What exam do I need to know if I have this gene?


Today I saw a video for the cure of the celiac disease, the injection will work only for people with the DQ2 Gene, what exam do I need to know if I have this gene?

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  1. What? There is cure for celiac. I believe you at thinking of testing thay is in the human trial stage.

  2. There is no cure for celiac, or any autoimmune known currently. Medicines and injections are treatments, or symptom management, not cures. Hope that makes more sense. 🙂

  3. You would have to get a genetic test done.

  4. A genetic sequencing test would probably be the best bet to isolate a specific gene but genetic sequencing is VERY costly – you may want to speak to a metabolic or autoimmune specialist to see if they can access more isolated tests

  5. Its not a cure its a vaccine and it doesnt mean u can eat bread again

  6. does anyone know if there is an online test that can be done by sppiting siliba?

  7. If your insurance will cover the genetic test, it is worth it. Just make sure you use an in network lab if you have obamacare. Also, if you don’t have insurance, it might cost you 1000 bucks max, but most labs offer it at a steep discount if you don’t have insurance! My tests came back and told me I have homozygous dq2 genes, which is the worst case scenario. They categorize you by risk levels 1-8.

  8. Cool beans, glad you got your answer, if there’s nothing else needed I’ll head off to bed 🙂

  9. Is this in the US the vaccine ?Could you send me the link ?

  10. Please post a link to the video you saw about this.

  11. Me too I’m interested.

  12. but only 80% of celiacs carry with this gene, so we first need to know if we have the gene… I read this has been tested since 2011 so maybe it will be released soon.

  13. Following. My recent lab results actually mentioned what gene I carried. Not sure if it’s the same thing because I’m not quite sure how to read lab results.

  14. I did some more research on this and according to the info I found, the drug is going into Phase II Clinical Trial testing but will only work for folks with refractory cd (its when the villi are still being damaged even though one is following a gf diet). Only 1.5% of all CD have this type of Celiac … here is the link to the research and info on what I found! https://celiac.org/blog/2016/08/23309/

  15. Are you sure is the same lab ? Cuz according to the video it is meant to heal 880of celiacs

  16. The link I posted is not for the same lab as the video. The link I posted is a report using info from the FDA on clinical trials related to Celiac Disease.

  17. Anyway I’m concerned that tge big industries will lose a lot of money or will go broke if the vaccination is released, many people are living out from this disease. I feel for the interest of many companies there won’t be a cure even if there is one already, what do you think?

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