What is your view on this? Am I missing something?


Looks like everybody is relying on the HTMA to discover “mineral imbalances”. But many sources describe the test as farily unaccurate and sometimes useless.
What is your view on this? Am I missing something?

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  1. Yes, you are missing something… 🙂 but that's OK, too.
    It really depends on the quality of the lab processing the hair sample and the experience and skill of the HTMA consultant providing the interpretation.

  2. So what am I missing exactly? Is there a quality lab people use?

  3. Find a experienced and skilled consultant and order the HTMA through them. There is a list of seven in FILES, including the owner of this group.

  4. Even though I did the HTMA I still need the correct blood test to see what is really going on, so for me it really was a waste of my time and money; in my opinion

  5. Maria Rose Monaghan Or maybe it was just a coincidence. The point is you can't be 100% sure. I'd like to be wrong.

  6. There is also an argument that blood tests aren't accurate as well since blood tries to maintain homeostasis. The HTMA is an invaluable tool for checking mineral balances and toxic heavy metal levels. And a lot less invasive than taking blood! I think both hair and blood tests have their place but they are both great diagnostic tools.

  7. Htma has been the only thing that had given me REAL results. Sure blood tests are useful but not always in helping someone heal from a chronic issue.

  8. And its far less expensive than most things ive tried

  9. My practitioner does hair and urine.

  10. I am on the path to test anything I can, if I have a problem with a piece of machinery I order as many fluid test I can, I need to know what's going on in there.

  11. Hair tests can be hard to read. People who don't know how to interpret the tests will say they're unreliable or useless.

  12. my first htma in 2006 revealed i either had something very strange going on or i was eating artificial sweeteners… needless to say i stopped the saccharin. ….it also revealed thyroid imbalance tho I was not instructed about it at the time.

  13. I asked a similar question a couple days ago and got some really great answers here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/MagnesiumAdvocacy/permalink/800884393312965/

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