What is the worth evil of advil vs. tylenol?


Child (age 10) has fever and headache, lethargic. Have been using cold compresses and fluids, but not getting better so far. I have bentonite clay, turmeric (which I doubt she will take), magnesium/calm powder and advil or tylenol. What is the worth evil of advil vs. tylenol? Is it worth trying bentonite? (I used it for a stomach bug myself and it worked great). thanks!

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  1. I don't like medicating fevers, unless discomfort is keeping the person from sleeping. Fever is part of how the body heals itself, and I don't like to interfere with that process. I've used tylenol or advil for pain relief when not fevered, but I only use it during a fever if it's interfering with sleep at night (and then I let the medicine wear off and the fever return during the day.)

    I would continue with the fluids and rest.

  2. Ruth Lanton – that is what i was leaning toward, but remember reading about risk of seizures about a certain temp? is that outdated info?

  3. Sitzbath in lukewarm/room temp water for a minute or two always works for us for reducing fever

  4. Cold compresses on the feet work, too. But I waited until temp was over 102F

  5. How high is your son's temperature, Tania?

  6. I read that ibuprofen is better than acetaminophen.

  7. I would not use bentonite just for fever only with vomiting/ diarrhea. Especially if they are not drinking well

  8. I love the homeopathic remedy Belladonna for fevers!

  9. Those combination of signs/symptoms are very serious and warrants either a trip to ER or at the very least a call to your pediatrician!! From one Mama to another- you'd never forgive yourself if it were meningitis or something similar. Any photophobia (sensitivity to light)? Nuchal rigidity (stiff neck)? I could see treating abdominal symptoms with bentonite but not neuro symptoms! The lethargy is what has me concerned- combined with headache and fever. Better safe than sorry. And I know how people feel about western medicine on this site but for acute life threatening illnesses such as meningitis, encephalitis etc. it can literally be a lifesaver! Hope it ends up being nothing. Good luck. 🙂

  10. When I have a fever and headache I am lethargic, too. I think it depends on the length, etc. So many factors to consider. Of course, if you ever think you need to bring him in, do so. Fevers can be quite high without fear. Dr. Sears has a lot to say about fevers in his "Baby Book".

  11. A lethargic child definitely would lead me to medicate and check with my doctor. I know adults feel lethargic and that is a normal finding for a sick grown up but it is not something to brush off in a child.

  12. I would continue the course. My kids always are fatigued and want to lay around when they are sick and have fevers. Its good for your body to heal. If it is severe lethargy then yes to doctor. If they are just laying around watching tv and can converse ; thats fine. if they cant stay awake or have trouble knowing what day/year it is or who you are then that would be trouble. Peppermint oil mixed with carrier oil is great for headache and lavender for fever. You can use thieves oil or oregano oil on feet to fight virus too. Bone broths, epsom salt soak, fluids will help.

  13. It is not the height of the fever but the rate of the climb that tends to induce febrile seizures. Dr. Robert Mendelssohn who was a very well respected pediatrician said that fevers over 102.5 tend to be counter productive but as has been mentioned, interference below that is not recommended unless interfering with sleep. He cautioned against either tylenol (whose dosage has decreased and warnings increased) OR ibuprofen (major risk of GI problems), but favored a small dose of alcohol (as low as 10 drops). I did this in combination with EVOO in the ear of my 2nd daughter when she had an ear infection and it was gone in 3 days.

  14. Children are not supposed to take aspirin but instead children's Tylenol
    Renember that a fewer is natures way to kill what invaded the body.
    I am not a doctor but just now wonder if these posts with questions are asked because medical clinics and counsel is costly in the States? Hope your child will get well soon!


  15. Google to find the truth about aspirin/reyes syndrome, and the rise of tylenol.

  16. Aspirins contains a blood thinner. I have heard of all the scares out there. With raising 2 children and having 4 grandchildren, 3 stepchildren and all the adults involved there has never been a problem with popping the odd Tylenol.
    What's the big deal?

  17. Tylenol is hard on the liver and warnings have increased. They have actually reduced the dosage of children's tylenol in recent years due to toxicity even at previously recommended doses. If you do use Tylemol, I would take a dose of NAC between doses or minimally after the course of treatment. They actually use this in hospitals for acetaminophen overdose.

  18. Kim. Thanks. Yes I knew this. I think people overuse and that is an issue regardless of any pain meds taken. That's my only point.

  19. The true connection between aspirin and reyes syndrome can be questioned. Once the topic hit the media, truth was of little consequence. And Tylenol became King. If you want the story, you can google it and read the article/abstracts.

    What is the first thing the hospitals give your child? Tylenol. It goes downhill from there.

  20. Everyone thinks Tylenol is safe but it is not, it was the most successful marketing campaign ever, based on lies. Aspirin is safer than tylenol or ibuprophen. The drug companies don't push aspirin and in fact demonize it because the patent has expired and they don't make much money on it. Bayer had to reinvent it for other uses! Tylenol can cause asthma and is much worse for the liver than previously thought. do the research. Let the fever run its course.

  21. So if we get off the Tylenol topic, which than is the better pain medicine taken?

  22. I give my kids aspirin when they insist on something, but I heard of a natural painkiller called arnica that I need to look into further.

  23. Try chamomile tea with honey. It works really well for my kids.

  24. Most pain is the result of inflammation associated with injury/illness/infection, which is why NSAIDs are often more effective. Serrapeptase and turmeric are naturally anti inflammatory so if it is pain that's the problem you can try those. My favorite for most pain is topical doTERRA Deep Blue. Better than the prescription compounded pain cream I used to have.

  25. Some suggestions for fever at the end of this article – I like broth and apple cider vinegar baths. http://yourhealthyhomebody.com/2014/07/22/why-fevers-are-not-your-enemy/

  26. In future look into essential oils. I love how they can help support the bodies systems so that you your body can heal properly.

  27. Thanks for this Kim. Personally, I try to avoid eating foods that do not cause inflammation in the body. Sugar, wheat, shellfish, to name a few. Most if not all disease start with inflammation in the gut and poor absorption of nutrients based on material I read.
    I read several if the sites referring to Tylenol. Does not look good.

  28. Aspirin is fine except for kids with fever. Then you risk Reye's syndrome. For muscle pain or bruising arnica oil works great. I make a arnica oil from infused olive oil and add some essential oils in

  29. Julie, can you talk more about Tylenol and asthma or tell me where I can find more info (Obvs aside from just googling)?

  30. Amber, do you or someone close to you have asthma? I have never heard it associated with Tylenol.

  31. Pumkin, yes Pumkin helps with the runs and its high in vitmain A

  32. First red flag- children are never to take aspirin (hello, Reyes Syndrome!) And please seek medical attention- this is a child you mention. With some of these posts, you could do more harm than good. Never give a kiddo aspirin- it's a well known, documented fact.

  33. Thank you Holly Gaskill! A voice of reason! Some of these posts are offering extremely ignorant and dangerous advice! Propaganda is everywhere. Where do people turn when all their natural medicine has failed? Conventional western medicine has it's faults for sure- definitely not great for prevention or alleviation of chronic disease but for acute life threatening illnesses and trauma it can be lifesaving! Please don't give your children aspirin! Tylenol is great when used appropriately. Risk/benefit as with all drugs.

  34. Agreed Phoebe. I see lots of prescribing and potentially dangerous advise being freely doled out. I know we all just want to help and wouldn't intentionally harm someone, but to stand idylly by is just as harmful.

  35. Agreed. That was my comment. No aspirin for kids. Sometimes I am foun founded in the advise given and people listen to. Not just hear but in general. These are strangers you've talked to online after all

  36. Taking acetaminophen a handful of times isn't going to harm the liver. Just give the minimal effective dose.
    What is the fever at? If it breaks 102 do what you can to get it down, and BE IN CONTACT WITH A DOCTOR. Either call the child's doctor, or go to urgent care or ER.

  37. thanks everyone! — so, although I am not opposed to going to the doctor, I often find that they don't know or it's just a virus that needs time to work itself out. Therefore, I don't run immediately to the doctor. That said, I wanted to do the right thing in terms of treating her discomfort, while watching symptoms. Headache would not be unusual when experiencing a fever. I looked for rash- none. There was no other pain, just general lethargy. She was conscious and communicative, except when she dozed off for much-needed sleep. Always a good discussion and ideas here!

  38. Lethargic is not normal. Fatigue with fever yes not lethargic and some viruses are deadly so they should not be taken lightly. Especially if her headache is severe, fever and lethargy can be many serious conditions

  39. Gloria Wiegner Lane, yes my son has food allergies, had eczema, and now seems to have viral-induced asthma. he had it three times in two months this year. Julie above mentioned a link between tylenol and asthma, but I can't seem to tag her. So i'll just google later and see what i come up with.

  40. Amber how old is your son w/ Induced Asthma?

  41. I did a quick search on the internet, Amber. Lots of stuff you should find interesting.

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