What I need are the exact tests for MTHFR?


I have tried to look for the basic answer to this question but no luck…I have multiple absorption and metabolism issues with various compounds due to a lengthy health history so I get tested regularly for all my vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, etc. what I need are the exact tests for MTHFR? I see me dr next week and will have my latest nutrient results to work with but want to make sure I get this covered as well. I’ve been dealing with the nutrition issue for more than a decade so I have those tests but only recently learned of MTHFR. Can someone point me to the right page or give me the simple answer to give my dr as she is willing to do it and send it wherever it needs to go. Thanks in advance!

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  1. There are numerous MTHFR groups on Face Book. You might join one or more of them (??)

  2. Ok…I had/have mag and other nutrient issues and saw it mentioned here so I thought I'd ask here first…thank you!

  3. I think some people have had genetic testing done by 23 and Me, but you have to get the results interpreted for you as they don't do this any more.

  4. geneticgenie.com will interpret and send you a report for a nominal fee. how i found my Mthfr issue

  5. I do have a couple of autoimmune diseases…a very complicated history that we thought we had found the roots of but not all of them yet

  6. How do you heal your gut Barbara


  8. That sounds so painful you suffered for so long that is terrible. Are you feeling much. Etter?

  9. Thanks Barbara…unfortunately I've been through and was treated as best we could for several "gut" diseases that are also autoimmune and many things I do but many are unsafe because of my situation…I have a wonderful regimen which is why my problem is less in the gut and more in the rest of me after a decade of surgeries…I hope this helps others but it's why I asked specifically for the other tests. Good luck with your gut health and know I am always here for a brainstorm…️

  10. And there is so much more for gut ailments…the list could go forever…️

  11. Dr. Ben Lynch. MTHFR is his specialty. He's also got a web site all about it.



  12. Look up research on Colustrum… Bioavailable…. It is shown to heal the gut in 30 days. Stay away from all GMO foods and any food that is not organic. Now, it's getting down to the point of having to look for heirloom foods only. These are foods that produce seeding that allow for the reproduction of plants. Stay away from hybrid plants if you grow your own food. Just a heads up.

  13. Angel, what's the deal with hybrid seeds?

  14. They're certainly implicated in the problems of wheat intolerance as commercial wheats are all hybridized from the last century onwards and some gluten intolerance is possibly just hybrid intolerance. Spelt is far less problematical [more readily digested] -and now in short supply due to world demand increasing. Our old fashioned bodies just can't adapt too well to what makes ready profits.

  15. Thanks guys…been doing the gut health for a long time and that's no longer the physical issue in my health…why I hesitate to mention nutrition but it's a matter of using them once I can absorb them and I've figured out how to get them in just not used once in my blood. My blood and metabolism of various compounds is the problem. ️

  16. Hybridizing seeds and GMO seeds (insect DNA) are the concoctions from Monsanto being peddled around the world!!! 🙁

  17. Barbara Adinolil, have you had a copper panel? Copper dysregulation is behind leaky gut.

  18. This is why I don't ask questions in groups…they get taken over by things other people discuss…please continue as I will be leaving my post.

  19. Sorry dulcie, wasn't my intention to hijack your post. I'm just eager to learn when new things arise. I know it's disappointing not to get your question answered. I will remove my comment.

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