What do yall eat when moving?


Ok.. so I’m in the process of moving. We’re leaving Hawaii on Friday and will be on an 8 hr flight to Illinois. So I have a few questions..

What do yall eat when moving?
Do any of yall live in Illinois? I’d like to know where I can eat..
How do I eat on the flight? It’s United if that matters.

I sent a few things(like 3 items) to the place well be staying.. but Imma need more lol

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  1. Where in IL?

  2. I live in Chicago. I just got back from vacation in Hawaii and I didn’t dare eat anything new for the plane ride.That would be awful being sick and laying on the floor on plane.

  3. united usually has a gf snack box for that length of flight but you have to purchase it

  4. i was on a similar long flight. brought crackers, cheese, hummus, almonds and dried cranberries. United did not have any gf snack boxes left.

  5. Eat before you get on the plane.

  6. I call the airline and ask them if they can accommodate a gluten free meal, I also always pack some nutrition bars.

  7. What part of Illinois? I’m in NW corner.

  8. I’d have a whole meal packed-hard boiled egg, Jerky, salami, cheese, crackers, hummus, veggies and fruit.

  9. Call and ask for a meal.

  10. Pack a lunch and lots if snacks. Peanut butter in individual packets, hb eggs in small plastic containers, sandwich on GF bread or roll, pickles, gf crackers, cheese, fruit. Just make sure you pack enough.

  11. Since your flight is PM to AM, you’ll probably be okay with just some snacks. I’d avoid anything perishable or that needs to stay cold. Kind bars, trail mix, squeeze applesauce, beef jerky, fruit, crackers or the veggie chips that come in a can. Things that are light and easy to carry will be best.

  12. Have you ever lived in Illinois? Welcome! I have been to Hawaii and loved it! Pretty cold here. I live about an hour from you along the Mississippi in area called the Quad Cities. Only 3 weeks gf so can’t fill you in on any info.

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