What does it feel like to be ‘glutened’?


Hi Everyone. I have a question that seems like a dumb one but I’m not getting any answers from my doctors. What does it feel like to be ‘glutened’? I have 3 other diseases that cause fatigue, joint/muscle pains and brain fog so I can never tell what is causing each problem I have. Would I be experiencing diarrhea, nausea/stomach pain? Or is it something more that I should be looking for? I’ve been gluten free for 1 month and I’m still having bad stomach problems. I know it takes a long time for your body to repair the damage but disnt know if I should expect to have my stomach problems go away by now.

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  1. Everybody is different. Somewhere – probably in this group – someone created a poll and we marked our most common “glutened” side effects. I think I remember seeing fatigue, diarrhea, and bloating as the top three, but symptoms ranged from diarrhea to constipation to nothing. Some experience brain fog, others don’t. Some have joint pain and headache, others don’t. And some people have NO symptoms at all! That’s probably why you’re getting insufficient answers to your not-dumb question.

  2. It is possible that those other diagnosis could be due to celiac. It takes around 6 months to really recover

  3. Thank you for the help!

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