What I can truly eat?


I was just officially diagnosed today after my endoscopy and colonoscopy that I have been barreling for years with is that I have celiac disease. I’m at a loss of what I can truly eat and also what I can put on my body. Does anyone have sites that helped them into this GF diet or any advice? It’s my first day and I’m already stressing out about what I can and can’t eat. Also if it says it’s GF and the ingredients say otherwise.

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  1. Celiac.org

  2. My blog is gluten free if you need some recipe ideas to get you started. Pinterest is also a great resource. Hang in there, it does get easier!! http://justwhatweeat.com

  3. I subscribed to every magazine I could find. It was very helpful.

  4. It will feel overwhelming at first but it does get easier in time. And for me, feeling better was worth the struggle. I was so sick for so long.

    Starting with Whole (non-grain) Foods (fruits, veggies) will help. Then, look for items that have the Certified Gluten Free label.

    Mentally prepare for your emotions and your body to slowly adjust. I hope you find health and energy as you begin. I also hope you have a close support team. If not in person, I’m sure you’ll find some people willing to cheer you on and sympathize with frustrations in this group.

    If you have an Aldi nearby we like their gfree brand. And it’s easier on the packet book than most.

  5. If you have a Costco near you these items are gluten free.

  6. The first thing I would do is write down what you normally would eat then look for GF substitutes there are ways to make your favorite things GF without turning your life upside down sometimes as with anything what works for one person may not work for you. Listen to your body… you’ve got this…one step at a time baby steps count lol

  7. This is a good pasta

  8. STOP…. breathe.. you got this.. \nfirst.. START small… fresh meat, chicken, fruits, veggies… the less processed GF you eat, the better… \n\nYou will be so much happier, and feel so much better …

  9. You do need to replace a few things in the kitchen… wooden utensils, scratched plastic utensils, containers, toaster, colander, wooden cutting board, scratched teflon pots and pans. \n\nGlass, stainless steel, non scratched teflon pans are all good…

  10. You can eat EVERYTHING!!!!! You just have to learn how to eat it!!! A tweak here and there and life can be so simple!!! It is what you make of it ❤️❤️❤️ your not alone 🤷‍♀️

  11. Lots paleo recipes gf

  12. Gluten free scanner app… you can scan any food item and it will let you know if it’s gf or not.

  13. Whole foods diet – fruit, veggies, meats, rice (make sure it’s gf though cause if it’s prepared in a facility that processes gluten you can get very sick from cross-contamination), potatoes…Start there and get to know your new favourite prepared foods by testing all the certified gf stuff out there. It’s hit or miss but it’s fun to try new things out.

  14. You can make any recipe you normally would eat GF. Just take a deep breath and clear your mind of everything negative.

    Get an all purpose Gf flour Krustanz is a great one that I like to use. Than any recipe that says flour just replace with this. Brallia or Ronzoni are great pastas to use for spaghetti or a pasta salad

    My daughter has been celiac 13yrs now. There are so many options available to you know.

    She eats chicken cacciatore, Mongolian beef, French dip, fried zucchini, egg rolls using spring roll wraps, enchiladas you name we make it. ?

    Schars has great ciabatta bread and against the grain has a great baguette

    Try to eat before you go out or bring food with you. Most restaurants will not have a problem with this & if they do politely ask to speak to a manager and explain.

  15. in the beginning, it is easier to not worry about labels and trying to figure out of gluten free substitutes are in fact gluten free. I would start off by eating Whole Foods. Meat, veggies, fruits, nuts, etc. my favorite way to eat dinner is to pan-roast seasoned chicken and veggies. It’s easy, quick, and delicious. I would go for simple snacks like cut up fruits and veggies, nuts, PB, applesauce, jello, etc. just be sure of course that you’re reading the label on any snack you get to be sure it’s gluten free. Gluten comes in the form of wheat, barley, rye, oats, and malt. The only exception to this is certified gluten free oats. If it says “may contain” or “processed on the same lines as” wheat, barley, etc. it is not safe. If it is processed in the same facility as something containing wheat, you can use your best judgement. It may never come into contact with any wheat containing foods. You’ll want to check for gluten in anything you put into your mouth-toothpaste (crest and Colgate are gluten free), medicine, vitamins, all foods, and drinks. I will suggest that UDIs bread is my favorite ? going gluten free doesn’t have to be super complicated and it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just read read read that label on anything you’re going to eat. If you’re concerned, contact the manufacturer. If someone has intolerance or celiac, it’s also best to replace your pots/pans and utensils, strainer, primarily ones that have been scratched, wooden utensils, or silicone utensils. It is vital to replace your toaster. No exceptions. You cannot burn gluten off of things. I would do a total kitchen food makeover and get rid of any gluten foods so you don’t get mixed up and throw out any pots and pans with scratches. If you have butter, jelly, or Pb that has been used for regular bread, throw it out. Youlll have to replace with new and only use it for strictly GF items. I hope this helps and I hope it wasn’t overwhelming. It will get easier as time goes on. I would suggest not eating out until you learn the basics of cross contamination and being gluten free. There’s a wonderful group here of people willing to help. If you have questions, just ask. ? also, Cheerios and lucky charms may claim to be gluten free, but the way they are processed, some boxes may be under the limit of gluten contamination, and some boxes may be over the limit. So basically if you eat those, you may or may not get sick. It’s best to err on the side of caution and not consume those products at all. Hopefully they remove their gluten free label because they are not safe. Good luck! Going gluten free has been the best thing to happen to me.

  16. Sign up for a Pinterest account and search gluten free, paleo, or Keto recipes. You’ll find so many more meal ideas there.

  17. If you need any help with skincare and make up let me know. I’ve just changed all mine. Good luck. It will take some time to adjust but you will feel so much better.

  18. Pinterest is huge help, books, and folders here. It’ll be ok lovee!

  19. Welcome to the family. Beyond Celiac is a great resource. Just look at gluten as being substituted with gluten free. You will need to slowly replenish things in the house – dedicated gluten free stuff like. Toaster, pots and pans etc. My dogs are GF as well.

  20. Take a deap breath! No just go fresh foods at first. You need time to let you gut rest and heal. Fresh veggies you cook, csn go with frozen just no sauces. Fresh fruit, canned or frozen and fresh meat that isn’t combined with anything. Grilling is great for all of these. Leave the prepackaged foods for later. Learn to read all the ingredients. I substitute veggies cut into strips for lasagna noodles. Consider it an adventure in cooking, not a burden snd lots of to you

  21. Take a deep breath, I was exactly where you are just a week ago. I already feel better mentally. When in doubt go basic: veggies, fruit and plain lean meats. You will quickly figure out what you can add that is gluten free. Luna bars and Lara bars are Gluten and dairy free if you get in a pinch and need a shelf stable snack.

  22. They will also send you a kit with alot of info. http://www.cureceliacdisease.org

  23. This is the book my GI doc recommended to me when I was diagnosed (he said “don’t be offended by the title” hahaha)- it really gave me a great overview of what the rest of my life will be like in a matter-of-fact way.


  24. Thanks for all the types. My birthday is coming up and I have some good reading material to ask for my birthday so I’m better educated and cook better for me and my husband!

  25. I’m so sorry I know this feeling well! Celiac disease a hidden epidemic is a great read and helped me. Stick with veggies, fruit, meats and potatoes and take a deep breath you are gonna feel so much better eating gf. You can still have candy, chips lots of things you probably already eat. Pm me if you need any support.

  26. If you need any help or a recommendation for a GF multi-vitamin, let me know. I found a really good one that I’ve taken for a couple of years. Also, they’re a good price, a bonus for me.

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