What do you all think about Mercury fillings?


What do you all think about Mercury fillings? My dr has mentioned that after I’m done having children I may want to consider having them removed by a special kind of dentist. I have 2 very small Mercury fillings and I’m not sure how long they’ve been there. I’m 28, so probably at least 10 years. I’m thinking the Mercury may be a culprit in my Hashimotos. Has anyone had them removed? Or would this do more harm because I would then need to chelate the Mercury. Are 2 fillings enough to cause issues? I suppose they probably are but just wondering what your all’s take is on removing Mercury fillings? I’ve heard stories on some people getting better, and some worse.

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  1. The mercury is continuously leaching the heavy metal so I'd have them removed and if you have insurance, it may pay to have them replaced since they are so old. You do want a dentist trained in the removal so that the metal isn't made worse by normal removal means. I had 6 of them, all replaced in the last couple of years. I'm finally healing my leaky gut, my thyroid and my adrenals and my iron levels are where they need to be

  2. Was the most significant improvement for my health. Agree, wholeheartedly, with Linda.

  3. Question: odd that it would be stated: "after" you are done having children….wouldn't it be okay prior?

  4. Why would the Dr want you to wait until you are done having children?

  5. Danielle I don't believe the white composites are dangerous. Only the silver Mercury ones

  6. Has anyone who has had them removed , chelated the Mercury afterwards with supplements?

  7. I have also had them removed and am very glad I did. But I made sure to go to a holistic dentist who takes all the necessary precautions.

  8. Join the Andy Cutler think tank FB group. Mercury removal and chelation is a rollercoaster. Good, bad, then ending in good. But everyone is so different, start with supplements that make you feel good, read until you are comfortable and ready.

  9. I would only have them removed by a biological dentist and then follow the Andy Cutler chelation protocol. Do not use cilantro or chlorella. The group "Andy Cutler Chelation Think Tank" is incredibly helpful!

  10. I'm going through the same thing im going to take off my Mercury filling but is it a must to chelate

  11. Erin Smith why not cilantro?

  12. Well this is disturbing, I just had two huge mercury fillings removed out of my molars last year and I don't believe that he took any "precautions". I still have six and they are all in my molars!

  13. All my molars were amalgam filled by the time I was 20. I've survived 43 more year, so far. 4 root canals added along the way and 4 crowns. 3 of the molars have been pulled. I'll give another report in 10 years.

  14. I've had most of my mercury fillings removed and replaced over the years by my regular dentist before I even knew there was such a thing as 'proper removal' or biologic dentists. It is what it is now – can't turn back time. I believe I still have one or two little ones remaining…

  15. I have a bunch and for the correct dentist ( they say the dentist has to be very careful go to iaomt.org) to do this is very expensive.

  16. I asked my dentist last visit about the dangers of my amalgam fillings. He said, 'you have had a mouthful for more than 40 years and you are still here and in apparently good health. What do you conclude from that?'

  17. Leaving mine alone. I never had cavities and was told I did by a greedy dentist. She also lied and said her brand didn't use mercury. However, if you ask me, opening up sound teeth is just asking for trouble. Do an HTMA first at least. I haven't BUT I'm still leaving mine alone unless there is another reason to replace one.

  18. You can get it done safely with a regular dentist who is willing to follow a few precautions. I made my dentist use a rubber dam and give me my own source of oxygen to breathe. I also wore swim goggles to protect my eyes (and looked ridiculous). It cost me about $220 per tooth. No matter where you go there will be some exposure. You're lucky they are small – I had two that were really large and one of those died and I had the tooth pulled. I think the other large one is dying so may have to pull it too. Neither of these teeth were a problem before. I can see why dentists want to keep using mercury, but I really am mercury toxic and had to do it. I had 8 replaced.

  19. Unless you end up with a cracked tooth, etc. Even my N.D. said opening them up is just asking for trouble.

  20. I have two that I plan on getting removed whenever I'm done breastfeeding. You don't have to be finished with kids completely but you shouldn't be pregnant or breastfeeding.

  21. I had all my mercury removed, do you know that each time you chew down on food or gum a puff of the vapor from the mercury filling is injested into your system. Please watch this video and make your own choice. The people being interviewed, the 3rd one is my dentist, he is on there twice, the part where he says he felt like his body was dying. He had gotten mercury posioning from removing mercury from his patients and didn't realize what was wrong with him. He was very, very toxic and sick and dying, none of the physicians could figure out what was wrong with him, until his Naturopathic Practitioner (also in his office) pinpointed it was mercury posioning. From there he started treatment to detox and heal his body. He is now a holistic dentist and every treatment is up to date with latest findings oh how best to treat his patients. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vsT5xSBa4Jc&feature=player_embedded


    To those who have had them replaced: how long are the composites lasting? I was told 5 to 6 years. One of mine has a crack in it after 5 years and I'm told once they start repair, if too much tooth is gone it will need a crown to the tune of $2000. I'm almost sorry I did it, 5 were done. So now I'm looking at repair work and possible crowns. I was having no health problems other than wanting a bit more energy but even that was okay. I did it on a high level of prevention. I researched it intensely before doing it and NO WHERE was it mentioned that they last only 6 years, grrr.

  22. I see folks in other groups this week talking about how sick they are after too, even when done properly.

  23. I would rather replace ceramic than continue having that poison in me. It was exceedingly detrimental to my health. Replacement did greatly help me

  24. I was going to leave mine alone but they are all over 20 years old and cracking/leaking. Use your own judgement when making the decision.

  25. Does anyone know of a dentist that does this in Springfield, Mo?

  26. I'm in a group on Facebook called Mercury Detox Support Group. They have a lot of good info on there. You should join.

  27. Can I ask. If you need two teeth pulled that have mercury fillings. Do you still need to have special dentist pull them?

  28. I would. Or have your dentist take precautions. Those fillings aren't something to mess with.

  29. Yes, definitely consider it — but not just any dentist. Find a mercury-free dentist. There was a Holistic Oral Health Summit last month that featured great speakers/doctors that are healing people. http://holisticoralhealthsummit.com/

  30. Symba Corns mercyry fillings topic

  31. The best way to know whether the mercury fillings are harming you, do the Melisa Test.

  32. Oh my I have 14 left that have been in my mouth for 35 yrs. I have a few pulled over the years and one recently that had to be cut into pieces to be pulled but the dentist didn't do anything special. What's the best test to get to test for Mercury?

  33. Debra Furr go to http://www.melisa.org there you will find everything you need/want to know about the allergy blood test.

  34. I asked about it a few years ago and was told to leave them alone. The reason being if some happens to get away

  35. The truth is that no amount of mercury is safe. Some people are more sensitive to it and have health problems that show, but even if you don't seem to have any issues, the mercury is still being stashed away in your organs, including your brain (mercury loves fat and the brain is made of fat). Mercury is what weakens everything else, it suppresses the immune system, which makes you unable to fight off normal everyday toxins like mold, Lyme disease, and other metals. Mercury settles in the kidneys and liver, making your regular detox pathways compromised. When you chelate the mercury, your body will be able to get rid of other metals, like aluminum (alzheimer's…). It is toxic to every part of the body, and the body is constantly looking for places to store it that will do the least amount of damage, like in the fat cells. People who are obese are likely very toxic, it's one way the body protects itself from the damage of mercury and other toxins. The body also makes more yeasts like candida to absorb mercury to protect itself. A leaky gut will never heal if mercury is an issue. It is very common to be mercury toxic – it's in vaccines, amalgams, eye make-up, high fructose corn syrup, in the air and food. It is stored in the thyroid, causing people to have thyroid diseases. It is stored in the joints of the body, causing arthritis. Doctors will tell you that you body is attacking it's own joints and thyroid, but why would it do that? It's really attacking the toxins that are being stored there. Receding gum lines and hairlines can be caused by mercury because that's a place the body stores mercury and then tries to attack it. All these autoimmune problems we're seeing have a lot to do with mercury and aluminum. And I won't even mention autism. Yes I will, moms who are toxic pass their toxic load to their babies, who then add to it with vaccines and other exposures. Mercury is a huge problem, take it seriously. If you get worse after amalgam removal, it's a good chance that it's because your body is rebalancing itself- even with safe removal. There is a constant vapor coming off of amalgams and it creates a pressure in the body, where it is constantly absorbing and storing the mercury. When they are removed all of a sudden your body can release some of the stored mercury from your organs into your blood stream, and this causes mercury redistribution symptoms. It's usually temporary. Then there's another dump phase between 6- 9 months post removal. Most people feel better at the one year mark, although the half-life of mercury is 18- 25 years, not including the mercury stored in the brain, which cannot be removed without proper chelation. Sorry about the book report!

  36. I do have a lot of health problems. I have severe osteoporosis and arthritis and vascular disease and lymphedema. Starting to have memory problems. I just turned 50 but the filings have been in for 35 yrs are they still leaching Mercury?

  37. I just joined another group lots of info on mercury fillings. They can send you list of doctors who are trained in removal. Also root canals are suspect for medical issues too. Check out Nico , Jawbonr infection, root canals, implants, cavitation

  38. Which is better for testing for heavy metals, hair test or blood test.? I need to have one as soon as possible.

  39. Get them removed, but make sure that you go to a biological dentist that is using as many precautions as possible. You can find these dentists by going to IAOMT website. Interview them first and find out what their method is for removing them. If you want further info you can message me directly.

  40. The group is Nico , jawbone infection, root canals , implants, cavitation

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