heath I hear is a big one.

  11. I was just told my slow thyroid would contribute to being cold all the time.

  12. Anemia I am cold all the time and anemic I chew ice non stop. Going to get a iron fuison Thursday

  13. Definitely thyroid issue. Iodine protocol as taught by dr. David brownstein has helped fix both the cold and period issues.

  14. Does anyone know how they check the thyroid properly I was given a blood test and results were fine

  15. midcycle bleeding could be low estrogen, bleeding just before your period could be low progesterone, diabetes contributes to feeling cold all the time – ultimately major hormone imbalances (which means thyroid, adrenals, Vit D, which behaves like a hormone, ovaries, etc.)

  16. Glucose intolerance or insulin resistance causes that too. Thyroid definitely.

  17. Sweat comes from muscle mass so that's why huge muscly men are drenched in sweat from a similar workout and thin women don't sweat as much. So you are just expending different energy. Having low body fat or muscle mass definitely contributes to no sweat and being cold. I was 50 lbs less than I am now (and now I'm not overweight) and could run 10 miles and barely sweat and had reynauds (freezing) … It resolved with upping my fat intake majorly … Again my personal experience not medical advice ..

  18. Estrogen also stores in body fat so that can also play into this is you have lower fat stores

  19. I thought that muscle was thermogenic – most people I know who get cold easily don't have much muscle. Also one reason you rarely hear a man say "I'm cold…"

  20. B vitamin deficiency. B6 and B12 are the ones that I struggle with and being cold is the main symptom

  21. Low iron can be a cause of chills – if you're bleeding 2x/mo that might be a cause.

  22. can also be anemia or blood circulation issues

  23. Ok well I had my period plenty of times in a month and was cold cause of all the blood loss. I had fibroids and needed surgery. Blood transfusions and all, go to dr.

  24. Thank you everyone for the responses. Where would I get the labs done?

  25. Have your thyroid checked

  26. For the period thing see ur obgyn. He'd order whatever tests ud need in that respect

  27. I have the same problem! UGH. I was hoping it was just because I'm scrawny. I've got like no fat stores (full term nursing mom and naturally boney mom here). Hope there's nothing else going on with me. Not only am I never warm, but when I'm cold it's almost unbearable. It literally hurts me. I do sweat, though.

  28. Is your HR slow too with high diastolic BP. Thyroid is very likely also low salt and iodine. I had followed a low salt diet for ever it was just the way we lived. Dignosed hypertension meant I was told to cut back on salt. No one ever asked how much salt I used. Later hypothyroidism. Levothyroxine only goes so far. I never sweat and never did sweat very much in the past. However since adding a half teaspoon of sea salt via the adrenal cocktail and a drop of iodine I sweat like a normal person and feel warmer. Today someone commented that my hands were warm. That was a first for me.

  29. check your DNA for MTHFR gene defect also

  30. Jessica Miller try choline (vitamin B) . It works for me…my thyroid is fine…I believe it is my hypothalamus gland

  31. the hypothalamus is part of your brain

  32. Low thyroid and/or low adrenals

  33. SAME! Worried about thyroid issues personally. I have ZERO tolerance for cold and everyone gives me a hard time saying I "don't prepare for it well enough" when I can be wearing double the clothes of everyone else and be outside half the time. It's miserable

  34. low thyroid, poor adrenal function, low iron

  35. I have those same symptoms. My thyroid is in the normal range. I am slightly anemic, tho I've taken dessicated liver supps for a long time and have not gotten any warmer. I have recently been diagnosed with lyme disease. The constantly cold hands and feet seem to be a symptom. The period twice a month is obviously a hormonal imbalance. I corrected this by using progesterone cream per my docs instructions. apparently, a period only starts when the progesterone goes down, so keeping it elevated during certain times of the cycle is necessary. No doubt, estrogen dominance plays a role as well, but estrogen can be in the normal range and you can still be "dominate" if your progesterone is really low.

  36. Research symptoms of estrogen dominance aka estrogen imbalance. There's foods to stop eating such as dairy/conventional meat and foods contaminated with BPA, and foods to eat more of. Supporting your liver helps your body cleanse from excess estrogen. Flax seeds have different effects but when I grind them and add them to smoothies often throughout the month, it dramatically decreases PMS/cramps/heavy periods. So if you have that problem, that's something you could try. Also research the effects of lighting at night/how to get your period in sync because lighting and melatonin affect your hormones too. Estrogen restricts blood vessels and makes you feel cold and has a lot of other bad effects such as saggy and wrinkly skin, when it gets too high and doesn't get cleansed out of the blood by the liver. Apparently many effects of aging are from progesterone going down leaving estrogen dominance, according to Dr. Ray Peat.

  37. Have your thyroid checked Jessie.

  38. Underactive thyroid symptom.

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