What is your favorite ice cream brand and flavor.


What is your favorite ice cream brand and flavor. It seems no matter what flavor and brand I try (dairy/ non dairy) I always end up sick.

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  1. Halo Top (but be sure to get one of their Gluten Free flavors- my favorite at the moment is Sea Salt Caramel). https://www.halotop.com/flavors/

  2. Not all non-dairy are gluten free and not all gluten free are non dairy.http://sodeliciousdairyfree.com/products So Delicious Dairy Free | Almond, Coconut and Soy Milk Based …
    I like to eat this brand.

  3. Look up nice cream recipes, you add any frozen fruits. Coconut bliss is dairy free and gluten free as well.

  4. I stick to dole.whip

  5. Talenti mint or peanut butter cup. Also Ben & Jerry peanut butter cup cause they don’t make mint. So delicious is also good- but my stores all stopped carrying the mint chip.

  6. Gluten free bulla

  7. My absolute favorite. It tastes soooo good https://coconutbliss.com/

  8. Even if I could go back to having dairy, I wouldn’t because the coconut bliss is so good. Ijs

  9. I cant have ice cream so i stick to sorbet or in italian-sorbetto :i like TALENTI SORBETTO in chocolate , mango, and raspberry (so far thats the only flavors i’ve seen) 😀 they are very good!

  10. Edy’s -Vanilla Bean and then I add pecans and strawberries to it! Yum! 🙂

  11. So Delicious, Luna & Larry

  12. I also make my own fruit bars. You can use strawberries or whatever berries you want and freeze them in popsicle containers. They are so good!

  13. I have the same problem…I don’t get it

  14. Except for frozen yogurt! For some reason, frozen yogurt doesn’t hurt me??

  15. Luna & Larry’s Coconut bliss

  16. Breyers lactose free, gluten free.

  17. Ive beem doing frozen fruit with almond milk bleneded together.

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