What is the highest dose of levo can a person take?


What is the highest dose of levo can a person take? I am only on 100 and been on it for six weeks at that amount. I was on 50 mcg for three months prior. I am now showing hyper with the same symptoms of hypo. Doc already wants to put my thyroid to sleep. I think its way too soon. How bout you all?

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  1. I'm on 175 synthroid. I think it goes up to 200.

  2. Yes! Suppress the thyroid gland so the meds can do their job! If you don't then the gland will be confused. Your dose depends on your weight. I know people who take 200. I'm 130 pounds and take 137.

  3. I'm on 300 synthroid

  4. What are your Tsh, free T4 and free T3?

  5. I'm on 250 levo per day.

  6. I'm confused. What do you mean "put your thyroid to sleep"

  7. It's individual. I know someone doing well on doses over 300mcg. My ideal seems to be 137mcg.

  8. He wants to radiate it dead so to speak instead of cutting it out

  9. I have no thyroid function left and take 125 mcg of levo. It's an individual thing. Having RAI therapy or a thyroidectomy doesn't automatically mean that you would need a very high dose.

  10. I take 175 levo

  11. How do you know if it's working or if it's not working I'm fat and I cannot lose weight two years ago I was on it I'm levo

  12. I take 300 levo

  13. I have to wonder if a persons individual weight is dictating the amount of Levo a person requires. And if so, why haven't Doctors come up with some sort of chart? I worry that some people could be overdosing whilst others are not receiving the help they truly need? Surely both groups of people will continue feeling ill? I hope 2018 is the year of change for us all.

  14. There is an equation based on lean body weight

  15. 1.6 – 1.7 mcg/kg of lean body weight is the formula for calculating a full replacement dose (someone with no thyroid function), but there are many variables involved so it's still an individual thing.

  16. I'm on 250 a day

  17. This article talks about using BMI (body mass index) as a better way to calculate how much hormone someone could need after a thyroidectomy. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3658157/

  18. The tablets go to 300, I am on 425 though plus 50 cytomel. My pharmacist called and questioned the prescription I guess because he thought it was an error, he's never seen anyone on such a high dose.

  19. I take 274mcg daily.

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