What is the deal with Mag Malate?


Ugh!! What is the deal with Mag Malate?! Why does it make some people feel so awful? I tried it once, bad effects. Then I was excited to try this one because of posts on here, the co factors and the positive Amazon reviews. I felt AWFUL! It was like having the worst PMS of my life! No stomach issues but terrible anxiety and irritability. Terrible! I know people here hate Mag Citate, but I would choose it all day over Malate! Jigsaw Magnesium w/SRT – Premium, Organic, Slow Release Magnesium Supplement – Active, Bioavailable Magnesium Malate Tablets With B-Vitamin Co-Factors, 120 tablets


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  1. I've only been taking it for a few days and it's the first kind I've tried but I haven't been myself today. Not sure if it's the malate making me feel this way or not but I don't like it.

  2. I know it must be the Malate because this is my second bad experience with it, it is the only thing I've done differently lately, and I was actually feeling pretty good before starting it.

  3. My mood is crappy and my body is way more achy than usual. Think the malate could be causing that?

  4. Yep it didn't agree with me either but my Father in law & friend both swear by it!

  5. Stop taking it for a few days and see if it improves.

  6. Sandi, I had such high hopes from what other people said! I'm glad I happened to see a post a few weeks ago from someone else who had bad effects from it. Otherwise I never would have connected my issues to the Malate. I had no idea magnesium could make you feel bad. I thought it was the relaxing cure all!

  7. Are you doing adrenal cocktail?

  8. If you are low in magnesium it can start a massive detox. Half the dose and take it before bed and see if it helps. I took chelated for a year before I could take 2 tablets a day. All my clothes smelt of metal…it was coming out of my skin.

  9. I don't mind mag citrate at all. It helps me sleep at night and I just make sure I don't take too much.

  10. Not everybody can handle the vitamins that are part of jigsaw.

  11. Wendy that is true…I did not do well on jigsaw…I'm taking the Source Naturals Malate brand 1,250 mg.

  12. So far the only form of magnesium that I can tolerate is oxide. The rest give me anxiety, insomnia, or heart palpitations.

  13. I was so excited to feel better. I had my hopes up so high

  14. Jigsaw makes me jumpy, too. A "buzzy

  15. I use the Source Naturals brand, the same as Diane Magnano Boothroyd. What dose were you taking? Did you get your magnesium level checked before you started taking it? I get my magnesium level checked from time to time, especially when I want to increase my dose.

  16. I think it's the B vitamins your reacting to rather than the magnesium!

  17. Brady and Eleanor, I absolutely could have methylation issues or simply be reacting to the other ingredients in the Jigsaw brand. However, I do believe it is the Malate because this brand of Malate had the same effect for me. https://m.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.com%2Fgp%2Faw%2Fd%2FB0001TNRL4%2Fref%3Dmp_s_a_1_1_a_it%3Fqid%3D1459144920%26sr%3D8-1%26keywords%3Djarrows%2Bmagnesium%26pi%3DSY200_QL40&h=HAQGXCJmj&s=1 I know for certain its not the taurine or potassium in it that bothers me.

  18. If one is sensitive to malic acid, should they steer clear of mag Malate or are they not related?

  19. I love Jigsaw SRT. It literally gave me my life back. Now glycinate on the other hand. Not so good Just goes to show us. Everyone is different.

  20. If one cannot take malate, what is the next best form to take for energy?

  21. I take it and it just makes me feel relaxed in the evening. Weird.

  22. Did terribly on Jigsaw but fine on Malic Magnesium by Ethical Nutrients. I almost gave up Malic mag.

  23. How much Malate did you try? Start very slowly, increase doses very gradually. One thing at a time. People here don't 'hate' citrate, we advise against it bc of the long term effects it has on your body.

  24. Malate makes me sooo sleepy. Can't wake up, had to quit.

  25. The B vitamins in the Jigsaw brand are over stimulating for many people.

  26. I think that reaction to Jigsaw means you have a genetic mutation and can't handle the times release b vitamins.

  27. I've seen cal-mag formulas and also heard not to take them at the same time?????? (I'm new/confused – so much info!) Help.

  28. Thank you for the information, everyone!

  29. I also had poor experience with Malate. Replaced it with ionic Mega Mag by Trace Minerals and am happy with it and the energy I'm getting.

  30. I can't Magnesium Malate it makes my muscles super sore. I also cannot take B vitamins.

  31. THis is so crazy .. I have been trying to look for the right magnesíum .. but allways the same when I am going to buy it .. then like these malate or the Jigsaw then that is not good people get sick or feeling bad ….. That is the same .. This or that magnesíum get A, B , or , C .. bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

  32. Mercola Magnesíum L-Threonate I have asked about this but that is no one on this or is it .. Mercola that is said so good .. tell me ?????

  33. I take mag malate but could not handle that jigsaw either. It gave me a stomach ache.

  34. mag malate makes me violent-

  35. The only magnesium I can supplement with is Natural Calm ionized with boiling water. If I use cold water to mix the drink I cannot utilize properly. I know this site does not like citrate but Natural Calm is
    magnesium carbonate with citric acid from non GMO sugar beets. The added water creates the mag citrate I think. Since a 6 day hospital stay almost 9 years ago and cipro and Vancomycin IV's this the only way I can prevent magnesium deficiency symptoms that are debilitating just like tge symptoms described in this post dialog. Every other supplement I have tried blisters my lips. Usually it is the fillers, flow agents or capsule material. I can use magnesium topically, thank God!

  36. Mag chloride

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