What is the best and of course gf joint pain med?


What is the best and of course gf joint pain med? This has nothing to do with me being celiac, it’s from doing the same physical job for 23 yrs and 12 more yrs till retirement.

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  1. Move Free. We own a gym. My husband was a pro body builder. He’s been lifting for over 30’s. This is the best for building the joints back up

  2. Have u tried turmeric?

  3. This would be good to let my Dad know. His knees are horrible after 40 years of physical work.

  4. Lenny… I like topical Capsaicin.

  5. I do 2 capsules of tumeric twice a day. My dr recommends 3xs but it’s so hard during the day at work.

  6. My daughter uses turmeric.

  7. Everyone that used turmeric have you noticed a difference in your joints?

  8. Len I work a very physical job have arthritis already at 45. Turmeric has definitely helped inflammation in joints. Ginger is great for joint pain. I also take glucosamine chondroitin which I think has helped the most.

  9. I make turmeric paste, freeze in dollops, and add to teas, ice cream, smoothies, etc Ican even pop like a pill. I was able to get off if all NSAIDs, as well as other meds.

  10. I taken Benadryl which sounds super weird but I think a lot of my pain is related to inflammation and since I can’t do nsaids I use the Benadryl. It helps. Otherwise I stick to Tylenol 1000mg once a day twice on bad days (not everyday because it can cause rebound headaches). I have tried topical and recommendations from my sports physician are: tiger balm-it will stain anything you touch yellow but it works and lasts, biofreeze-get the sprayable version it’s amazing and most PT/OT/Chiros swear by it, and icy hot with lidocaine although it doesn’t last very long. My sports medicine physician recently ordered a topical cream for me that contains tramadol, diclofenac, and 2 other meds to try on my back for car accident related pain.

  11. Try magnesium calm powder. It’s a muscle/joint relaxer.

  12. Zyflamend. My daughter uses it for her juvenile idiopathic arthritis. My daughter is currently in remission.

  13. Collagen, all the way… help give your body back what it’s missing

  14. Cbd pain relief cream. Works awesome!

  15. Trigger point massage its life changing also cbd oil and vitamin d helps me

  16. Those of you who take turmeric: how many mg per day? And how long until you saw it helping you?

  17. I have used ginger and turmeric in the past. For the ginger I just buy fresh root and cut up in tiny bits and put in boiling water and let seep and then add a little honey and have as tea. For turmeric I have added to peanut butter and black pepper and eaten with celery or other items. If you wnt capsules I have heard to make sure to get turmeric with black pepper or piperine.

  18. Have you ever tried essential oils

  19. Oh and want to add that if you are on blood thinners please consult doctor before taking turmeric.

  20. Cbd oil!!! I used topical for when my arthritis was causing my hands to swell, then drops under the tongue for the rest of my joint pain. Hands down, best thing I’ve found yet.

  21. All herbs can have significant reactions to other meds you may be on…eso b.p meds…always check with dr or your pharmacist before starting any herb….

  22. Devils Claw

  23. You may want to try Zyflamend Whole Body by New Chapter (Amazon.com or at some grocery and health food stores–Wegmans sells it). It’s herbal, all natural, gluten free. My husband takes it but honestly (now don’t laugh), I originally got it for our dog who had a reaction to her vet meds for arthritis. It was amazing to see her up and around with no problems. She was like a new dog!! It’s made for people but really helped our dog (and my hubby)!

  24. Boswellia. I use Himalaya or Organic India brand.

  25. turmeric paste..make at home. Join The Turmeric User Group on Facebook

  26. Wendy Graham may I pm you?

  27. Thanks for asking this question. I can’t take NSAIDs anymore. Tylenol doesn’t help much. My arthritis flares can be tough sometimes.

  28. I tried the Zyflamend but it bothered my stomach.

  29. Hyaluronic acid.
    Over 25 years sandblasting.
    Industrial painting.
    Took its toll on knees and shoulders especially.

  30. I use Voltaren Gel, it’s a topical nsaid. Kinda pricy but works well.

  31. Doterra deep blue rub

  32. Adding fresh turmeric root to my smoothies and food helps me. Keep the root in the freezer and it grates so easily. Just asked for a cbd script too though.

  33. I use a tens machine and/or a really good massage. Pain meds have too many side effects in my opinion.

  34. The deep blue rub by doTERRA does wonders for my daughter’s scoliosis (back pain). I use it on my joints and sore muscles. We use the oil and then the lotion. 🙂

  35. CBD salve from lavenderblossoms.org

  36. Glucosamine is what my hubby uses every night. He notices a difference if he runs out. Also I rub a cbd balm on his knees when it’s real bad.

  37. I can not use NSAID’s. So I use natural things. I find Tumeric and Boswella work pretty good.

  38. I heard turmeric is super healthy, so I tried it. Had an allergic reaction!

  39. My older joints feel much better when I decrease my sugar intake. It is just as hard as going GF but w/ added cravings.

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