What do you do about taking communion?


Any Christians in here? What do you do about taking communion? I’d hate to never be able to partake again.

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  1. Yes I am I only take the wine or just get a blessing

  2. I either don’t take the wafer or bring my own. We have a lot of gluten free members so our pastors understand.

  3. Our church decided to go gfree with the crackers. Talk to your pastor…. they might be able to do some gfree if not all.
    When i was first diagnosed i didn’t partake. After married my husband took for me. Now we have gfree

  4. They have gluten free wafers, I plan to buy some for when I do home communion. You can take communion at home personally or with yoyr Church fellowship collectively. You speak with your pastor that many allergic to gluten.

  5. Our church has separate communion lines for gluten and GF.

  6. I have been to some churches that have a gf option. Have their own line and all. I think it’s fantastic.

  7. Lutheran here and my church has gf wafers

  8. Our church has a gluten free wafers for us to have and it’s separate from all the other options. You should talk to your church

  9. We order ours from the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration

  10. Precious blood

  11. I agree with Kimberly Matias Neenan God understands. I think you can also bring your own if you want to completely participate

  12. I am sure God understands.

  13. God made us fearfully and wonderfully and he understands

  14. I’m very lucky that my Episcopal church has gluten free wafers, wine separate from everyone else’s, and to avoid cross contamination they have me get the wafer myself. Could you talk to your church and see if they offer this or if it’s something they could consider?

  15. My priest has a separate chalice for me and he gives me mine first so as not to be contaminated by the other host. We talked about the best way to handle it. I go to him right before Mass so he knows I am there and I sit in the same pew.

  16. Our church has a separate GF plate and knows all the protocols.

  17. Our church supply gluten free bread wrapped in cling film for the coeliacs xx

  18. Our Lutheran church has gluten free waffles and the people who prepare it have to wear gloves and put the wafers in a little paper holder and only Celiacs are allowed to touch them during communion. We are several Celiacs in our congregation. Our Pastor takes it very seriously and told me it ever I get a reaction to let him know immediately so they can “shore up” our system and make it safer!

  19. I bring my own and have it blessed.

  20. If any Catholics here have a question about receiving communion, there is a group called Catholics with Celiac Disease that you can join.

  21. We have gluten free wafers avail at our church

  22. My church, Catholic, cannot offer GF hosts per Vatican ruling. I just go up for a blessing.

  23. Our church has all gluten free tokens. Unfortunately, they are rice based, and I am allergic to rice. So, I pretend. 😉 God understands.

  24. I’m the pastor’s wife at our church. We have GF wafers that I packed in small plastic bags. The ushers know the regulars that need one and there’s a note in the bulletin to tell visitors they are available.

  25. God understands, it’s your heart that matters, before taking any communion. Pastors need to be educated about glutenfree wafers, allergies can be very serious. Thanks for info!

  26. Disciples of Christ are serving communion inclusive of Celiac disease

  27. Get a gluten free cracker and ask it to be blessed with the bread.

  28. My sister’s church provided GF communion wafers when they found out she was celiac

  29. They have gf wafers. I can’t remember who makes them, but you can order them.

  30. In the Catholic Church the new ruling is irresponsible. When I asked the priest about it he said receiving wine was still considered receiving communion. But what about all the people before you that received wheat wafers and then drank wine? Cross contamination is still an issue. I am sure there is no God in any religion that wants people with gluten problems to be ostracized and/or excluded. It seems to be the antithesis of Christianity. I am sure the Divine does not want me to get sick due to the ignorance of some men. I don’t take communion or wine. I am thinking it’s time to move on to another church community that is more enlightened. It’s my personal belief, God/ Goddess doesn’t care where you worship. Your spirituality shines in the things you do to make the lives of others better. I don’t think you have to sit in a church to be spiritual and blessed. Again, we all must make our own decisions on what is right for us. It’s not my job to tell anyone else what to do.


  32. My priest has gluten free wafers at every mass. He keeps them on the altar and when I approach he goes to get one. so nice.

  33. My church provides both. But if they didn’t I would just bring my own.

  34. I’m blessed to have a church supply us with gluten free wafers. There are several of us that are celiac

  35. A minor point, but in the Catholic Church there is no such thing as a gluten free communion host. There must be a small amount of wheat according to church law. We use low gluten hosts at our parish which are kept separate from the regular hosts. I take a regular host and have not had any issues. They should be able to give you an unconsecrated host to try to judge your tolerance.

  36. I was told by the priest that the host must be unleavened bread and they would not make an exception. However, for a while I did go to a smaller mass during the week and he explained to those there that I needed to take a sip before everyone else and that worked for a while.

  37. You might buy your own gluten free wafers if your church doesn’t provide them. Mine has a little tupperware container for GF people.

  38. My church does a special plate

  39. I cross my hands over my chest and discreetly ask the minister for a blessing.

  40. Well I mentioned it to my church council. But there was so much going on at the time that I don’t think the request was actually heard. So I just take the bread but I don’t eat it and I give it to one of my kids who will eat it.

  41. We have a gluten free option for communion. Talk to the worship committee or your minister/priest and let them know of your need.

  42. We purchased gluten free wafers & a pic on Amazon. Every week my son brings the pic up to the altar before mass begins. The priest gives him the pic just as he would any other communion wafer. The priest doesn’t open the pic or even touch the wafer so his hands don’t contaminate it

  43. its simple.. bring your own uh…rice Crackers ??

  44. I’ve struggled with this since becoming Catholic a few years ago. I’ve tried a few ways of partaking that mostly feel as though they take away from the moment. The option my church offers is for GF people to come up for the host before the rest of the congregation then partake of the wine with their family. I don’t care for this. My former priest and former deacon suggested they had parishioners who consume a small piece of the host when it is handed to them, partake of the wine as they normally would, then hand off the leftover host when they’ve returned to their seat. As long as it’s consumed during mass this follows our beliefs. This works as long as I’m with my family…not when I’m by myself. If you’re at a small church where eucharistic ministers all know you, you could have them break off a small piece and give it to you as well.

  45. Yes we BYOC or you can order some from @theglutengrainfreegourmet

  46. At the current church I go to they don’t have a gf option but at my old church they did. I would talk to your pastor.

  47. My church has a gluten free plate we ask at the alter

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