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Ok question….when I was diagnosed 5 years ago with celiac, my doctor who is supposed to be one of the best GI doctors in the area told me as long as it’s not in the ingredients I should be fine but avoid things from cross contamination like fried foods in community fryers. What is your take on this? I have been doing this and felt great for 6 years now…(except one time on the beginning o had some popcorn not knowing what I know now and the popping oil had gluten in it and I thought I was going to be stuck in the bathroom all night!)

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  1. That’s exactly what I was told by my dietician last week. Think I’d be mega stressing out otherwise!

  2. That’s not right. Gluten in popping oil? Why on earth would they do that? Popcorn and oil is naturally gluten free.

  3. And in my area, dieticians are not very educated on Celiac and fiber. I taught a few a lesson or two on a few things. They were quite thankful to me for it too.

  4. Same thing my daughter’s doctor said.

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