What is the most cost-effective form of whole food C?


What is the most cost-effective form of whole food C? Anything that might be cheaper than camu camu or is that about as good as it gets?

(Edited bc apparently people don’t read the entire post and would rather slam me for my current protocol, which is WORKING to keep my adrenals in check.)

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  1. Sodium ascorbate and citrates are not recmmended here because they damage Ceruloplasmin.

  2. I found this on an earlier post, but I don't know how cost effective they are. Innate Response C-400 tablets
    Pure Radiance
    Grown By Nature are vetted brands.

    I use dehydrated orange peels for vitamin C 1 tsp daily.

  3. You can make your own from orange peel.

  4. Rebecca Eister and Alison Crane Thank you. Do you just dehydrate and then grind and put into capsules? That would be so cheap! BUT not sure if I have time for that in this stage of my life. Definitely something I hadn't considered before! Any idea how many mg are in a tsp?

  5. Yes. Dehydrate and grind. It would depend on the oranges, make sure they are organic with a good aroma (hard to get this time of year though), I would have to look it up.

  6. I bought some Acerola powder, I mix it ito fat bombs, but its outrageously expensive…

  7. Holy cow that is expensive but I'm assuming that is A LOT of powder in 5 pounds.

  8. I use garden of nature raw vit c

  9. I haven't done this yet but I think i will.

  10. Both acerola & camu camu powders are 'expensive' but a whole lot more bang for your buck i.e. you won't need to take as much to get the equivalent vit C, plus there's no fillers -magnesium stearate etc plus these are rated the highest from my knowledge. I've also used the garden of life & now the natures way Alive! vitC but need to take 4caps to get 500mg vit C. I find the capsules also expensive but I haven't compared the powders to the whole food vit C capsules side by side for vit c amount/quantity & price though.

  11. I've been buying rose hips in bulk. Plus I eat half a lemon a day, peel included.

  12. I bot rosehip powder from Mountain Herbs which was the least expensive of the recommended options. The down side to this route is not knowing how much vit C is in a portion. I just wing it

  13. Ok so with my scales out: 5g of acerola powder =1tsp & 500mg vitC. 1 bag is 250g @ £17.99 so that would give 50 servings of 5g/500mg vitC at that price. The alive vitC caps cost £17.99, with 4 caps=500mg VitC that means 30 servings at that price. Also the Alive powder costs £15.79 for 129g, =24 servings. All Amazon prices (sorry I'm a Brit!) so the Acerola powder works out cheaper. Rose hips are another good choice, I don't have time to compare prices, sorry. I will another time…

  14. Jessica here are some options. Camu camu, making your own etc.

  15. I like the Garden of Life organic whole food C spray.

  16. Have you looked at buying Camu on mountaintopsherbs.com? It's less expensive there I believe

  17. I don't trust dried powders for potency and assimilation. I just use a grater zester on organic homegrown lemons, limes and oranges. 1teaspoon in water per day.

  18. Nature's Way Alive Vitamin C powder. Make your own capsules?

  19. Sorry to burst your bubble, folks who are using citrus peels – 100 g of orange peel only provides 136 mg of vitamin C. That's 3.5 oz – a whole lotta orange peels. The article says 1 tsp of peel provides a full day's vitamin C, but that is only the amount needed to prevent scurvy (60 mg), and WAY more than that is required for health!

  20. I consider zest only one source of vitamin c–alive and active:)) This is in addition to other citrus, veggies/fruit, leafy greens, berries etc. which I get about 500-600 mg per day. Look up sources of vit c in foods–I would rather have 300 mg of real food vit c with other minerals/vitamins than a powder . But I have it in case of emergencies:) The other issue is that vitamin c is water soluble-so we need to spread it over the day or we just excrete it. Expensive pee;(

  21. Rosehip powder almost as good as camu camu but less expensive & tastes better.

  22. I.made the.mistake of buying camu camu blurghhh tastes terrible.

  23. Garden of Life

  24. Have a rosehip tea first thing in the morning red capsicum blueberries raspberry are all very high sources of vitamin c

  25. Natasha Selten – do you think there ist any vitamin C left in the tea? Someone told me, heat destroys it? But I love it! Mixed with ginger + cinnamon – yum!! 😉

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