What kind of diet do y’all follow?


What kind of diet do y’all follow? I am trying to lose weight and having a very difficult time

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    Paleo. Lost 11lbs in 4 weeks

  1. Keto and take supplements

  2. Chirothin is working wonders for me. It's the only thing that I have been able to lose with and I've lost 12lbs in 20 days.

  3. i counted calories, avoid sweets junk food

  4. I felt my best 4years ago eating clean. I was able to "cheat" occasionally, with no issues, had energy, and was at my lowest adult weight. Since then I've had 2kids and gotten my official hashimoto's diagnosis. I've gained 60lbs and am exhausted. I've tried ti go back to clean eating with minimal success. I started the AIP today and I'm really hopeful I can get to a good baseline and eliminate possible triggers while losing weight.

  5. What's aip?

  6. Question for those folks who did/do keto … are any of you heavy weightlifters? I do powerlifting (squat/bench/deadlift) and while I've cut carbs significantly since being diagnosed with insulin resistance, I'm hesitant to go all-out with Keto for fear my strength/recovery will suffer. (I'm also female, 40s, low testosterone, so none of that helps, ha!)

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