What does glutathione do, how is it important?


Glutathione— what does it do, how is it important, does it have a role in the mag protocol, and how does it contribute to the balance of everything? I keep hearing about this supplement and I’m so curious and so of course I take it back to the MAG group.

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  1. No idea what Morley's position is but Dr Mark Hyman, functional medicine doctor, also started a functional medicine clinic at Cleveland Clinic says this

  2. Be interesting to hear what Morley Robbins has to say about this one. I am guessing balancing your minerals would naturally allow your body to produce it?

  3. I have been doing quicksilver scientific metal detox which is all about the glutathione system upregulation. I find it very powerful.

  4. Magnesium is a huge co-factor in many of the methylation processes, some of which result in production of glutathione. Some folks have folate SNPs, Vit D SNPs, and lot of other impairments in some of the methylation processes, so they don't make adequate glutathione. Some of these people, like Todd Feldman (and me), may end up with heavy metals toxicity as a result. Chelating out the metals and "fixing" the impairments in methylation will help resolve the problem by fixing the glutathione production.

  5. Sharon DeNunzio
    Sorry to disappoint, but Glutathione doesn't hold a candle to Ceruloplasmin, which is the MASTER Anti-Oxidant Enzyme in the human body… There are EIGHT Copper atoms running that powerhouse Ferroxidase enzyme.

    It's also worth noting that the process to make Glutathione has TWO steps that require Mg-ATP and that the Glutathione Peroxidase is Copper dependent…

    And finally, please know that there are some 200+ Methyltransferase enzymes (ie, HNMT, BHMT, COMT, etc) and that they work BEST when Ceruloplasmin is at an optimal level…

    Much of your "understanding" of these dynamics is "Internet jargon" and NOT minerals-based physiology…

    A votre sante!

  6. Thank you, Morley Robbins! I appreciate your comments. Much of my understanding actually comes from a variety of functional practitioners who helped me resolve health issues 10-15 years ago. Perhaps now I should be concentrating more on creating optimal Ceruloplasmin in order to maintain my wellness?!

  7. Thank god….do not want any more supplements…lol.

  8. Hollie Brumbaugh Sanford

  9. Sharon DeNuzio do you think dr Ben would be happy to discuss why he never mentions copper or CP & why one of his best selling supplements is iron ? He totally overlooks the important Maggie ! his business model is based off the dreaded gene theory

  10. KimMarie Ranieri: I'm not sure that I'd write off Dr. Ben so quickly. I've heard him talk A LOT about Magnesium co-factor and its importance. His model is not "the dreaded gene theory"; rather, it is about epigenetics. He may very well be missing the iron -copper piece. Honestly, I get the sense that a lot of functional medical practitioners aren't up to speed on this issue. We had a pretty traumatic experience with my son getting tested for Wilson's disease when his copper became dysregulated and ceruloplasmin dropped precipitately. I wish I had known about and understood Morley's protocol back then years ago — would have saved us a lot of trauma/drama.

  11. The entire functional medicine world believes in meythlation issues and supporting it with B-vitamins. I am not in the medical world so I can't say much about the science. But one person is saying it is mineral deficiency. Hard to believe it is mineral deficiency based on that fact. I have experimented on myself with this protocol, meythlation, and Dr. Chris Shade's protocol. I had enormous trouble with meythlation which I did first. I got my amalgams out and did Shade protocol. I had good results. Now I am doing the mag protocol. I am not feeling much improvement yet from it. Only three weeks so far though. But not much reaction.

  12. I have read most comments here.. glutathione is a mercury chelator if someone had mercury poisoning even a little bit then risk is it might end up brains.. certainly not to be taken if one has dental fills of mercury

  13. What about TMG (trimethylglycine) for improving liver function? I know it's only treating the symptom but short term to get the liver functioning properly……

  14. ^ would like to know what Elise asked !
    Tmg helps with undermethylation issues as ive known

  15. read that it was bad to take as it confuses the body to make wrong amounts

  16. I took liposomal Glutathione for years, I still struggled with my health. One of my ND's suggested that Glutathione was not helpful to me and would cause more issues with sulphur and some other pathway… can't remember… glutamate maybe?


    "L-Glutamine" is safer than "Glutathione"


    Dont ever take glutathione cause your natural GSH will Sleep and it will not working fatal died soon.

  17. What do you guys think of Calcium D-Glucarate and MSM?

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