What is a IGA level?


Anyone know what a iga level is please ? My doctor wants to talk to me about it is that for celax ? Xx

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  1. It gliadin iga the level of it like mine is 43 anything over 30 is a strong positive

  2. So wud mean have celiac really bad then x

  3. Depending on level

  4. It means that you have celiac

  5. Not sure about the levels just know on my results say 30 and over is a strong positive

  6. Getting my head around it sticking to glunten free tho for my body to heal

  7. Do you know your levels?

  8. No not yet just blood test postive and seeing dietitian next Monday but sticking to glunten free read loads on this already also have vitamin b12 on injections for that tho

  9. Shampoo conditioner. Body washes lotions toothpaste etc check for gluten

  10. I’m going to wheat rye and barley

  11. Mine was 1083

  12. My level was 126 ;(

  13. Do you have to eat gluten for them to test?

  14. My daughter has low Iga, it is the protective barrier on all mucus membranes. If you have low Iga you can catch more colds, ear infections, sinus infection, stomach issues. Celiac screening with low Iga is not as accurate, you can get false negatives but not false positives.

  15. Mine was 126 so that means I have it 🙁

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