What is everyone’s TSH levels? Mine is 35.69


What is everyone’s TSH levels? Mine is 35.69 right now… I’m constantly feeling like I’m having a heart attack.

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  1. That's much too high. What dose of thyroid medication are you on?

  2. Mine is 0.017 and I'm told that's not good.

  3. My doctor likes to see mine at between 1 and 2 on a T4 med.

  4. I felt like death when mine was in the 30's. Mine is at .98 as it is suppressed now with NDT

  5. My is .001 because it's suppressed because I'm on Nature Throid . And feeling a lot better!!!

  6. .85 for now on 200 mcg of levothyroxine. I'm trying to conceive so my dr keeps mine lower for now seems I had a miscarriage in November with a tsh of 7.13. Mine never stays put. It's all over the place haha

  7. TSH is 1.6..my goodness that's high!

  8. Mines between .7-.9 and I am not on any meds. Came down by just diet alone. I won't say everyone else's would be this low, but definitely not so high. I am sorry you're having this issue. Hope they find a solution for you.

  9. 2.94
    Is this an acceptable range?

  10. Mine was 3.99 and according to my doctor, “fine.”
    New doctor next week!

  11. Mine was 39 started taking NP Thyroid..what a difference!

  12. That is dangerous. Please see if you can get into your doc or another ASAP. They may need to change you to natural dessicated thyroid if T4 only meds aren't working for you. But for now it sounds like you need an increase for sure!

  13. Mine is .57

  14. Is there anything I can do at home to help bring these down? I was diagnosed with Hashimoto at 11 years old…. but never took care of it until recently. So I'm new to all of this.

  15. Mine feels best under 2 but I can actually feel hyper symptoms, racing and higher BP when it's too close to 1, best halfway between 1 and 2 it seems…everyone is different, I have learned to trust what my body tells me.

  16. Mine is .5 I feel great! On nature thyroid and eating amazing! Get to a doctor that's way to high!

  17. Mine is 0.006 and it has been that way for over 3 years. Fell great. By my TSH being suppressed it means my pituitary is not controlling my thyroid hormones, my doctor and I are controlling them with medication.

  18. Mine was 40.04 on last count will know what nature thyroid is doing when I go back end if Jan there's improvement. I'm slowly feeling better with every increase

  19. 35?!? Mine was 2.77 last week. Are you medicated??

  20. woah!!! Ive had mine as high as 27 but 35 wow, thats bad. Mine are off right now slowly getting back to the norm. My hair is falling out like crazy though!

  21. TSH 226

  22. Oooh, that's high (speaking to the original poster). 🙁 Last time I checked, it was 12. I had it under control for years, so for me 12, was high. I'm overdue for an appointment, but Obamacare and my own financial situation is forcing me to change doctors.

  23. Mine is 14.7 and I've had to start seeing a cardiologist but my heart they say is good but feels like I'm dyeing

  24. Mine is 27.7 and I feel very tired and can't breath normally. I was diagnosed two weeks ago and I'm taking levothyroxin 75

  25. Thats too high so you need to get full eval and heart checked..

  26. Does anyone ever get super depressed??

  27. Wtf

    New meds new Dr

    Get a Cancer ultrasound

    Don't walk around like that.

  28. 2.38 (up from 1.68 Nov 9th) No change in levo, at 100mcg 6 days a week, but I am taking selenium and other things to get my thyroid antibodies down. Also have lost 20lbs since Nov 1st.

  29. at last test mine was 3.3, so trying to get it lower.

  30. .05 down from 3.45 2 mo prior. I'm still dealing with some of the side effects of it being so high, but the symptoms are disappearing. I feel best when it's low like this.

  31. .70 was my tsh a month ago and have been miserable to the point of giving up. Then I got my diagnosis a week ago + Changed my diet + feeling better already.

  32. My last was 64….ugh

  33. Mine was 129 at one point. No it is just in the low end of normal. I take NDT and T3.

  34. At my last draw mine was236

  35. My meds need tweaked…just had labs…. 0.025

  36. That is too high. I had that happen to me a couple months back… I felt awful, at my check-up I found out my thyroid was leaking which then takes you from hashimoto's to hashimoto's thyroiditus. The doctor said he would not decrease my meds, when the leak stops you crash hard if they decrease your dosage. It finally leveled off and I stopped feeling like I was having anxiety/heart attacks. I would get sooo hot too like sweating hot. Might make sure you don't have a leak or your dosage isn't too high for the meds you're on now.

  37. Omg! If you're seeing a Dr, you're seeing the wrong one!

  38. I printed out 3 articles about transient hyperthyroidism and made my doc test TSH, T3 and T4 and a few other things too. My TSH was abnormally high and so was my T3 which seems odd to me. I definitely get hyper episodes and I think I finally convinced my doc it's not anxiety (although that is a symptom..). He is letting me adjust my levo dose alternating between 50 and 75 said I could double my beta blocker during an episode if needed and also gave me Indomethacin which is an nsaid that works well for thyroid inflammation. I think the Indomethacin is working for me.

  39. Mine was at 70 about 2 months ago started taking levothyroxine and now it's down to 1.36! It was really bad. I constantly felt like I got hit by a bus and just needed to go back to sleep, which was a problem bc I have a very busy 16m old! I was working about before I found out about the hypo and just kept up my routine even after finding and I've been feeling great!

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