What is a quick snap shot of a gluten free diet?


Hi all, new here, and new to gluten free. A quick question, I’ve been told to go gluten free in order to heal my stomach, however everywhere I turn everything has gluten! I’ve also been told not to go for any packaged stuff boasting gluten free. What is a quick snap shot of a gluten free diet? Fruit, veg, meats? Thanks in advance

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  1. Wondering the same.

  2. following, i just had flan yesterday (top part) as bottom was a chocolate cake…the parts touched but i didn’t eat the bottom …lol i don’t think flan part had gluten but …oh well it was so good,…tho ended up having some stomach and chest pains (weird never connected chest pains with eating b4) …

  3. most things in their natural state (except the obvious: wheat, barley, rye). all meat, veg, fruit – if unseasoned and unprocessed. when starting out, look for short ingredient lists. The fewer things contained within, the more sure you can be of gf labels. The major exception are Cheerios – they are about to lose their gf certiciation.

  4. I cook a lot of Asian food (fried rice, noodles, etc – all gf of course). I also enjoy salads, pasta…for me, it’s pretty much all the normal foods. I don’t tolerate the gf breads well, though, so I hardly ever have sandwiches. I do eat a lot of Mexican, too. I suggest you cook most everything yourself, from scratch. I cook for the week in advance – it makes it easier and quicker.

  5. Yes, fruit, veg, and meat. Non gluten grains may or may not be okay with your digestive tract, like corn and rice. I like to eat salads, smoothies, grilled meat, and stir fry vegetables. Make sure you are getting extra fiber too, because a gluten free diet is low in it.

  6. Thanks all good to get a starting point! X

  7. In the beginning we did the scd diet, which is similar to the whole 30 diet

  8. Use potatoes (I love baked), rice (brown or white) to accompany fresh meats and vegetables. You’ll need to cook from scratch.

  9. I would also recommend that you have your own toaster, with a sharpie….label everything that could be contaminated in the refrigerator as “gluten free” and a separate draining device for your pasta. Best of luck.

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