What is the best (drinking) water?


What is the best (drinking) water? Do you recommend a filtration system or buy bottled water? I’m tired of the plastic bottles/jugs and don’t want any fluoride. TIA!

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  1. LOVE my Berkey !!

  2. I distiller my water. It makes it taste really good thus I drink more.

  3. I was also wondering about distilled. I have heard it is bad because it has no minerals that we need and can deplete electolytes?

  4. I know my daughter has one on her facet, but I don't know what it's called. I'll try to find out. But when my Sear's repairman was working on my refrigerator he said the facet attachments are the best filtration you can get. Our filters in the fridge are pretty much just for taste, not healthiness.

  5. Reverse osmosis is great, we have a tap next to our sink and the water goes from stinking of chemicals to tasting clean and fresh.

  6. I'm interested in this since I drink so much water and I, also, worry about drinking them out of bottles even though it's a better choice than drinking them directly from tap water. Or is it?

  7. If my area added fluoride to tap water, I'd buy a filtration system that removed it. Since, thankfully, my municipality does not add fluoride, I use a Brita filter to remove chlorine and make the water taste better.

  8. We have radiant life RO system. Their sink attachement remineralizes the water for me.

  9. Following! We just bought a whole-house water system. First, it softens the water, then purifies it. They also recommend a RO in the kitchen, but we have a Multipure filter in the kitchen that does not remove minerals. So, now there is a bitterness to our water, and my sensitive daughter is getting random throat swellings. (Nearly daily.) We put the whole thing on bypass and we aren't even using it until we figure out what's going on with my daughter.

  10. we do ro and add it to our berkey water when cooking so no fluoride. We don't have the attachment for adding minerals for it. We started all getting sick and realized it was from just having RO water. For drinking we just do Berkey

  11. This refers to water softeners but I'm sure it goes for RO systems, too.

  12. We use potassium chloride in our water softener instead of sodium chloride. It's more expensive sadly, but I feel it's worth the added benefits. Edited to add: Fluoride is no longer added to our city water supply.


  13. I have a berkey which I love. I believe I read that it does not remove minerals. This is correct I hope??

  14. Brita filter pitcher

  15. My doc says bone char filters.

  16. There is a cheaper version of the Berkey which uses the same technology. It is used in humanitarian emergencies. I have been using it for 2+ years with Indonesian tap water and it works perfectly.

  17. Zero water pitcher

  18. To those who have city fluoride water,
    Filters unfortunately don't remove fluoride it is not the simple to remove,
    Fluoride particles attaches to the DNA molecular structure of WATER…
    We are so so doomed..

  19. Berkey with fluoride filter. Ive tested mine and it gets all the fluoride out.

  20. i bought a water distiller and just make my own distilled water

  21. We use spring water.

  22. How do us in Ca buy the Berkey?

  23. There are many different beliefs about drinking RO water and you will see anything you are looking for online. I myself, personally have spent over $5,000 for a Kangan (Enagic) machine in the past only to realize that drinking highly alkaline water is not healthy either and you can find many posts about that online too. The truth about water is that today it is contaminated. People can spend over $1000 testing their water for any number of contaminants to find out what was in their water on that day but water is the “universal solvent” and those contaminants can change tomorrow. My belief is that it is best to “get rid of as much as you can” which is what an RO does. Only an RO can do that. Later you can easily alkaline which is what I personally do. I am currently on the hunt for pure minerals to add back to my RO and I only want to add certain minerals. My only concern with RO is what Dr. Wilson talks about in his very detailed report online about water. He states RO water is damaged. He cannot prove it but his patients do better he says when they remove RO and drink spring water. He should do a study. And why isn't there more studies on RO water? http://www.drlwilson.com/articles/water.htm

  24. I have a Zerowater pitcher from Walmart, it says it removes 99% of fluoride.

  25. We have the Biggest Berkey, love it. Berkey.com

  26. Berkey.com

  27. The only easy way I know to get rid of flouride is to boil water, then remineralize it with Polar Mins.

  28. When we hear reports on the devastation marine deaths of millions of fish and sea mammals, dolphins, whales washed ashore…..was it toxins released into the water……YES partly…and the lack of oxygen….!!!
    Water is precisely made up of
    6.6 % hydrogen and
    33.33% oxygen…
    For every molecule of water there are 2 hydrogen atoms
    1 oxygen atom….

    Without these elements which is the life of water itself
    Humans will suffer and die….
    We do what we can to keep the chemicals out without trying to destroy the correct t balance of water……

  29. I've heard miraculous stories on people who live and drink only disstilled water…
    I'm confused, disstilled water is void of all living matter including oxygen…
    How are these people able to function drinking Dead water.?

  30. Whatever filter you get I recommend the Hanna Fluoride Checker to make sure your filters are functioning properly. http://hannainst.com/hi729-fluoride-lr.html

  31. Drink bottled Fiji Also have water dispenser and buy big jugs from Sams to put in. I looked up the water Sams uses, and it says no fluoridation, but I guess one never knows

  32. Are u worried only about fluoride or also lead and copper

    companies subject these bottles to high heat…..leaching in the plastic polypropylene into the water…

  34. Rita, lead is the leading cause to children leaving them permanently brain damaged and premature death and suffering….

  35. If you want pure water get your self a reverse osmosis water filter minimum 3 stage.

  36. so what's the best thing to do if you can't afford one of the berkey things? we have town water with chlorine and fluoride. I don't even like cooking with it.

  37. what's an affordable temporary solution? is there somewhere to buy Fiji in bulk? it's myself and two younsters. they're already in the know about fluoride and tell people our water is poisoned.

  38. We are on our own when it comes to finding the best and affordable solution to having pure and crystalline. Water, so many people are against FLUORIDE…. I wonder how many more will help to make a change to stop Government from continuing to pollute us…..Do we really need this much fluoride….. MY HUSBANDS TEETH ROTTED FROM FLUORIDE,..AMERICANS HAVE THE WORST TEETH….

  39. Boron also detoxes fluoride and is a cofactor of Magnesium.

  40. Big Berkey!

  41. Debra Grogan I am having troubles seeing cost?

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