What do i look for THC:CBD wise?


Just got a phone call… neighbor has aggressive bladder cancer. What do i look for THC:CBD wise? Im in tempe arizona and she’s getting her card ASAP. Any knowledge you have that can help please let me know.

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  1. You can pm me if you have questions. I've made it also for a friend fighting lung cancer

  2. So much more than C.O is needed

  3. You want a couch lock Indica with med to high CBDs. I also live in AZ. I make the cannibis oil for my son who has cancer. It is very easy to make. I make about a ounce at a time every couple weeks. Google " Make small batch video

  4. phx area message me. I have a friend that said he will help me get the good stuff once I get my card.

  5. Where can i buy cannabis oil,

  6. Alkalize your body through Foods.

  7. Go to cannabis success stories on fb

  8. It is important to get the ratio of THC:CBD correct. Each cancer is different.

  9. Smoking anytjing fyi damges your bladder

  10. RSO but it takes some time to build up your tolerance levels, at least I did because I don't use suppositories.

  11. I found this website very helpful when I was researching for a friend. http://phoenixtears.ca/natures-answer-for-cancer/

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