What does hair products, lotions etc have to do with it?


Okay honest question here. I wasn’t told I had to have everything gluten free just what I ate/ put in my mouth like toothpaste etc. what does hair products, lotions etc have to do with it?

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  1. Any gluten that gets on your hands can get in your mouth. So it’s just best to be very careful unless you’re wearing gloves or constantly washing your hands.

    Also shampoo can splash in your mouth.

    Just something to think about ?

  2. Some people react with rashes too

  3. Your skin is one of your biggest organs. Anything you put on your skin, like lotions, soaps, makeup, etc.. makes it into your bloodstream in about 26 seconds.

  4. My family has Celiac and only has a problem with eating it. I have a few friends that are allergic or have a sensitivity and can’t have it touch their skin. I think it depends on your reason of why you are gluten free. Celiac it just can’t get into your GI track.

  5. Your skin is your largest organ. You absorb gluten through your pores. \nI used to bake for a restaurant using gloves as to not touch the stuff. But started getting sick all over again. Well. Found out I was inhaling particles of flour as I was baking. So yes you absorb gluten through skin and mucous membranes in your nose

  6. Lyndsey, some of us react to wheat or gluten in body care products, for me I itch like mad, especially my head with shampoos and conditioners, some relate this to hair loss as well

  7. Sent you a message

  8. There’s a great documentary out there (someone posted the other day) called “What’s With Wheat” that is worth watching. Free if you have Netflix…https://g.co/kgs/UTtbVn

  9. I have celiac. I don’t use gluten free beauty products. My endoscopy results are great. I guess it’s a personal decision.

  10. I was told the same as you Lindsey Thomas by my GI and Nutritionist. Celiac is not an allergy but a disease. It has to be ingested and go to your gut to hurt you. Unless you have skin rashes (which I don’t), or a wheat allergy, beauty products don’t make a difference because the are not going to your gut.

  11. Skin is pourus, it breathes if you like.. so anything that get on your skin soaks in… some CD folks have reactions to all forms of gluten…. My Dr… said clean house all of it…. so after 4 months into CD I just now got make up, shampoo, lotions… it takes time….

  12. Gluten is in preservatives and that is why it is in other products like skin care, hair products, makeup ,etc….

  13. I am allergic by nature, I am using CereVE face wash and products from the drug store, and Tarte is GF regarding lip and blush. I think Physicians formula lipstick is Red Apple advertises all their stuff is. for me it makes a difference and I use Suave shampoo the wheat protein in the shampoo used to get me. for it it is a must, but I still find glamour and a bright lipstick. there is a lotion by Kiki and Tom’s toothpaste, I like GF but also great packaging and product. I did not like Avalon. and a few of the other health food brands.

  14. I get horrible itchy rashes on my skin especially my legs and feet

  15. I recently did a full day of classes on gluten free ( meds, absorptions, etc…) and Yvette Gautreau Brunson is correct it does not absorb thru the skin…If anyone needs/wants to dispute please contact celiac.org..

  16. Fun fact: (im a licenced esthetician btw) It takes 26 seconds for anything applied topically to reach your blood stream.

  17. It seems to me we all are going to agree to disagree!! All I can do is give y’all the source from the (horses mouth) from celiac.org… Y’all do what you may with it!!!

  18. I agree, that’s life though isn’t it. As long as we can agree to disagree and we are kind and polite and respect each other’s opinions whether we agree or not that’s what the world really needs. And I’d really like to have nice piece of bread and some pizza LOL

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