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Goodmorning from Greece! I was diagnosed with Hashimoto yesterday and my doctor prescribed Thyro 4 (50mg), that i have to take every day for the rest of my life. He also said that i need to lose weight. I have three questions 1) Will my depression subside? 2) how long will it take until this pill starts showing results 3) any recommendations on what i should or shouldn’t eat? I am really clueless, until yesterday i hadn’t even heard of this before and i don’t know anyone who has it around my area. Can anyone please advise?

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  1. Hi! 50 mcg (not mg) is a very small starter dose so they should be testing your levels every 6 weeks and increasping as needed. It can take many months to be regulated but if thyroid issues are the cause of your depression you will most likel feel some relief. Some claim that eliminating certain foods or food groups is essential but many of us do fine on a balanced diet. The Mediterranean diet gets good reviews as far as overall health benefits go.

  2. Some people do lose weight when they find the correct dose of medication but that is not always the case. Daily exercise is very important to keep muscle tone and boost mood.

  3. I take 50 mcg M-F and 25 mcg Sat./Sun. I have remained on this dose for over 7 years now. It can take some time to notice a difference and as Christina mentioned, you should have a retest in about 4-6 weeks. As far as diet, just try to eat a healthy balanced diet. I eat gluten and do just fine, as my dose and levels remain steady. Welcome to the group!

  4. It’s very overwhelming and I have a hard time getting mine under control. Going gluten free will be a HUGE help, and start taking a probiotic if you aren’t already.

  5. I also take 50 mcg and have for some time. I have regular blood work to monitor. I just eat a balanced diet with no restrictions like Christina and Sarah said above. I don’t take any supplements that I don’t have a diagnosed deficiency in and I haven’t stopped eating any food just because I have Hashimoto’s.

  6. Many doctors do not know and will never give you dietary restrictions. For hashimotos avoid gluten, soy and dairy……and eat as clean as possible…. not only will you lose weight, but you should see a huge improvement in your energy levels and symptoms

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