What does everyone do for (gluten free) alcohol?


I’m new to the diet and healing part of the disease as my dr said to eat however I want it won’t help. What does everyone do for (gluten free) alcohol? Have a few events this weekend. Do you completely abstain or?

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  1. Jack Daniels, Tito’s Vodka, Wine

  2. If you get the IPIIT Food Ambassador app (it’s free) you can scan the bottles at the liquor store.

  3. AIP Diet and it does keep down inflamation

  4. 3 weeks from now. I discover some allergy/intolerance about each 3 days! You just need to have a new routine cause it take a lot more time to make all the food from scratch

  5. Your dr. Is dead wrong. The diet changes everything.

  6. Don’t drink… i quit for 2 years and sometimes when I cheat i have diarrhea and back pain again

  7. I avoid soy like the plague and only drink very occasionally because it can interact with the meds im on but when I do it’s Spring 44 brand but my brothers a share holder in the company so I’m biased

  8. As for the diet, every Dr told me gluten had nothing to do with it. It was really hard to give up my bread, rice, & noodles when Dr’s told me it made no difference. I finally found one that changed my life. On May 5th she put me on Naturethroid & told me I had to go 100% gluten-free. On May 6th, I also cut out dairy, soy, added sugar, & nughtshades. Within 2 weeks I felt so much better. 4 weeks ago I went full AIP. In 15 weeks, my life is back, I have lots of energy, & lost 18lbs & 3 1/2″ off my waist! As for alcohol, I really miss it & hope to eventually add it back in

  9. If you like a beer now and then try Redbridge. It’s made by Anheuser-Busch, from sorghum wheat, tastes better than their Budweiser brand, and is not ridiculously expensive. I get it at Total Wine for $6.99 a 6 pack. Funny though I don’t enjoy drinking much anymore.

  10. Bud light lime it’s the only beer I can drink red wine.

  11. I have a glass of red wine almost nightly and drink gluten free beer or hard cider when at the pub. I do follow gluten free, dairy free and soy free diet.

  12. No more then two drinks for me. No problems with wine, ciders, clear liquors like vodka, rum and tequila. As far as I know most whiskeys are not gluten free. Stay away from anything with flavors (ex. Vanilla vodka) most have malt.

  13. I do not restrict my diet, as, like many others, when I tried it didn’t do anything for me. Ciders and wine are gluten free, and I’m pretty sure the celiac association stated all liquors are gluten free.

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