What I should do regarding the root canals?


So, naively, several years ago I was told by my dentist that i had to have my amalgams replaced and did so, then I was told i HAD to have 2 root canals and did so….i am thinking that all my health issues began soon after that. wondering what I should do regarding the root canals? should i have the teeth pulled? should i continue trying to rebalance my body with them still in place?

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  1. Do a metals detox.

  2. If your root canals are causing health issues, it will be a lifelong battle with lots of defeats. You'll potentially spend a ton of money to try to daily fix the damage to your health. You'll potentially be high risk for cancers.

  3. Root canals can be set in a foundation of mercury so please be careful

  4. I pulled out the root canal tooth. Then got better.

  5. All three root canaled teeth are gone! One abscessed 25 years after it was done. Had it redone and it abscessed again within one year! Second split down the middle, it was removed, and the third one abscessed too! I would have them removed BUT only by a biological dentist and I would never have another root canal done again!

  6. I think dr. Mercola has info about root canals. It's recommended to pull out teeth with root canals (and part of the bone too, as much as I remember). Holistic dentist should be able to help. The truth about cancer also has info about it. Unfortunately cannot attach the links.

  7. What do you do if you have a tooth that needs a roof canal? They filled it and now it's very sensitive. I can't eat much on that side. Can I avoid the root canal/pulling the tooth?

  8. Join the Mercury Detox FB group, and look for a holistic dentist at iaomt.org

  9. For all of you that say pull the tooth do you just leave empty spaces in your mouth? You do need teeth to chew and for aesthetics. Plus, it causes the teeth on either sides of the missing tooth to lay over. Unless I had a chronic debilitating condition that I'd try everything to fix and couldn't I'd keep my crowns! That's just my opinion.

  10. In what other instances other than root canal, do we leave dead flesh in our bodies? Honestly do not know how dentists get away with it and putting deadly neurotoxins in our skulls and have no liability for what they do. Root canal is a huge cause of illness. Please talk to a holistic dentist about what's best.

  11. ive spent big $$$ on getting root canals and crowns as has my hubby .. only to have them fail in time… most annoying

  12. I am hugely prejudiced in this area because my son was mercury-poisoned by a dentist but I have done a lot of research on both mercury and root canals. One of my son's doctors just had a root canal removed and he said it was extremely disgusting.

  13. What is a good detox once you have them removed?

  14. not really any biologic dentists in my area. holistic ones who will remove them and do some natural herbs and oils to disinfect etc. but no one really in Ontario that i know of will remove anything beyond that. Kent what were your symptoms? Glad you found relief….how long after having them removed did you feel better? Am thinking of simply having them removed by the holistic dentist in town…

  15. There are devices called "flippers" that can be made to fill the empty space. It flips on and off and it attaches to the teeth next to the empty space. Not inexpensive but works well both mechanically and cosmetically.

  16. Does anyone pay attention to jack kruse's warning of the dangers of metal removal from the mouth? Especially with the colour of lights dentists use? I just don't know whether to get my metal filling removed or not…?

  17. My biologic dentist prefers implants to root canals.

  18. Implants put a screw in your jaw…implants are more expensive than rc so now wonder they recommend them…no foreign matter into the body unless absolutely necessary….perhaps one of the rc are infected…rc in itself won't just make you sick like that unless it is a bad one

  19. dentistry…another major fraud industry akin to pharmacy

  20. i think they are failed root canals as i still have pain in the teeth periodically and one in particular still has sensitivity…..so they obviously missed something. Apparently to fix it I will need to have them both 'redone'….no thanks!

  21. Is it significantly dangerous to have amalgams removed the regular way? Or is total protection of surrounding area required?

  22. very important to have protectio…they have to treat it like the toxic waste it is…special equipment, special disposal, protection for you while they remove it.

  23. After reading all of these posts, I feel very sick. As a kid the dentist my parents chose was the rip off dentist. I'm going back 50 yrs ago! Every time I went there he would come out and say "Oh no she has 19 cavities"! How many times can you have a filling???? OMG! Then maybe I had 6 root canals and 4 decayed so I removed 4 teeth. The last dentist I saw I told her my very back tooth was covered in silver and she said it would be nothing left If I tried to remove it……..I'm ready to pull that tooth as well. With no money or dental ins I'm feeling doomed……..I have enough health issues.. I have read and heard that it can be more dangerous to remove all the silver and amalgam. My mercury level in my HTMA test was high but the Uranium levels were much higher! The last dentist did a filling a said she used a white composite. She says that is safe. For a 30 something dentist she still uses Fluoride….It's all too much!!

  24. Bonnie Mohanagan

  25. I'm scared for my mom..
    Are there any bio dentists in India??

  26. Check with the Tennant Institute.

  27. Bacteria that cause gum disease also have factor h evasion strategies. Treating infection increases candida and candida also has these dangerous evasion strategies. Often treating a bacterial infection will increase a yeast infection and this is dangerous in ALS. Bring this up with your doctor.

  28. My dentist wants to replace my two mercury fillings. What should I have them replaced with?

  29. Hannah Joy when u have time

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