What do I say when I get the appointment?


I never go to the doctor. I have a doctor but I have never met her. It takes months to get an appointment. What do I say when I get the appointment? Do I just ask for the testing or should I print out papers about why I think I need my levels tested? Or do doctors normally test what you want? I also want to tested for MTHFR and the Celiac gene but for some reason I have this preconceived notions that I will meet resistance with doctors.

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  1. I have never had a Dr deny any blood test I have asked for..just be prepared to pay for it..because some insurance companies won't pay for these tests…

  2. gene testing can be expensive… you may need to justify it to them. I imagine if you told them relatives have semi serious condition related to MTHFR they might be more likely to test?? Perhaps you can mention concern for certain symptoms??

  3. Curious if cheaper to go thru Dr, or indépendantly, like 23and me and This group test ?im in canada

  4. For the MTHFR and Celiac I would like to get tested for my daughter. She sufferers from extreme gastrointestinal pain and diarrhea that I noticed it is worse when she had gluten. We are now gluten free but when she accidently gets it she is is pain. Her doctor ordered a stool sample months ago for us but it is impossible to get it from her! They will not test her blood until she is 4. She is severely lip and tongue tied and reacts poorly to vaccinations. If I have the genes I can know what to look for for her.

  5. Celiac testing is done with a biopsy

  6. and the biopsy isnt reliable…. ultimately, an elimination diet will awnser your question definitively

  7. skip the testing, do the elimination diet and adjust diet accordingly. end of story

  8. I agree…mine came back negative. ..but I don't believe it

  9. I mean, it is important to know if its celiac… but if you cant get the testing

  10. these doctors have their heads up their asses with this particular disease

  11. naturopaths are good for weird conditions and endocrine type disorders…

  12. allopaths want to cut or treat symptoms with pharmaceuticals

  13. whatever makes the cash and satisfies insurance companies

  14. It is extremely frustrating. Her doctor keeps telling me it is normal childhood stomach pain. That the pain is real but there is no cause. But after 2 months straight of diareah and crippling pain where she her back is arched or in a ball. Even while playing, even whimpering in her sleep. It is NOT normal. We eliminated lactose and gluten both we noticed she gets stomach pain with just a little bit.

  15. I want to know if it is celiac because that is a hard disease to just live like you have it if you don't

  16. Check out the GAPS diet.

  17. For magnesium I would like my levels tested to start using it to treat my depression and anxiety. It is getting out of control and I am so close to getting prescription medication but I wanted to try another approach first.

  18. You just have to demand they do the tests you want done, no excuses. If they don't then move on.

  19. If you want to know about MTHFR, just do 23andme. It's $99

  20. Do a search here in this group using hashtag #MTHFR

  21. If your MD is resistant can you add a naturopathic or holistic/functional MD? They can do all the testing as well.

  22. I know how difficult it is….especially when they won't take your insurance–Medicare!!

  23. some of us patients have had ALOT of experience dealing with different docs…. No idear if this doc will test what you want- you can ask others (creating a separate post) for good docs in your area or ask at your local compounding pharmacy for alternative docs..If you are asking these questions this tells me you need to review the questions to ask a doc before you even make an appointment… I cannot tell you how many thousands of dollars i've wasted seeings docs

  24. Destiny – I'm on Medi Cal also, and Quest did my MTHFR and it was covered. You might tell your dr that a parent tested positive for some mutations and that you need to find out if you carry the same.

  25. Have you tried cutting out gluten and dairy?

  26. I didnt read thru the comments but know you can be gluten intolerant and not Celiac

  27. Destiny Elmo Why do you want to be tested for MTHFR and Coeliac, what are your symptoms? Look at the symptoms for Iron/mineral dysregulation and take a list to your doctor asking for the full mineral status to be checked…….http://gotmag.org/work-with-us/

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