What is commended in case it is infection


forgive if not appopriate. plus keyboard is not typing corrrectly. Almost 6 month old baby girl, unvaccinated, delayed cord clamped, no eye crap, no vaccines. Has a cold. Mom thinks may have ear ache so taking to doctor in morninig. What is commended in case it is infection. Mom doesnt want antibiotics. Baby is on probiotics, all breast, avocado was just indroduced by teaspoon only three days ago. Very healthy baby since birth. Mom is all organic, very healthy, all organic through out including laundry detergent, uses esseential oils, no candles, febreeeze, organic cleaning supplies….. just needs some added advice in case doctor prescribes antibiotics. What is recommended to do. Thank you. Grandma.

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  1. Often, antibiotics aren't prescribed for ear infection – you may just get soothing drops. Nurse, nurse, nurse! The sucking will keep tubes clear. If it's a cold, chances are that that's why the ear is irritated/blocked. Mommy can consume elderberry, increase Vitamin C, etc. for immunity boost for baby. Some may suggest zinc for Momma, too. I would avoid antibiotics. With my kids, once I told the doc that I'd prefer to avoid antibiotics, they were relieved. They are used to parents pretty much demanding them, so they take out the script to placate.

  2. Chiropractor??

  3. yes! she takes her once a month,, she just told me she will try to get baby in tomorrow. So many things to think about !!! Thank you!

  4. Mullein and garlic ear drops

  5. Homeopathic too 🙂

  6. Numbing ear drops. Steam to clear congestion. Nurse.

  7. If no fever, I would stay home.

  8. me too,, i agree

  9. She can try a few drops of breastmilk in the ear…

  10. Ear ache is usually indicated by baby pulling on ears. I wouldn't take in unless extremely concerned (though I will say trust the mama instinct). The lack of fever is a good indication it's not serious. Could be teething related too. My little girl got her first two teeth in around 6.5 months old.

  11. Sent you a pm, since this is iff-topic. 🙂

  12. Could she be starting to teethe?

  13. Use the antibiotics….

  14. ,,, we thought she was starting a month ago.. Given avocado three days ago also but only given 1/8 tsp with breastmilk.. Baby loved it!!! they didnt give any today once baby had cold symptoms and seeming of ear discomfort. Chiro visit tomorrow before doctors.

  15. What has this to do with magnesium? I thought this group was moderated now.

  16. sorry to offend. Just that people in this group give great advice,,, sorry.

  17. They do give great advise and seem to be more holistic.

  18. I do muellin garlic ear drops but I have no idea if that's ok for an infant. I would think it was but not sure.

  19. Steam onion and drop a lil of cooled liquid into the ear

  20. Breastmilk in the ears works like magic. Also onion juice is another home remedie for ear aches that works well

  21. This is off-topic. I show you also posted the same question in another FB group "to Natural Cures Not Medicine Group" That's where it should be posted instead of this group.

  22. Recommend to momma to wait until baby is at least 6 months to give food but she is doing everything right! My 18 month old just had a double ear infection and I just put some breastmilk in her ears and they are perfect not even a week later! I only needed to put BM in them once.

  23. Garlic Mullein Oil in ear and chiropractic care.

  24. Garlic oil has cleared up all my baby's ears up right away. No need for antibiotics.

  25. I would definitely try breastmilk in the ear. It works great for pink eye. Here's an article from LLL about it.

  26. Morley, regarding antibiotics:

    It seems that ALL categories of so-called "modern" antibiotics work in very damaging ways, the Floxies (Fluoroquinolones), Amoxycillin & Z-Pak… What they are "D"esigned to do is move Copper from the Liver to kill the bacteria, which makes sense — on the surface. But MTHR NATURE abhors a vacuum & Iron Liver rises — NEVER a good thing.

    And when you delve into the research you'll discover that 3 KEY Anti-Oxidant Enzymes (SOD, CAT & GPX) get hosed by these TOXIC ABX — it is a classic case of the "cure" being FAAAAAAR worse that the illness… The loss of those Anti-Oxidant Enzymes is very damaging as it affects many systems of the body. And a build-up of Iron in the Liver invites Iron storage elsewhere, esp. the Joints & Brain as we age.

    ~ moderator

  27. I am another one to suggest chiropractic adjustments.

  28. I would make sure mom is getting plenty of whole C.

    ~ moderator

  29. My son had this a lot. Bruise the green leaf of a organic cabbage. Take off first leaf and use second one. So you criss cross it with back of knife but dont cut through. Fold and place on child's ear. Hold in place with tea towel. It draws out inflammation and stops ear pain. Same method is used in hospitals for mastitis. My son used to ask for it as he got older. Only use antibiotics if life threatening situation. All the best.

  30. I used juice from an onion for my son who had trouble with ear infections as a babe. Soothed him. Cleared infections.

  31. Chiropractor

  32. Garlic mullein drops. ..or make your own garlic oil for her ears

  33. Had the same thing! Super healthy unvaccinated baby got earache. I put colloidal silver and warm garlic oil in the ear. Just saute some fresh garlic in a little olive oil until fragrant, not too long. Remove it and strain it. Drop in ear while warm. An warm onion on the ear is amazing too. I thought it was an old wives tale, but stick it in the mircro for like 20 sec, wrap in a towel (Cut it in half first) and apply the cut open (towel covered) onion to the ear. Relieves pain almost immediately. The other thing to do is massage the side of his neck. I've seen relief from just the massage because it pulls fluid off the eardrum and immediately feels better. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NIYfApRGf1Q

  34. There are certain situations where antibiotics are necessary, but I don't generally feel that ear infections is one of those situations because they respond so well to natural remedies.

    Garlic oil works great. A pediatric chiropractor can gently adjust so that the fluid drains right out. You can always go back and have them looked at again a day or two later.

  35. You can purchase an ear ottoscope (sp?) on ebay and look in ears yourself. Would save a dr trip. I use melaleuca and basil essential oils rubbed around the ear for ear infections. I get tons of ear aches cuz of the many ear surgeries I had as a child and this makes it so I don't have to go to the dr all the time and usually clears up in a day.

  36. Our baby had this recently and we're given baby saline drops for the nose to ease pressure on the ears. Blocked/irritated sinuses can cause ear pulling as can emergence of teeth

  37. I haven't read the comments and I'm sure someone has suggested this, but chiropractic care from a chiro experienced with babies can really help ear drainage. Baby adjustments are very gentle. Most ear infections are viral so antibiotics don't help anyway.

  38. Chiro is always a great place to start. They do so much to help! I had no idea they could fix more than an aching back!

  39. Garlic oil in the ear. I prefer the garlic, mullein oil blend. It works fast. I would also find a Chiropractor if she doesn't have one. When my kids used to get sick, I would take them to the doctor to verify then go home to do it my way which was go to Chiro then use oil. Before I found garlic oil I stuffed a garlic clove into the ear and bandaided it in for a day for single ear infection and 2-4 days for a double.

  40. I almost went became deaf from an ear infection as a baby so it's the only thing I rush to the doctor for. I get the prescription but put breastmilk in the ear for 24-48hrs watching for a temperature, if there was any I would give the antibiotics but I have never had to yet, breastmilk has cleared it up multiple times for my 2 kids. 🙂

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