What form of potassium is best?


What form of potassium is best? I have been taking potassium gluconate for my edema and low BP. Its starting to work well! BP is higher and my edema is notably less cranky! I just want to make sure i am taking a friendly form before ordering my bulk powder. THANK YOU!!!

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  1. Cantaloupe is a good source of potassium – there's 473 Mg per cup

  2. I LOATH cantaloupe lol I am also diabetic, so sugar = no buenos. THANK YOU ANYWAY! :)))))

  3. Ill Remember that one for others 🙂

  4. Also cantaloupe is high mold, which can cause other issues for some people.

  5. potassium bicarbonate is recommended for the adrenal cocktail

  6. my company, Grown By Nature, offers an organic, wholefood, non-GMO Potassium & Amino Acid Complex. It has all the necessary carrier food factors and is not an isolated rock form potassium salt. Better absorbed, retained and most importantly utilized!

  7. Sorry. Your company tends to have too many things in your supplements. I tend to gave adverse reactions to many things. Thank you though 🙂

  8. I respect your opinion, but "too many things"? Our nutrients have been used worldwide since 1977 without an adverse reaction reported. So I'm just curious as to what you find wrong for you?

  9. What do you mean " what you find wrong with you?" Is that a rhetorical question? It reads like a jab.

  10. If you re-read, it says "for you

  11. Oh ok. 🙂 well I honestly have strong nasty reactions to allot of amino acids. Protein in general. I have a few genetic defects that are real nightmarish. I tend to avoid all compounded supplements because 99% the time I react poorly or they trip off another issue. 🙁 it sucks because there are some really good supplements that I wish I could take.

  12. Im hoping that starting from the ground up with getting my magnesium up. Stopping the havoc on my enzyme for iron and copper. Then find a vitamin c my body actually likes. Then I'll go from there. Hopefully that will help reboot the system.

  13. Im also hoping to find a good person to help interpret my 23andme results. I got the basics but I dont see how they tie together.

  14. I'm not sure what you mean by compounded supplements, but if I guess, are you saying supplements that combine amino acids together in the same formula? Our is 1 complete plant structure, the amino acids are together in the same food complex naturally, as is the case with every food. If you can safely eat a potato, or carrot, or etc. you can ingest our nutrients as they are food. The description I provided Potassium and Amino Acid complex is our way to differentiate the isolated rock forms with our plant cell Potassium. Hope this helps 🙂

  15. Most protein I cant. Thats the issue. I'm on strict diet restrictions from my M.D. They cant figure out why I react to so much food. I went on the allergy restrictive diet, and it almost killed me. I honestly dont know why I cant tolerate most things. Id LOVE to know why I cant eat food with my husband. Or why my nieces have never seen me eat. I am very very nervous about injesting anything not a single ingredient.

  16. I pretty much go on plain white rice. Roasted plain cauliflower. Coconut oil. Sea salt. Occasionally my body will tolerate nuts or oddly enough plain home made venison jerky. Dont ask. I dont know either. I think my body is just completely messed up digestively

  17. the protein content is negligible, as it is not even listed on our labels. There is far less protein in a tablet of our supplements than rice, nuts, jerky. Just trying to help as I haven't heard of one condition that our nutrients could not be taken as a dietary supplement. Some of the most compromised guts do fairly well with ours.

  18. I take potassium gluconate powder in my adrenal cocktail. Works well for me.

  19. Thanks Rebecca Doe! Im currently taking tabs of that and responding well! I just figured that I should really make sure to ask best forms since I also did well on citrate and that's a big no Buenos.

  20. Cant do it but thank you! 🙂

  21. How many days? Until I "feel" better or is there a guideline?

  22. Can't do adrenal cocktails but thanks anyway 🙂

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