What is this gene? Is this really hereditary?


I’m so sorry I don’t know where else to post this! But I’m too desperate! This might sound silly..but please..is there a gene related to “aggression/irritatedness/negativity/etc”?? I mean does this run in the family??
I’ve always been like this. Very ill tempered and get upset very easily..don’t like changes..always thinking negative..very pessimistic.. always grumpy..moody..can’t talk to people without being nasty..
I’m so ashamed of myself..
I now see my brothers growing up to be same..they’re just 19 and 21 but i already find them getting sick and with weak immune systems..
My mom too is very sensitive and gets worked up very easily and thinks negative alot..

I’ve been recently married..and I got married to a person who’s full of positivity..I’m amazed at how life is so different when you change your mindset..
Each time I see him let go off things..think positively about everything..and bear things patiently..Each time I look at him “taking it easy”..I’m left in awe..because this is all new to me..I haven’t seen this at all in my life in my family..
I fear there is a similar pattern in how we all siblings are growing up..I don’t want my brothers now to be where me and mom are..
We both are struggling with thyroid and adrenal issues..and probably more undiscovered issues..
What is this gene? Is this really hereditary??

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  1. Multivitamins are generally discouraged in this group, Barbara, and zinc supplementation isn't recommended without testing that shows deficiency as it can deplete copper. Vitamin C in multivitamins is usually some form of ascorbic acid, which is actually not true vitamin c, but only a "shell" of the actually whole molecule. The practitioners here recommend whole food C. Avoiding unfermented non-GMO soy is always a good idea, but does appear to have some benefit in moderation, at least for some people, depending on individual health issues and/or allergies of course.

  2. Wow, this is all a lot of information. How overwhelming. I pray that you can find the answers that you seek Sana. I am so interested in all of these responses, but am very overwhelmed by all of the information. I am the same exact way as you. It drives me crazy. I often am very irritable, mainly with family members. I some how control it much better with other people and friends. My brothers, one older and one younger are often the same also. I definitely feel your pain and can totally relate. :-/

  3. I was exactly the same!

  4. I think you will be amazed how taking a daily b complex as well as magnesium daily can help this. My husband has had it like that, and I from time to time, and I actually noticed the difference when I was taking these sups to get off antidepressants for anxiety. Since then we are changed people…life is so much better with the b complex and magnesium in it lol.

  5. I remember looking at a friends genes and we had looked of some that he was homozygous for. And they indicated that people with mutations in these genes often had issues with rage or anger or something like that I will look and see if I can find it again and let you know what genes and the info as well. And he does sound like you are describing.

  6. Just because you have a genetic predisposition for something, it does NOT mean that you have to give up and resign yourself to whatever illness you think your genes are "forcing" you to have!! You can influence your gene expression by your diet, vitamins and minerals!! Minerals rule our bodies and our brains, our hormones, metabolism, neurotransmitters, etc. If you are trying to get someone well, I would suggest NOT giving up simply because you learn they might have a genetic predispositon to a certain illness.

  7. Valerie, I think most were saying upon learning of the genetic mutations, there are certain vitamins they can take to help balance the neurotransmitters, so their moodiness can get better and calmer.

  8. thank you for al this importante information

  9. But knowing that predisposition and what genes can let to the right foods, right vitamins and right minerals.

  10. A histamine test and a copper, zinc blood panel will tell you more than any individual SNP can tell you about your health. According to the book 'Nutrient Power' by William Walsh, PhD, who is an expert on methylation, there are MANY genetic SNPs which could be possible (and which are common) and all together they are in a "tug of war" to control methylation.

    So, in order to find out your overall methylation status, or to find out which SNPs won the overall methylation battle, you should have a Whole Blood Histamine test done. It does not matter nearly as much about any one particular gene as it does the overall methylation status, ."Over-methylated" or "undermethylated."

    If a person is undermethylated, he is also low in copper and high in histamine. And, if a person is "overmethylated" he will be high in copper and low in histamine. These issues can be treated. And, you can find out a lot by your copper, zinc panel. It would not work to try to treat each individual SNP separately.

    My son is undermethylated and he is low in copper and his ceruloplasmin is also very low. This is what we are working on to improve his health. He also has a high whole blood histamine level. You need to know the copper, zinc, ceruloplasmin status in order to know how to treat psychological issues properly. The HTMA is also INVALUABLE because it reveals many other tissue mineral imbalances and also any toxic heavy metal problems, such as mercury, lead, cadmium, etc. which absolutely affect mineral absorption and and mineral interactions.

  11. People who are undermethylated do NOT do well taking folates or eating a lot of folates; they can NOT take methylfolate. However, people who are overmethylated NEED a TON of folates and they do very well on Deplin or methylfolate. People who are undermethylated generally can do OK taking SSRIs; however, people who are overmethylated often get MUCH WORSE on SSRIs, or the SSRIs may have no benefical effect at all. My son was on SSRIs for several years, but they are very damaging to the kidneys and liver and also they just fog their brains up and have a ton of side effects and he was like a zombie without much personality or feeling. We gradually weaned him off of the SSRIs and his personality has come back again and I'm sure his kidneys and liver are thanking us!! I

  12. Sounds like a high copper issue. Talk to Morley or to Rick Malter.

  13. Thanks for posting this I can totally relate and same with my children and partner. Thanks for all the great info others have posted. I'm in the UK and I don't know how I will get this blood test as i doubt I can get it on our NHS.

  14. Madeleine, Trevor Gillet is in this group and he also lives in the UK and gets testing done. Perhaps he can help you and tell you where he gets his testing done.

  15. Trevor Gillett's our go-to guy for how to get testing and other stuff in the UK. And, we are thankful for him.

  16. And, read Dr. Rick Malter's article on Copper TOxicity on this page.

  17. If you have you 23and me results and a livewello account and the variance report app you can run your DNA against this gene and any others. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/gene/4128

  18. Bartonella rage

  19. Hi Sana, I think it is a combination of both genetic heredity AND environment. I believe you are dealing with either MTHFR A1298C, COMT and/or MAO-A. I have each, but thankfully grew up with a very positive mother. We tend to mirror what we see. But, I got severe adrenal fatigue. 23andMe is a helpful way to learn what your genes are. I moderate a FB group where we talk about these genes BUT they don't MAKE you symptomatic, your lifestyle can (GI health, nutritional situs from diet, stress factors, toxic exposures, etc.).

  20. Google pyroluria not sure if it's been mentioned 🙂

  21. Try giving up grains (paleo would be best) I find like this but only when eating grains it sounds silly but it really helps x

  22. Puroluria/excess copper is very common. I spent a coule of years trying to self diagnose and it looked like I had everything. You need to see a good fun tional medicine doctor and get prescribed the full metabolic panel test with Direct Access Healthcare. Call the Walsh Institute for a list of local docotrs trained in nutrient therapy. You won't treat anything correctly without correct tests and diagnosis.

  23. MAO-A is the warrior/aggression gene. You can't treat it. You CAN minimize it's effect by giving it less work to do – eat and live healthy, exercise daily, reduce oxidative stress, drink pure water, etc.

  24. Im new to this group and i know nothing about any of this. However, this post has really hit home. I feel like a lot of you are very knowledgeable on this subject which is why I'm commenting. I'm in tears right now because I've been struggling with these issues for so long and have had no idea what to do about it. I see my 6 year old daughter going through anger & negativity issues every day now and feel so ashamed to have let her see me act the way i do. I havent been able to control it and i hate myself every day for it. I dont want my children to grow up angry all the time. I feel like its killing me. Ive had health issues for so many years and it's wearing me down. I dont know where to go for help. All the doctors i go to for any issue seem to be clueless and dont care. Ive gotten nowhere and have spent so much money for nothing. I dont know where to start.

  25. Laura, you can truly start by learning to love yourself through each step of your journey. Don't be ashamed, you are being proactive. You need to find a doctor (functional, integrative, etc.) who can help you look at your health from a nutritional and "foundational" perspective (what is at the root of your health issues). A referral site is available for IFM-trained practitioners, but you will still have to ask questions to make sure he/she can help you: http://www.functionalmedicine.org.

  26. ANother option for finding docs is acam.org

  27. Great responses here. I just want to add that mercury toxicity can make you want to cut a bitch. 😉 Plays havoc with your mineral levels, and can settle in your brain.

  28. Read Dr. Caroline Leaf's book "Switch on Your Brain." It is amazing and shows you CAN retrain your brain to good behavior and happiness. Also check out your chemistries and Hormonal levels. See Morley.

  29. what you describe is learned behavior….you learned it from your mom and your kids learned it from you. The weak immune system could be caused by the stress related to the anger and negativity

  30. Children growing up in a dysfunctional environment, learn bad behaviors by osmosis…just being there, being part of it and learning by example. It is difficult, but you can learn new, more productive behaviors

  31. Could be aspergers. If you don't have it and live with someone that does, you become aspergated… Their miserable outlook rubs off on the non-aspi people neurotypicals. I was married to an aspi- he only knew neutral and down.. anxiety and miserable. I realized I have siblings that are most likely aspergers too. I read and wrote for years on a forum with spouses married to aspi's. I myself wake up happy every day so I know it is not me.

  32. Dana Sullivan Freeland! Tell me more!

  33. I grew up with a very positive mom but I'm just like you. I'm compound hetero for mthfr.

  34. a lot has to do with genetics IMHO… there's a line in my family that's very hyper and controlling, and there's some that are very easy going and patient… but I also think a lot can be modified through environment, nutrition, meditation, behavioral modification….

  35. Read 'Nutrient Power' by William Walsh, PhD. He volunteered in a prison for years and took hair tissues samples, etc. from the prisoners and found that 90% of the people in the prison who had commited serious, heinous crimes had very high levels of copper in their tissues and had copper dysregulation issues. The high copper levels are passed down from mother to child in utero and the problem can get worse in each succeeding generation as the copper keeps building up higher and higher. In each pregnancy a woman's estrogen and copper levels rise.

    Copper is needed to form the blood vessels, etc. in the growing baby's body in utero. After the birth, some women can not excrete the extra copper, so it just keeps building up higher and higher with each pregnancy. Walsh uses zinc and other things to get rid of the excess copper. If you deplete your copper you will also destroy your ceruloplasmin; therefore, your copper, zinc, ceruloplasmin, molybdenum, etc levels need to be monitored carefully!

    Once your ceruloplasmin is depleted it is VERY difficult to rebuild it again!! Ceruloplasmin is critical for the proper functioning and transport of iron and copper and for making copper dependent enzymes that prevent oxidation (pyroluria) in our bodies. Morley Robbins has done TONS of research on copper dysregulation and he is the PRO that I go to now for help with these issues.

  36. Environmental and hereditary I believe.

  37. It's always a dance between Both genetics and environment.

  38. Check for hypothyroidism (compare numbers to STTM), check for mercury/heavy metal toxicity……

  39. I don't know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but google EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). It's a very easy and powerful exercise that has to do with affirmations and acupressure points.

  40. Sana Moin—-I hope you will approach what you are feeling holistically. Some form of energy work and a Functional medical doctor or naturopath. I'm certified in EFT——but I cannot tolerate someone thumping on my face, even though I know it can be helpful—but EFT will not balance meridians like in accupunture or accupressure and you have multiple meridians out of balance and their control cycles. If you choose acupunture, be absolutely certain they are trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine and not just the Elements—-to start, get a thorough physical work-up with lab work, especially include the labs recommended on this site in addition to whatever else your doc wants and at the same time add energy work that will balance your meridians and clear your chakras and aura—–that's a good beginning—-then you can move on to other kinds of treatment—-I'd do everything you can to stay away from some of the meds recommended for your complaints.

  41. My sons immune system is sooo much better this winter…last winter he got whooping cough with full immunisations. We put magnesium chloride in his bath with Epsom salts. The mag chloride has helped his brain a lot also and it seems to be the only difference. It makes a massive difference to me also and I suppliment mag. The mag calm has helped me sleep also…that was a massive difference also. I think we are all low in magnesium, particually people with compromised digestion but getting the levels back up is difficult. I believe a lot of issues present as other problems and relate to low vitamins and minerals. Eat high nutrient foods and carefully suppliment to keep everything in balance. Limited wheat, rice, gluten

  42. Also, get you gene test at 23andME.org and find out if you have methylation deficicncies. Us "low methylators" don't make Glutathione or Methionine correctly so we have difficulty detoxing our bodies.

  43. Well, I learned that mine was related more to Potassium deficiency than anything! Especially after I introduced Magnesium. http://methyl-nation.com/intolerance-to-magnesium/

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