What do you feel if you eat food with gluten?


Question to those with Hashimoto and hypothyroidism. Not Celiac.
Are you on gluten free diet?
What do you feel if you eat food with gluten?
My endo says that there is no need to go on gluten free diet.
I’m not sure.
Please let me know

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  1. Not gluten free but I consider myself gluten lite. When I eat gluten products, I look for organic (so they are non-GMO). I gave up eating crap, I am feeling pretty good. If I eat healthy products that contain gluten I don’t feel any different. I also have IBS.

  2. I healed my guts and stopped the arthritis that was developing on my knuckles. My antibodies haven’t changed though.

  3. Not gluten free. Eat a well balanced diet. Works for me. My doctor says there is no reason to be gf.

  4. Yes to GF! NO to your Endo!

  5. Gluten is a big no-no for all especially us with hashis

  6. I just developed an autoimmune allergy to propylene glycol. I’ve cut it out of my life (cuz it’s literally in everything) and gone to minimally processed organic foods because of it. I have to say, I feel A LOT better! My symptoms are not gone but there is a marked improvement! And I’ve lost 20 lbs

  7. Weight gain, bumps on arms, and severe constipation

  8. Question – how many people that have gone gf have eczema?

  9. I tried gluten free for a while and now am eating it again. I’ve noticed no changes weather or not I eat gluten.

  10. I know a lot of people here won’t agree with this, but unless you have celiac disease there is no reason to go gluten free. Its just the new fad thing and it has a placebo affect because people expect it to make them feel different. I tried it while I was waiting to find out if I had celiac, I do not and as touch it made no difference. Just eat a normal healthy well-balanced diet. Unless you have a verified allergy for something there is no reason to cut it out.

  11. My endo said the same thing. I tried going GF and it is the best thing I could have done. I had a relapse when I accidentally ate some gluten in lobster bisque and salt water taffy. So I started all over. Now it’s been 7 weeks and it is getting so much better!! I can’t imagine going back to gluten again.

  12. I would suggest you give it a try for 30 days and see how you feel. Everyone is different!!! Don’t let anyone tell you how to eat, including your doctor. Do your own research, try new things for a few weeks at a time, and find what works best for you!!
    Gluten-free and soy-free does make me feel a lot better and takes away 80% of my Hash symptoms. However, I don’t eat gluten-free junk food either. I stay away from most processed foods and that has worked for me
    Good luck!

  13. I was gluten,soy free for 7 months. No change in labs. I’ve got back to my \

  14. No celiac. Went gluten free a month before I was diagnosed Hashi. Antibodies were sky high and doc confirmed going gluten free would help with reducing inflammation. Three months later, down 10 lbs and felt much better. Got gluttened – became violently ill with intense pain and horrid vomiting. Inflammation and normal hashi symptoms for weeks. Got tested for allergies. Allergic to coconut and sesame. Cut those out plus soy, which seemed to make me sick, even the GF ones. Re-tested at 6 month mark. Antibodies are half of what they were. Down 20 pounds total. Feel tons better. Doc has recommended no dairy and very limited processed sugar. Based on my feedback and food journal, also recommended limited to no tomatoes. Also recommended molecular hydrogen. Thinks that may get my antibodies down the rest of the way. Said to do AIP if I could handle it with my life at this point. \nFor the record, every single time I come into contact with ingested gluten the consequences have gotten worse. Violently ill. No other way to describe. Pain unlike anything else. Honestly, reminds me of when I delivered my daughter. Intense pain. Typical lasting time: so far seems to be tied to amount of gluten ingested.

  15. I really believe the biggest benefit from going gf is from eliminating processed foods and junky ingredients. It kind of happens by default. I know people are gonna hate me for this, but I think that is where the benefit comes from most time not eliminating gluten. Have people tried \

  16. I am not gluten free, I read the root cause and made other changes like balanced diet and supplements, my life has changed tremendously.

  17. You lose nothing by given GF a shot. I respectully don’t agree, Leah Owens. But assuming you’re right and it has a placebo effect, isn’t that still a good thing? We all just want to feel good. That’s my thought.

  18. I have Hashi and I’m not gluten free. I will say this though, I used to have a really physically demanding job now I’m still on my feet for 8 hours, the Fitbit says I do 20,000 steps a day but I’m not longer lifting heavy things (20-30 pounds) all day every day. Looking back…. I felt better then. Exhausted, but better. I’m recently back in the gym and while I’m tired and cranky, achy and sore. I know it will help in the long run.

  19. All you can do is try it and see if it makes a difference, you will get many different answers. \nI did it for 6 months and didn’t notice a difference in how I felt, and my antibodies went up so I stopped bothering with it. \nI have felt my best going Vegan, some feel better Paleo. My numbers were spot on at my appointment this week, something I’d never been able to achieve. \nIt took 6 years for me to find what works. Just keep trying different things and see how you feel.

  20. Do a search on this page and you’ll find many conversations on this topic. I agree there’s likely a placebo affect with a lot of people, and no, I don’t think that’s still a good thing.

  21. I feel the success of going gluten free is due to more than just avoiding gluten. Since majority of gluten containing foods are fried, fast food, and processed junk, avoiding that is a big part of what helps – not specifically the lack of gluten but the lack of junk.

  22. I went gluten free after my food diary identified specific foods as triggers for “bowel upset.” I have far fewer problems now without those foods in my diet. I literally “eat for sh*t”

  23. I did not test positive for celiac, however once I cut out wheat, it became obvious I am, and my doctor recommended I keep it out of my diet. Nothing to lose by doing an elimination diet while keeping a food/symptom journal. It’s invaluable information for your life. Everyone should do it, IMO.

  24. I have been gluten free for 6 years. Before going gluten free I was miserable. It brought my antibodies down from 1486 to 287 in a matter of months. I feel like an elimination diet is helpful to determine what foods don’t agree with our bodies. Everyone is different. I went AIP for a few months then introduced one food at a time back into my diet and was able to see what I could and could not eat. I think giving it a try would be the best way to see if any of your symptoms improve.

  25. I have been gluten free since diagnosed back in May 2016- at first I didn’t feel any difference but after 2 months my brain fog decreased I started to lose some weight (1/2 lb then 1 lb). I felt lots of more energy and in a better mood. I checked my antibodies in July and they had reduced by35%. I can’t say it was due to GF but a combination of lifestyle changes. I checked again my antibodies and they went down another 30% by September. Now If I eat gluten my thyroid burns- I have problems swallowing and I get constipated- brain fog returns and I feel depressed low energy for days. GF made my GI problems go away.
    Also consider that to feel the difference going GF it depends on your body I was ready to give up on the first month but continued to the second and saw the differences- it doesn’t hurt to try and make your own decisions remember what works for some doesn’t work for all.

  26. I feel much better gluten free! No brain fog, no joint pain and no leakage.!

  27. Gluten makes me achy, puffy, and stomach gets all kinds of messed up. Gf has changed my life! There are so many recipes out its rather easy to make the important switch.

  28. I’m not gluten free and have no plans to be. I don’t have any issues when I eat it. I don’t restrict anything from my diet. I eat a healthy, well balanced diet.
    My mom, grandmother and daughter all have this and are the same as me 🙂

  29. Before i was diagnosed with celiac, no. If i didn’t have celiac, i wouldn’t be.

  30. For some that may not be your root cause. My cause is peppers a day tomatoes I feel like the walk8ng dead when I eat thoughs foods. Gluten makes me tired other then that no being change. Dairy is a huge one too that causes problems

  31. I only went gluten free within the past month. I wanted to see if there would be a difference. There was. Two weeks into being gluten free I ate it by mistake. The rash on my face came back in full force and I was hit with even more fatigue. The other thing I found out is I also have a sensitivity to soy. I ate something with soy sauce and I really relapsed.

  32. I hope you guys know, quite a few meds, including thyroid ones, depending on manufacturer, have gluten too 😉

  33. I have hashi’s (I was diagnosed maybe 20 years ago) and I have no problems eating gluten. I was brought up eating Italian food and pasta, so that also may play a role in it. (The main reactions I have to food are from a bad kidney. For example, I can eat grapes and cheese separately but not together of bad kidney acts up.)
    The last time I had my antibodies checked they were roughly 30)

  34. Go to an internest an have a gluten test done, then your mind will be put at ease. I have hashimoto’s, polliangillis

  35. I improved immensely. No more arthritis, no more sinus issues, no more achy, inflamed muscles. I noticed the change after 3 weeks. If I make a mistake now I get bad gut problems which last three days. I am not Celiac. Would not dream of eating it now.

  36. Most people with hashimotos should at least try going gluten free. For me, it did nothing, but for my mom and sister it’s been very beneficial.

  37. I felt a little more energetic and lost 30lbs when i went paleo. But with an active lifestyle and young family I found it difficult to maintain that diet.

  38. Yes. Extreme abdominal pain and bloating along with joint pain if I eat gluten

  39. Gluten free helped me. When I eat it, it causes bloating, belly hurts for the day ..ugh, not worth it

  40. I get bloated every once and awhile depending on how much gluten I eat. But I’m all honesty, I haven’t gone gluten free because it doesn’t cripple me

  41. No harm in giving it a try, but it’s not easy to eat on a budget of your used to processed & prepackaged food. Good luck to you!!

  42. Changed my life when I switched.

  43. GF, definite improvement. Google and read about how your body mistakes gluten for thyroid tissue and attacks it.

  44. i am not gluten intolerant apparently, but since removing gluten my fat bulge under my breasts disappeared within two weeks and my skin sensitivity to lace and tags also disappeared. I was constantly scratching and pulling at my clothes because it felt like they were cutting me. I found it also helped with brain fog. I find now when I do have gluten my stomach swells straight away. It’s not that hard to remove gluten from your diet to see if you are sensitive to it.

  45. Gluten free and feeling wonderful

  46. I feel like I was hit by a Mac truck. It’s like a hangover you can’t get over.

  47. It’s different for everyone. Try it and see.

  48. When I eat gluten my stomach bloats up like I’m pregnant. I hurt in all my joints. I feel SLUGGISH and BRAIN FOG. In other words I feel like crap until it’s out of my system.

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