What exactly causes the ammonia to build up?


So morley said that brain fog is due to ammonia build up-but what exactly causes the ammonia to build up?

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  1. Being too alkaline

  2. Interesting. I had not heard this. How to you make your body less alkaline?

  3. Or what makes your body too alkaline?

  4. I can smell ammonia on my work out top.. but there only… body is always between 6.5-7.5

  5. De caff coffee?

  6. Not pooping…My Mom is going through it right now…Hepatic encephalopathy.

  7. Answering my own question….candida!

  8. Poor digestion of meat can cause ammonia build up. I believe that certain bacteria produce ammonia, so an overgrowth of those could contribute. Both of these things would lead me to believe low stomach acid could be an underlying factor. An overloaded liver could also be to blame.

  9. Poor liver function

  10. Candida makes the body too alkaline? I've tested my saliva because being too acidic is supposed to be the "thing". Yet I was always a bit too alkaline, never knew why. Not surprised at all.

  11. I agree Kari….Low stomach acid from taking Prilosec..overloaded. liver from too much Pharma

  12. Mark Hathaway shares a different opinion on the alkaline issue.

  13. I did live blood test, and no fungus or candida.. liver always checks out good too… hmmmm. I dont eat much meat at all…

  14. How do you test saliva and when? How often?

  15. Marks views seem to be the new norm and it makes sense…

  16. There is more than one reason for the buildup of ammonia. One reason is a genetic methylation issue, specifically MTHFR A1298c. Those of us with that mutation (and I am homozygous – 2 mutated copies) tend to be low in BH4, which detoxes ammonia (which also comes from the breakdown of animal protein, especially phenylalanine).

  17. There is also more than one reason for brain fog 🙂

  18. A more likely cause of brain fog would be hypothyroid or adrenals or, more than likely, a combo of both.

  19. Kim Tracey Konash what are you taking to address that? I think you just described my 14 yr old he is MTHFR 1298C (don't remember if one or both). Anyway he has a long list of serious learning disabilities. And is always foggy headed! I started him on B complex vitamins and a liver support. Not sure what else I should add in to bring his ammonia levels down.

  20. Malter describes causes in Strands of Health. Don't get too hung on the MTHFR issue. It is often the leaves on the tree of health issues, not the roots.

  21. Regina, I take BH4 intermittently as well as NO support (I also have a plethora of NOS snp's) It's an expensive and difficult to find supplement. I DO NOT do well supplementing B vitamins, but that may be another mechanism entirely. I recently came across some documentation that there is a particular strain of mutated E. Coli that can overproduce B6, and that one in particular is one I don't tolerate at all (even in small amounts, and often even in foods high in it). Serum B12 can be high due to supplementation, low lithium (which is necessary for it to get into the cells), or also production by gut bacteria. In my case, I am homozygous for FUT2, which means that my levels would tend to be low, but according to tests, they are not. My lithium IS, however. A diet higher in vegetables and a moderate amount of fruit (which I do the best I am able with blood sugar and GI issues) will also cut down on the production of ammonia. You could try supplementing royal jelly as well, which can help detox ammonia; it is also a natural source of B vitamins (but not B12). I do not tolerate methyl donors well, either, possibly because I also have CBS mutations, and methyl donors speed up the CBS pathway.

    I am no expert, but what I have learned so far is that nothing is completely about genetics and certainly not a single snp. I would recommend an epigenetic consult (Angela Knowles Griffiths is great at this), an HTMA (to check mineral balance), and a good stool test to assess his gut bacteria if you haven't already done those things. One more that is very good but I don't believe has been discussed a lot in this group, is the OAT (organic acids).

  22. Liver malfunction is a prime suspect for elevated ammonia.

  23. Thanks. He has a 6 yr old brother with ASD, so most money goes towards him. 🙁 I have however dropped nearly $10,000 in testing, tutoring and gas for his learning disabilities. And I feel it was mostly wasted. Looking back I think we were treating the symptoms, not the cause. So trying to regroup and look for the cause. And somehow not end up in bankruptcy court between these 2 kids AND my other 4! I think I have found an Integrative dr that takes our insurance, but the entry form was 40 pages!!! Thanks again. I have learned so much from this group.

  24. I hear you, Regina, and I can relate. I have 8 children between 2 and almost 25 and am expecting my 3rd grandchild next month. I've been fighting illness myself for nearly 3 years (I got ill while pregnant with my youngest), and my oldest son was recently diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. The FB groups are invaluable and the doctors here are great. If you haven't already done so, I'd recommend reading some of their books, especially The Calcium Lie II by Dr. Robert Thompson. I have heard that the GAPS diet can be helpful for children with ASD, and stool testing is ESPECIALLY important for them. Heavy metals testing as well. Insurance will sometimes cover a portion of these tests and it can save you money in the long time with trying this and that.

  25. Ammonia is a byproduct of digestion of proteins. Increases with impaired liver function. Kidneys may compensate but if impaired kidneys in addition to liver, its double trouble…

  26. A few things I learned rom Dr Yasko's book – pg130-136 (Kim Tracey Konash mentioned most of this)….

    More ammonia can be made by:
    1) High protein diet – the breakdown of protein generates ammonia
    2) CBS upregulation – CBS acts as a gatekeeper between homocysteine and the rest of the transulfuration pathway. When CBS is upregulated, too much of the nutritional supports can drain through CBS & generate excess ammonia and sulfites.

    Once the ammonia is generated, we need BH4 and manganese to detoxify. Each molecule of ammonia requires two molecules of BH4 for detoxification.

    Ammonia detoxification can be impaired by:
    1) MTHFR A1298C mutation – disrupts the recycling and regeneration of BH4.
    2) Aluminum toxicity – aluminum inhibits a key enzyme that helps to synthesize BH4. (For this reason, Dr Yasko places a lot of emphasis on aluminum detox for patients on her protocol).
    3. Chronic bacterial infection, which can lead to aluminum retention, & thus impact BH4
    4) Manganese deficiency – manganese is needed to detox ammonia (Chronic lyme infection may cause manganese deficiencies since it uses manganese for growth)


  27. You can sometimes see carnitine deficiency on an OAT. This paper says talks about elevated ammonia in a patient with carnitine deficiency

  28. This paper says High D 1,25 can cause CBS upregulation.

    CBS upregulation can lead to high ammonia.

  29. My son's is from his CBS mutation

  30. Lyme causes manganese defiency aluminum to stay in the body and causes hypothyroid autoimmune of the thyroid as well most of us with Lyme have it all even h pylori because our immune systems are so overwhelmed ammonia is a huge problem for us we tend to generate glutamate the brain fog is actual damage from the ammonia it causes hypo fusion … Severe decreased brain flow Columbia Lyme has great info our bodies produce a lot of acid because the infections in not buying the whole mthfr cbs bs I went that route I was sicker I'm focusing on mineral /metals

  31. The more protein I eat from meat the higher the fog so it's not a defiency

  32. I think you can get brain fog from a number of things, myself. I have an ASD child (or had, he is in managed recovery now) and I myself was thought to be suffering from early onset Alzheimers. Brain fog, out of it, memory issues and so on was a problem for both of us. The causative issue for us was a leaky gut, which allowed some brain fog sorts of foods to pass into the bloodstream incompletely digested. Once I changed our diets, both of us improved tremendously, I am now 'normal' again cognitively! We are still working on healing the leaky gut, the biochemical imbalances leading to it must be unraveled, yet, and THOSE are the real root cause issues. Changing the diet helped tremendously with the symptoms 🙂

  33. can be a symptom of liver disease and being unable to excrete it

  34. One thing I've heard of is parasite die off when you are doing a cleanse.

  35. KimMarie Ranieri it may be that your stomach acid is low if meat digestion is not working well.

  36. Poor digestion and assimilation of protein will cause high ammonia's (NO3) to build up in the blood stream. This will cause high blood pressure, lack of real rest during sleep and brain fog. Alpha-ketoglutarate will fix the brain fog in minutes, but you need to address digestion.

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